"fathers follow mothers vomiting

His wife was pregnant, her husband will follow, "morning sickness", sometimes spit worse than my wife. How could this happen? Under normal circumstances we have not encountered such a thing, right? In the provincial capital of mothers really have a thing like this, cute mothers also joked: Is pregnant with her husband? In this regard, obstetrics and gynecology and psychology experts say, the prospective father a "pregnancy reaction", mainly with the psychological,http://www.bcbay.com/bg/space.php?uid=1260327&do=blog&id=3433260, emotional concerned.
User post: my wife pregnant, her husband also "morning sickness"
These days, the provincial capital of a Web site, users "Oh good weather" post "My husband spit in my pregnancy also worse than I, did not he also conceived? "
In the post, "the weather is good, oh," wrote, since found to be pregnant,http://peiyoujiaoyu.com/thread-351282-1-1.html, her husband discovered her pregnancy reaction appeared together. "Oh, good weather,http://onigdesign.com/error.html," jokingly say that my husband is not also pregnant with a child.
"Oh, good weather" in the post, said: "I have great response after pregnancy, smelled a little greasy taste will spit,http://zazna.com/selection/index.php?item/create_form/1, eat two food finally, after a few minutes the whole contribution to the toilet."
"Oh good weather" There are days when brushing teeth morning found her husband also spit,http://hiwangluo.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=44266, do not care,scarpe nike air max, that is pharyngitis,tiffany outlet, go with some medicine, but to eat a week or two results that are not, or spit. She vomited badly, she also vomited terrible husband.
After the baby four months, "the weather is good, oh," morning sickness situation slowly improved, can not spit several times a day, and she followed her husband actually getting better, not spit. After the "weather pretty good" belly began to swell slowly, her husband also followed inflation, "Every day after dinner, her husband in one hand and give me a massage belly, one hand to his belly massage, really funny scene is dead." "Oh, the weather is good." He said with a smile.
Gynecologist: This is a neural response
Chief physician Hefei MCH said she did obstetrician decades, this has not been the case in the clinical encounter. She said, "fathers follow mothers vomiting, first look at what he is not out of the question bodily functions, such as liver function problems,nike air max 95, acute gastroenteritis can cause discomfort, people want to vomit."
Sun Yuqin introduced by the effects of estrogen in addition to morning sickness,nike air max 90 pas cher, was kind enough to have a lot of personal emotions. from the clinical analysis, relatively speaking, more sensitive character, strong personality,http://moodle.ndna.org.uk/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, introverted mothers morning sickness will be very obvious, and some of the more moderate character of mothers will be less morning sickness.
So,http://w911.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=613590, from the mood analysis, the fathers will be "pregnancy reaction" with their emotions should have a great relationship, perhaps after his wife's pregnancy mood is relatively large, he reflex influenced by his wife emotional infection.
Psychological experts: get along, couples or feel the same
Anhui Sunshine Heart Health Counseling Center main Renjiang Jun believes that some fathers with mothers appear as "morning sickness", and psychological factors are of great relevance. Harmonious feelings between people to a certain extent, it will have a lot of sympathy, then the other pain, our pain can evoke sad, sad feeling. In addition, some fathers strong psychological implications,basket nike pas cher, such as the mother leaning back, said his bulging belly, so fathers may also feel that their belly bulge up. Sometimes people are not interested in hints, but has no intention of an action, in a word,http://www.91shunfeng.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=36&filter=typeid&typeid=4, it would imply the same success in his possession. The reporter ZHANG Lin-lin
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Lin chrysanthemum order to find a better target for a divorce, the husband said his wife as delusional depression, a seemingly ordinary divorce dispute eventually evolve into Butcher murder.
July 8, the reporter learned from the Sichuan Province Anyue County Court, the Court of intentional murder and sentenced to three years imprisonment forest chrysanthemum. After the verdict, I'm Daisy's husband submitted to the court a letter of understanding his wife's pardon impulsive behavior, willing to wait to start a new life after their release from prison.
I'm Daisy and bell new married ten years, although it can not wealthy family, but also by a few acres of land enough for basic living. Previously, the outsider, the biggest contradiction is that the couple had no sons. Birth daughter fight, the two often quarreled,nike free run 2,http://www.85ms.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=89503, was referred to several times the point of divorce have been advised under family. Daughter 10 years old, I'm Daisy gave birth to a son,http://www.95shouyou.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=18019, the couple of contradictions at ease a lot of the neighbors thought the family were now living peacefully.
But after two years, Lin chrysanthemum third pregnancy, but end in abortion, the couple quarrel therefore went back to the previous state. Lin chrysanthemum repeatedly asked for a divorce, but Zhong Xinjian never agree. Since then, Lin chrysanthemum had poisoned her husband's idea.
November 14, 2009, while her husband Lin chrysanthemum Shengfan of the machine, the pre-prepared "tetramine" powder bowl pour in the new bell, bell new just take this bowl of rice to feed the dog, the results of the piece barking a few times and he died.
Bell did not pursue the new dog's death, Lin chrysanthemum is also thought to stop there. 17 noon on the 19th in the evening and, Lin chrysanthemum and twice the "tetramine" into her husband's bowl, has been aware of the dinner bell new wordlessly poured into the pit. Catholic husband did not let Lin chrysanthemum reflect poisoning after three failed her more carefully planned 4th poisoning.
November 21 morning, Lin chrysanthemum while the streets to buy daily necessities of the machine, buy "tetramine" again. Noon to hold rice when her husband,scarpe uomo hogan, Lin Sheng first chrysanthemum bowl, then add "tetramine", and then the rice will cover it. After carefully disguised,http://bbs.cnw.com.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, she called her husband home for dinner is working the ground. This time,hogan rebel, the new bell did not find flaws, do not hesitate to poison mixed rice swept away and continue work in the fields. How often did the bell on account of new onset of toxicity foaming at the mouth, rolling on the ground in pain. After the side of her discovery, she must notify the family, due to the rescue in a timely manner, the new bell saved their lives.
A report by the village chief,http://bbs.12593.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=199543, Lin chrysanthemum was arrested police. I'm Daisy had admitted poisoning her husband four times, and that someone will divorce after she introduced her better target, but still do not agree to divorce her husband, she poisoned her husband came up with ways to achieve their goals.
Investigation, police learned that there may be a problem chrysanthemum forest spirit, including the Bell family,air jordan 6 femme, including new confirmed,http://bulajiu.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=221250, Chrysanthemum forest after a second child depression, especially after the third child abortion sometimes mental abnormalities. After identified, Lin chrysanthemum with mild schizophrenia, are limited criminal responsibility.
On court, bell new full attend the trial of his wife,http://dxsyx.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=27734, and some stiff he just quietly watching the defendant's wife sitting, but this time I'm Daisy crying,http://www.rsmkl.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=27541, afraid to look back at her husband. When the judge pronounced guilty of manslaughter forest chrysanthemum sentenced to three years, the new clock seemed relieved, he said parents and children to forgive his wife, he was not going to divorce,nike pas cher, hoping his wife early release from prison, family reunion.
(Text characters as a pseudonym)
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" some "fans" also came to the house to see her.

"Curved" immersed in a network of Wang Qin world stage
Forum on young people gather, she was able to attract a group of fans; in the post popular urban fashion,http://www.ibizstore.com/item/create_form/1, her autobiography was very high top; although nearly sixty years, she was in the beautiful clouds draft activity "stand out."
Face, apply a makeup,nike femme, a scarf around his neck, keep a long ponytail, a few small stars on the shiny hairpin - this is the reporter saw the Internet and media celebrities,tiffany orecchini, is known as "inspirational mother" The "crooked."
Childhood cry love to laugh
"Friends ask me, I will say that I more than 60 years old." In fact, she was 58 years old. The Han Net Forum, she goes hazy artistic license, do people guess age.
Born in a family of Wang Qin opera, performed on stage since childhood, he learned a good voice. At school, she is doing my literary backbone. "I like living in the spotlight of concern feel good."
Good voice but did not bring her good luck. After graduating from middle school in the countryside, he experienced two failed marriages. Because of overseas relations, over 20 years old, she had spent two years WISCO Chengchao Iron porter. "I am only 90 kilos,http://ufohome.xclub.tw/viewthread.php?tid=397967&extra=, cement bag of hundred kilos, I have time to overwhelm the earth." Because crying, Wang Qin also less affected by the crime better, many male colleagues to see her poor, work in menial jobs on her behalf.
She was crying, but also love to laugh, from childhood to old has been the case. Recalled the suffering in the countryside, she cried out loud several times. Let's talk about her daughter died in childbirth, she burst into tears. But when it comes to her novels, she enraptured up.
Autobiographical novel fire online
2000, Wang Qin failed feelings third paragraph. Think of the twists and turns of life, she suddenly wanted to talk, but found can not find people to talk to. "Or I pick up the pen, his own experience to write down?"
The first chapter of the novel itself as the prototype, so written. She tried to contribute to a magazine, not long before, really delivered, "500 yuan royalties,http://jxjhbl.cn/news/html/?210494.html, worth a month's pension is the fast."
This makes her confidence increased sharply. When writing the novel "Kiss Yellow Earth", think of their suffering, she would cry from time to time. In order to neutralize this sentiment, she began writing a relaxing novel "Red",http://www.cacenglish.com/index.php?item/create_form/1, two novels were cross.
2008, Wang Qin decided to move their works online,http://80.62abc.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=693235, Nao Lege joke at first: she spent 4,000 yuan to buy a computer, installed broadband, you're done, go to the next building a Web site where the phone: "You website What floor? I came up! "
There is accumulation of life,scarpe louboutin, there are emotions, there are crisp text, her two novels soon attracted the attention of netizens, popularity soared. "Because of this I often watch a movie, opera, but also know how to speak the story twists and turns, interesting."
Beauty contest limelight
In 2004, the daughter died in childbirth, Wang Qin at home several days off, eventually came out from the pain. Watching her daughter's portrait, her dry community group, he said: "In the future community activities,nike tn pas cher, her daughter missing, I make up!"
Her love of writing, the use of good singing, singing expertise, creating a theater piece "Advise Mo gambling." Program in the community show a great success, also in Huangshi City television broadcast. Subsequently, Wang Qin after another and old sisters community created the "garden" and other theater pieces, the show attracted many companies to find her, invited her to "moonlighting."
Late last year, the company held a beauty contest in Wuhan, Wang Qin heart. Site to look, coming and going are young and beautiful girl,http://gongsi.folieyun.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=31295&fromuid=5004, she was pretty scary. "When I put the" My Hometown "sing, hear applause, I was relieved."
I am in my hand my heart
From more than 1,000 people come to the fore, to enter the top 30. The photos on the Internet Wang Qin, Han Net Forum also a sensation, a lot of friends encouraged her, calling her "inspirational mother," some "fans" also came to the house to see her.
There are also some users questioned her speculation,http://wefung.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=4451706&fromuid=6878, "although the writing is good, but it is not very good, definitely hype!" For such comments, Wang Qin not care,nike air max 97, "like it or not like it or I'm just in my hand my heart. "
Online more supporters. A lawyer on the network with other users argue, support Wang Qin, the day before yesterday also dedicated to Wang Qin home to visit her.
Reporters interview the day before yesterday,, met Wang Qin "fans" to visit. Two 40-year-old sister, told reporters that "crooked really good!" In the unheated house, Wang Qin have to wear thin costumes for their two performances. "She who really is!" (Reporter Liuli Peng)

" "training fee" and cash in their accounts

Female liar paying jobs to male public relations setup, defraud money
Shang Dangzhe Over Students
Nanfang Daily News & nbsp; (Reporter / Guo Wenjun). "The hotel is paying jobs M PR, 8000-12000 yuan monthly salary, plus commission business" Recently, Wan Branch informed a case of telecommunications fraud cases, suspects promise high salaries,http://www.lamesaint.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=581363, interview qualified as bait, not only to meet the telephone remote control, let the victim will "clothing costs," "training fee" and cash in their accounts, the victims there are more than college students.
"Secret interview" do not meet it lured money
Since February this year, ten thousand Bureau received a series of more than 20 report said the victim was a woman of thousands Jiangmou hotel staff recruitment grounds of fraud money. Alarm, the Public Security Bureau set up a task force investigating the case. After careful analysis,http://www.ylc75.cc/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=23203&fromuid=1672, the panel found that several police intelligence modus operandi is very similar,http://www.cnd2.com/d2home/space.php?uid=320143&do=blog&id=3538409, victims are on the street after seeing a small ad about the square Jiangmou hotel jobs, job seeking eager to initiate contact with the suspect, the suspects per capita A woman.
The woman claiming to be ten thousand Jiangmou hotel manager, requires the victim to a small ad in the phone in a hotel lobby called for an interview. Victims came to the hotel lobby waiting for about 10 minutes, the woman received a call, saying the use of a secret interview approach has been observed in the dark of their behavior,nike air max pas cher, pass an interview.
The rhetoric made by the trust after the victim, the woman asked the victim to pay hotel clothing costs, training costs, also promised to give her if "red", can help victims get higher salary jobs. Victims believed, in the absence of verification to the hotel and did not see the woman's case, it will be cash to a bank account specified by the woman.
Do not lie claiming compassionate woman
Fraud task force to carry out the series, and case investigation,scarpe christian louboutin, and taking a multipronged approach, one by one victim asked detailed process to verify the incident, while involved in the case of bank accounts and other aspects of the query. The suspect has been revealed, June 5, the panel malls near Long Zhenmou suspect (female,http://www.superdupersms.com/vanilla/discussion/170819/should-all-vote-sun-xiulan-said-full-hospital-500-votes, 33 years old, Guizhou Zunyi people, unemployed) arrest.
Under questioning, the suspect confessed since February, hotel jobs by pasting in the streets of small ads, posing Wanjiang, Shilong, Shijie other Towns three hotel manager of foreign recruitment,http://hswnssq.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=54462,louboutin femme, then wait telephone contact victim, after obtaining the trust of victims to pay clothing costs, training costs,http://faq.adsika.com/viewtopic.php?pid=323004#p323004, red envelopes of money as an excuse fraud victims. In every crime, the suspects per capita does not meet with the victim, but by the end remote phone, step by step, to deceive the victim into the trap design,http://www.ipraytv.com/view_channel.php?user=htr2pizq8a&comments=all\", each defraud money from 3000-6000 yuan range, total crime 40 times, Most victims were defrauded a 12,000 yuan.
Qualifications of these victims are not low, we have a high school education, where there are more than college students. Why are they so easily fall into the scam? Police investigators, because they are just graduated from a very young age,, saw easy to make quick money paying jobs,scarpe hogan outlet, they lose their vigilance. In addition, the suspect only recruit men and other male public relations positions in advertising, the selected target audience is mainly male. According to her, for the appeal,nike air max soldes, and they are compassionate woman so I do not cheat. At present, the suspect had been under criminal detention Liu Mourong.

resulting in actual losses 135

If exposure is suspected of a crime, less than 30-year-old Gao Wei at this time should remain engaged in the envy of many a bank, rather than standing on the dock of the Tribunal.
Recently, Anhui extraordinarily serious financial fraud in the Suzhou Intermediate People's Court held a public hearing. The fraud involved up to 13 people,nike blazer femme, involving up to 280 million yuan,scarpe hogan outlet, of which the original Sixian, Anhui Agricultural Cooperative Bank, especially high branch president Gao Wei and some other sub-branch employees suspected of using his position to forge financial instrument.
This arises from a man named Qiu Fang's laid-off workers, she was without any source of funds, with a partner,http://facetwitter.pw/?module=h49qsf2g2, with the first flight of Loaning another way to deceive the registration department in charge of the establishment of "days of Anhui Agricultural biotechnology limited liability company." But in the company planning process, she suffered partner financing fraud, owed more than 30 million yuan, in order to pay off debt,http://www.24jq.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, she Youyi weekly 6.2 ‰ (annualized interest rate of about 32%) of high interest rates to borrow under the usury, eventually snowball snowball, eventually this debt has become a bottomless black hole.
In order to plug the hole was even more wealth for the Mou, Qiu aromatic begin to take risks. She Sixian IICA Branch line height, especially high interest Lanchu in the name of the Anhui Branch of the Investment Guarantee Co. pulled Sixian IICA row height, especially Branch deposits. While serving high, especially high branch president according to Qiu Wei Fang behest,ciondolo tiffany, for Jinke security company to open an account, sneaking chapter cover the company chop on a blank business attorney, and will cover the blank power of attorney to the bank counter staff. Since then, under Gao Wei's behest, the other two workers, especially high branch will cover the blank proxy credential chapter completed, and 3 million yuan, "Smooth" Go Qiu Fang's account. In this way,tiffany outlet, Anhui Jinke Investment Guarantee Co. deposit principal maneuvers to be elsewhere, Qiu aryl paid only to the interest of the company 720,000 yuan.
"Economic Information Daily" correspondent was informed by the indictment of the case, the use of stolen blank cover power of attorney, as well as business Sike seal forged power of attorney, certificates of deposit in order to exchange small deposit, report the loss or obtain passwords fake fake certificates of deposit, online banking transfers, etc. since March 9, 2010 to November 29, 2011, with high interest Lanchu as bait, Qiu Wei, aromatic and high IICA row height, especially inside and outside Branch staff collusion, a total of defrauding 19 companies and 15 individuals in Si County Farmers Merger, Sixian 22 deposits from the Bank of China,http://gamsa.net/guestbook/index.php?item/create_form/1, a total of 283.865 million yuan (27 million yuan of which attempted), resulting in actual losses 135,855,000 yuan.
In order to prevent its own financial fraud brought to light, Gao Wei Chiu and other bank employees to provide cover have savings aromatic chapter blank statements, Qiu Wei aryl home template provided in accordance with high print false bank statements regularly sent to related companies, resulting in some The company has not been found to be illegally transferred out of the deposit. Until 2012, Qiu Fang, Gao Wei, who arrested the Sixian Public Security Bureau, only 29-year-old branch president has been completely ruined future.
"Economic Information Daily" reporter contacted on the matter Sixian IICA row responsible person. The official said,nike shox, because the case has not yet ruling, inconvenience leave relevant comments.
In fact, the primary bank employees were involved in financial crime is not the case. In recent years, the bank staff used his position to facilitate criminal cases around the country frequently exposed, causing public concern for financial institutions internal management issues.
Recently, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank branch in Zhengzhou Branch twenty-first century and, together with former vice president of the real estate business Mayi Jiang Lu Lin poise illegal deposits from the public case of first instance in Zhengzhou City Court. Mayi Jiang suspected cases of lead during any Branch Vice President, together with others,http://bbs.zle.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2656949&fromuid=9295, illegal sequestration cumulative total reached 6.395 billion yuan. In addition, in December 2012,http://vv10.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=550429&fromuid=56924, ICBC Zhejiang Jinhua Mall Branch also involved along with "financial products" disputes. In this case, the branch button Hua former employees on behalf of Lanchu bank financing, but the money of depositors but by their classmates button Hua arrange private deposit accounts, certificates of deposit as security for loans used privately.
Central University of Finance and Banking Research Center,http://bbs.332527.com/x/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=201003, Guo Tian Yong accept the "Economic Information Daily" reporters, he said that such cases of frequent outbreaks of bank internal control system is defective. From 2002 to the present banking reform, institution building within the bank made changes reborn. However, because not experienced a complete economic cycle test, whether in management, internal control and public governance,http://www.51yam.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, it is problematic.
Beijing law firm asked the days of a partner, director Zhang Yuanzhong said, and now interest margin is still the main source of bank income, due to local banks Xichu heavy task, when able to fulfill the task, in order to consider his hat,http://nmqz965.tiantiancaobib.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=235917&extra=, some people I take the risk. Zhang Yuanzhong also stressed that China now the punishment for financial crimes is still not enough to more severe punishment, in order to reduce financial fraud and similar offenses.

and ultimately both jailed. January 26

Legal Reuters reporter Chao Yuan Pengguo new correspondent,http://bbs.cnw.com.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=
For the sake of profits, who lives in Jining City,scarpe nike air force, Shandong Province, Chen Dong, the couple came from Zhejiang fake contraceptives, not only in their own health care products store sales,nike free run, also removed the two pharmacies sell County of Jiangsu Province, and ultimately both jailed. January 26, County, Jiangsu Province People's Court announced this from the sale of fake drugs.
Day in 2011,http://www.mydiyclub.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, Chen and his wife Zhang Li went to Hangzhou to participate in health care ordering,http://www.menqiu.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, accidentally picked up a business card that read "cheap sales of contraceptives" and contact telephone number, also accompanied by a photograph of drugs,http://bbs.cnw.com.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, Chen let Write down the number after Zhang Li,scarpe louboutin outlet, the cards carelessly throw away.
And other home, Chen and the other contact on the other side to tell him no invoice. Chen Dong heard they know drugs are counterfeit, the other repeatedly to ensure drug is absolutely safe,scarpe nike air force, does not cause adverse reactions after, Chen decided to enter medicine. After negotiate a good price,scarpe nike, he entered the "red Yu-ting," "blue Yuting" and "Secretary Damian" a total of 150 boxes, each box of the purchase price at between $ 1-2.
After receiving the goods, Chen and Zhang Li looked no different packaging and true drug, also relieved to sell up, and the price per box between 6-10 dollars.
However, due to relatively narrow contraceptives market, although high profits, the money may be slower. Chen Dong and Zhang Li a whole, determine the drug at a relatively low price sold to other pharmacies. Thus, Chen will drive the street, one by one whether the drugstore inquiry into drug demand, quickly contacted the County's two pharmacies,http://my.5754.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, and drug prices 2-3 yuan per box sold to the other party. According to Chen Dong couples account, between 2011 and 2013, they together 350 boxes a fake pill.
Court held that, Chen Yang Li in violation of state regulations,http://bbs.cnw.com.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, product quality, sales of counterfeit drugs,http://bbs.cnw.com.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, which constituted a crime of selling fake drugs, should be sentenced to three years and fined. Yang Li after appearing in court truthfully confessed his crimes, according to the law can be punished more leniently; Chen Dong, a good attitude, can be appropriate sentences.
Ultimately, the Court of First Instance sentenced to a year in prison Chen Dong, fined six thousand yuan; sentenced to ten months imprisonment and Zhang Li,http://my.5754.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, suspended for one year and fined four thousand yuan. (Text characters are not his real name)
(Original title: health food stores sell 350 boxes couple jailed for fake pill)

mobile phones

Luo police recently cracked a taxi robbery case. Ironically, the suspect Yang Moumou confessed that he had been robbed because of his 28 days after getting married, see their parents debts, he did not want to be married to the parents money, they come up with this to earn quick money Hunzhao.
Man lied bad tires neck reined driver
November 13 11 am, Luoping County Public Security Bureau police station received Itabashi man police said Chen, his wife Ms. Chung at Luoping run taxi in the morning, a man carrying a cell from the county to Chung Town Board, in the road was robbed.
Alarm, the police station split up, all the way to the police immediately went to the incident site, the other way quickly contact with the victim, to collect information on cases. The understanding, Ms. Chung driving a Jetta taxi passenger, on at 10:30 on the 13th district in the county Chung carrying a 20-year-old man, the man said to the Banqiao village character. After talking a good fare, carrying men to the Itabashi Zhongmou then fled in the direction.
The way, the man said saw bad tires, when Ms. Chung stop checks, the man suddenly pulled away the car keys and hand reined neck Ms. Chung,nike tn pas cher, Ms. Chung took away the body of the property. During Ms. Chung had inadvertently break while the robbers fled, but was the man to recover control. Zhongmou drove off after the man asked, Zhongmou took the opportunity to escape, and was working to help the ground to escape. Some men see the ground, then a taxi driver Zhongmou carry looted cash, cell phone escape.
Police understand that, equipped with GPS positioning system on the taxi, Ms. Chung's husband by location, find the location of the vehicle appeared,orecchini tiffany, the police quickly moved to rounding. 11:40, the police arrested the suspect,http://krtshz.com.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=575043, recover stolen taxi, mobile phones, cash and other property totaling more than 30 million.
Under questioning, the suspect Yang Moumou (male, aged 19,nike air max pas cher, Luoping County Banqiao Village moral person) taxi robbery confessed to the crime. Yang Moumou account of his 28 days after getting married, see their parents debts, he did not want the money to parents to get married, they think of robbing taxi to earn quick money. At present, Yang Moumou XingJu.
"Kill me not worth the money I gave you."
The day before yesterday, the reporter by telephone to the taxi driver was robbed Ms. Chung. She said she was 40 years old,http://www.continentalwindowfashions.com, first encountered this kind of thing, feel very lucky to be able to escape.
"On that day her husband went to dinner, I'll take advantage of the free car passenger,http://www.dab.hi-ho.ne.jp/cgi-bin/user/tamanegi/apeboard.cgi/, want more money, did not expect to encounter robbery." Ms. Chung recalls the way the two people have been bragging, the young man said his 20-year-old, also I will drive. The first guy to tell her the bad tire, she did not hear clearly. And travel a few hundred meters,tiffany outlet, came to a relatively remote place, the young man said second tire is broken,http://www.cnubuntu.com/thread-30408-1-1.html, she will believe,nike air force,http://bmcg.orzweb.net/viewthread.php?tid=229036&extra=, ready to stop viewing. Young man sitting in the passenger seat suddenly stuck his hand around her neck. "I was breathing very difficult, but also very afraid. In order to survive, what I can not up."
"He said that he who has a knife, asked me to have to pay out all their belongings. I told him,http://www.hairextensionsale.jp/15-inches-7-pcs-clips-on-human-hair-extensions-8.html, you are still young, and my son the same age, kill me not worth the money I gave you. If not I find family brought,http://beer.dramamusicschool.com/item/create_form/1, not alarm. "Ms. Chung said that, when she took money from the storage box, she usually used a fruit knife to be seen each other for convenient pick up to then threaten her. Perhaps played a role in persuading Ms. Chung, the other slowly guard. Ms. Chung to see a few hundred meters outside the two farmers, she opened the door and identify the timing escaped, but only ran out of tens of meters being chased back. Later,http://www.enochnj.org/pagegen.cgi, she and the other to juggle, the second managed to escape, the first time by the phone call her husband.
Ms. Chung said: "I'm still driving a taxi, before dare go out at night to run, is now only willing to run during the day and can not, else I would not, and now I hear the guests drove a phone call or something, then. very nervous, even covered with cold sweat, fear of robbery meet again. "(City Times Reporter correspondent Yang Delin Kong Dehuai)
& Nbsp;