Tianmou senior boys have been disciplined for cheating in the exam schools. Is at hand in the diploma necessary work has also been implementing the occasion,all abercrombie models, "Jifeidanda" results made him a grudge. To vent their dissatisfaction, Tianmou ignited debris in the early morning in the school toilets, leading to the corridor filled with smoke,http://www.jitabook.com/?action-viewcomment-type-jiaoshi-itemid-765, the students were evacuated sleeping. Yesterday morning, the Beijing University of Chemical former senior Tianmou charged with arson in the Chaoyang Court for trial.

■ suspects in self-defense


Unintentional crime suspects said

In May this year the 9th 2:40 pm, Beijing University of Chemical Technology in the student dormitory on the 6th North Hall, 4th floor men's room filled with smoke,acheter basket nike, fire debris piled material is toilet. PVC pipe inside the toilet all been blown, fecal flow over the ground. Schools organize students to emergency evacuation, five fire engines and 32 firefighters put out the fire, half an hour after the fire was controlled. Surveillance video shows Tianmou smoke pouring out of the toilet long before. One day before the incident, he also tried to move the camera near the elevator. Tianmou after appearing in court to admit everything. But in the trial, there is no crime of intentional said, "It was not clear mind, psychological pressure, just using the wrong way to vent." Tianmou do not think that is flammable debris, that burn is finished, so he did not have the fire they turned to leave.

■ prosecution and defense differences


Involved in the offense into focus

According to testimony in previous Tianmou police, he was cheating on exams in January this year was on probation for a year, think punishment is too heavy, the impact of their employment, and college life flies and unhappy, mentally unbalanced,air jordan 19, wanted to vent. He knew it was a crime, but is looking to make an impact in retaliation school behavior. In addition, the school security office of the prosecutor also produced discs,nike jordan femme, etc., prove Tianmou the night before the incident also moved the probe surveillance video shows that he is conscious to avoid monitoring the implementation of its behavior.

Prosecutors believe that Tianmou behavior is intentional arson,http://swiftstep.gotoip4.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, has jeopardized public safety. Given Tianmou attitude in court, the prosecutor recommended that 3-4 years of their sentence. And Tianmou lawyers believe there is no fire Tianmou subjective intent, the harmful consequences is not large, its behavior should be recognized as intentional destruction of property crimes. In addition, his family and has been actively compensate school understanding. Counsel also submitted a representation in court schools, drew the court for leniency for him to give him a chance to turn over a new leaf. In view of this, a lawyer who advises the court sentenced Tianmou probation. But prosecutors believe Tianmou plea bad attitude,air max 38 nike air max grise et rose, NA probation.

■ family status


Working poor families affected results

Tianmou born in rural Hunan, the father working at the site, the mother farming,http://www.chinahip-hop.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, there is a sister university graduate has been working. Because his family was relatively poor,woolrich bologna prezzi woolrich perugia,http://www.yurongbencaoshuang-315.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=682961, Tianmou University two years before the application to the state grants. It is reported that the top five Tianmou school year, she was admitted to the university, initially good grades, college freshman Shihai physical contest won second prize in Beijing. After the sophomore, junior,hogan shoes hogan discount,http://www.s8c.org/forum/activity, Tianmou work while studying,abercrombie fitch fierce abercrombie and fitch tops, the results also dropped moderately.

In the eyes of the students, Tianmou like a loner, not much communication with the students, the relationship in general. A few months before the incident,negozio woolrich milano outlet woolrich padova, the school has done in Tianmou outrageous things. Day in early December last year, around 14:00, Tianmou dormitory door was knocked over, the impact of the students sleep, accused the teachers there. He later explained that he was curious to know the girls are doing at night.

"I received the school's phone, the first reaction is that he is not crazy?" Ms. Ng in the eyes of the mother, the son is the pride of the family, childhood obedient and well-behaved, never survive the parents of abuse, the results are excellent. After only son to college,prezzi piumini moncler moncler roma, temperament had some changes. "He was a little self-esteem, that results are not good people, no sense university graduate also working for other people."

■ suspects readme


Repeatedly rebuffed mental balance

Experienced a three-month jail life, Tianmou said he changes a lot, I used to think the most important is not acceptable to a lot of things, it seems normal. Tianmou says he grew because of outstanding performance and the subject of attention. But many college students with good results, Tianmou not far ahead. And most of the wealth gap between the students and self-vanity,http://www.weilaikejicheng.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, let Tianmou feel neglected.

After entering junior, Tianmou always thinking outside the school to expand their circle. Many students look at a part-time to earn a lot of money, but also get a workout, Tianmou also eager. However, after entering the community, Tianmou has repeatedly rebuffed. Last May, Tianmou give a family a good third-year student tutoring. Tianmou said he intentioned criticism of the child, did not expect the other side shouting, said,http://www.hyzaarhjisa.fora.pl/index.php?item/create_form/1, "What kind of thing?" Leaving Tianmou did not expect is that the child is not sensible, also scolded the parents came after him, also therefore fired. Tianmou think very own heart qi, can society is very real. He feels natural personality and social incompatibility. "Social and schools is also a great difference. Schools no intrigue,hollister deutschland, I still can not learn, can not do,manteau moncler homme pas cher moncler prix, the mind becomes a little bit mad."

Tianmou said before punished, he has been through the school organized a private recruitment and Jiangsu signed an employment agreement, there are three or four thousand dollars monthly salary. But sanctions meant late graduation, did not work. "I just talked to the school once begged them feel very ashamed."

Tianmou said that after reflection on the walls inside, he wants to pass, and to maintain a positive peace of mind in the face of some social phenomenon that accept or want to accept.

Morning News reporter Yan Fei

Sentencing different for various offenses


Intentional destruction of property crimes

According to Penal Code section 275: intentional destruction of public or private property, larger amounts, or other serious circumstances,http://237.newfine.net/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, imprisonment, criminal detention or a fine; huge amount or other especially serious circumstances, less than three of the seven have imprisonment.


According to Article 114 and 115 of the Criminal Code: commit arson, and has not yet caused serious consequences, more than three years in prison; causing serious injury, death or serious losses to public and private property, the term imprisonment, life imprisonment or the death penalty.