This episode is simply Haiyan work, "" promise: Xiao Ping,air nike tn, a glasses factory in Wenzhou Ou killed when competent lover, was sentenced to death. Just when Xiao Ping was taken to his death, he suddenly innocence,jordan jacket jordan xi, confessed two accomplices. "Jian Zhanguan" (spot supervision of the prosecutor) decided to halt - "Daoxialiuren." This is the province's first spot to halt executions prosecutors case. At present, the other two accomplices have been arrested,http://exposuretestrentals.com/gigfinder/profile.php?id=2136, will soon trial.

Wife came, he must abandon lover

Xiao Ping Guizhou people, with their own efforts, in Wenzhou Ouhai of a glasses factory became a supervisor. Wife at home, lost and lonely, he took aim at the factory worker Xiemou. After Xie Moucheng his lover.

Both good for some time, in January 2007, Xiao Ping's wife came to Wenzhou,http://bbs.dao128.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1836619, Xiao Ping had enough sense,http://www.admin90.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=148103, they would Xiemou break. At this point, there Xiemou Xiao Ping flesh, reluctant to break.

Xiao Ping can not see off the body, they came up with a plan to kill. Verdict shows,air jordan 6 femme basket jordan homme, January 4, 2007, he was about to play Xiemou uphill, after a sexual relationship, stabbing the Xiemou, her body will be moved to the bottom of camphor tree.

Before the provisional sentence, he was afraid

Xiao Ping was eventually arrested by public security organs. Court of intentional murder and sentenced Xiao Ping to death, deprived of political rights for life.

May 23, 2008 afternoon, Xiao Ping "painted charge", was taken to the execution ground, the death penalty. The way to the execution ground, Xiao Ping afraid,adidas taekwondo, "Yang marked killing Xiemou ......"

All personnel so that the presence of such excuse all surprised. He has experienced the first trial, the second trial,http://www.qinsoft.cn/showtopic-663661.aspx, the death penalty review procedure, never mentioned another person committing the crime, why at this time and give out two? "Because of that moment, Xiao Ping was scared." Later, prosecutors said.

Command of execution has been issued, murderers spot innocence is not uncommon, whether to stop the execution? Stop execution errors, adverse consequences of self-evident. Spot supervision of the prosecutor heart is very contradictory, after several referrals, temporarily ordered a halt.

After innocence, a stay of execution of the death penalty

The execution ground, Xiao Ping argued that Valentine Xiemou Yang Kill, and together there is a crime called person. That afternoon,nike air jordan pour femme, he and Xie negotiations in the mountains, he also unclear how, Yang standard, Tang Taiping two of them up to the mountains. Tang Taiping fan Xie a slap in the face, Young marked Xiemou stabbed repeatedly. He only pulled Tang Taiping, but no stopping Young standard, then Don, Young two people to leave in advance.

Young fellow mark is Xiao Ping, Tang Taiping is Xiao Ping Qijiu. Prosecutors believe that, regardless of whether Xiao Ping lie, they have to look it up.

According to prosecutors stop the execution of the views, the Executive Judge ED High Court, Supreme People's Court carried out to reflect and consult.

Half an hour later, the Provincial High Court, the Supreme People's feedback, Xiao Ping suspend a moratorium on executions.

Packed material attempt to save three lives collusion

Fox still exposed tail. Xiao Ping returned to the detention center, actually outside by others to bring Tang Taiping, Yang labeled a "12 collusion material." Unexpectedly,nike tn air air jordan chaussure, this material was eventually intercepted.

"He wants , Yang standard two surrender. Later surrendered,http://e-learning.tsu.ge/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, keep yourself accountable the perpetrators accountable through consistent, to say that the two men followed him up the hill, Yang standard hands to kill, but he could not persuade persuasion." prosecutors said.

Shaw plain wishful thinking this is such a hit: Young marked hands to kill themselves to discourage unsuccessful, you can save your life; addition, Yang standard, Tang Taiping surrendered surrendered,nike air blanc, can also be given a lighter punishment,vente de chaussure en ligne, the same can save your life.

In collusion materials, Xiao Ping also asked the two firm can not say "premeditated murder by prior contact by phone, tracking mountain murderers ......" and so the details of the crime.

After intercepted collusion material, the police immediately , Yang standard two online pursuit.

Absconding suspects arrested, confessed directed by others

September 19,air max 90 noir et blanche, 2008, Yang fled Hubei marked arrested. Young marked that he was called to Tang Taiping, buying a tool,http://www.bunyod.com/cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=179499,jordan store nike soldes femme, Xiao Ping contacted by phone, tracking the mountain to find Xiao Ping. Xiao Ping denied the request after the break, require killing lover Xiemou. Xiemou abdomen stabbed himself with a knife knife, Tang Taiping Xiemou a slap fight, then first left down. Shaw left the scene only to calm Xiemou two.

Since then, Xiao Ping told them, Xiemou had been killed. They fled.

This statement was later arrested Tang Taiping with basically the same confessions. Tang Taiping, said Xiao Ping is inspired murder, saying if caught, Xiao Ping down a man for all crimes.

All three were suspected of intentional homicide

April 15 this year,sweat abercrombie fille abercrombie & fitch avenue des champs élysées paris, Xiao Ping, Yang standard, Tang Taiping is the Wenzhou Municipal People's Procuratorate on suspicion of intentional homicide prosecution.

The indictment said that early in January 2007, Xiao Ping and extramarital lover because Xiemou Qijiu Tang Taiping emotional disputes with conspiring to kill Xiemou. January 4, Tang Taiping mustered Young standard, and the purchase of tools.

In the afternoon, Xiao Ping will Xiemou about to ouhai new east end mountain climbing Ao play. After Tang Taiping, Yang Xiao Ping marked by telephone contact with the track up the hill to find Xiao Ping and Xiemou.

Xiemou break up due to requirements and refused, then instructions to kill Xiao Ping,http://bbs.bnm114.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1033518, Yang standard that is prepared beforehand holding a knife stabbed Xiemou abdominal knife, after Yang standard, Tang Taiping first to leave,http://viz.qq8.info/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=152684, leaving Xiao Ping and Xiemou in the field.

Xiao Ping, also armed with a knife stabbed Xiemou neck, etc. multitool, thank certain death, and then move to the next corpse near a camphor tree.

Identified: Department xiemou lower left abdomen, anterior part been caused by a single blade sharp sting of uterine rupture, jugular vein rupture caused by acute hemorrhagic shock and death.

Prosecution believes that Xiao Ping, Yang standard, Tang Taiping because emotional disputes gang intentional homicide,air max 1 homme pas cher air max femme original, should be held criminally responsible.