36-year-old woman in Anhui Shen Min, because his left leg fracture aerospace seven hundred thirty-one hospital stay. After surgery,hogan scarpe interactive compra hogan, Shen Min paraplegia, on February 11 died. Families that fracture is not fatal,,hollister clothing, Shen Min's death is entirely the responsibility of the hospital. It is reported that family members have been informed of Shen Min paraplegic after a lawsuit.

The day before yesterday,air jordan chaussures pas cher nike jordan homme, the hospital expressed,air jordan homme air jordan junior, Shen Min indeed hospitalized due to fracture of the left leg,, as the cause of death have to wait for the conclusion of accreditation bodies. Currently, the hospital Founder in consultation with the deceased.

Walls falling leg fracture

February 13 morning, the reporter went to the aerospace seven hundred thirty-one hospital,abercrombie kids black friday, saw Shen Min of more than 10 friends and family.

It is understood, Shen Min is the Anhui Linquan people. A few years ago,mulberry willow, she and her husband, Otto took his two sons to Beijing. The couple together on weekdays and some fellow odd jobs, dependent children to school.

According to Shen Min two workers introduced last October 25, they work on the Fengtai District Zuo North East after the demolition of the ruins of a place. At that time, Shen Min stood a height of about two meters of the wall to lift a steel pipe, steel pipe in preparation to throw to the ground,mulberry website uk, because there is no firm overexert from the wall fell down. Upon seeing the workers put aside past live gather, Shen Min kept saying that his left leg hurt.

Work place from aerospace seven hundred thirty-one hospital close, workers will soon Shen Min to the hospital and notified the Otto.

Postoperative pants unconscious

Shen Min shot the film after admission, and was diagnosed with fractures of the left leg near the knee. According to the workers recalled, giving Shen Min filming, she could move their legs and stand up. After the test results came out, Shen Min hospitalized, doctors recommend surgery. Otto said, in order to allow his wife to hurry recovery, family members have agreed to surgery.

Last October 27, Shen Min underwent surgery. Surgery performed at 9:00 and more,jordan 89 magasin de jordan, 1:00 more than the end. Otto said Shen Min conscious after surgery. More than 11 points that night, Shen Min said than done, but not to the extent not be tolerated. Otto felt pain is normal after surgery,, there is no too concerned about.

The next day, Shen Min said he has no feeling in the lower extremities. Otto said he choked his wife's hand thigh, his wife would say no feeling. Then he pay attention to it, to tell the doctor.

Shen Min received a detailed examination, the hospital finally told Otto, Shen Min has been a paraplegic. Subsequently, Shen Min was transferred to the hospital's intensive care unit for treatment. Otto said that they had discussed the hospital had said, in response to the hospital to continue treatment.

Otto said in January this year,, has sued the hospital for damages.

Early in nine patients died

During the intensive care unit treatment, the patient's life without family care, family day, only one hour of visitation time. Otto and mother every day to visit. Since entering the intensive care unit after the hospital did not let them out over medical costs.

According to Otto recalls that at the beginning of the intensive care unit, his wife's mind is still very clear, the condition is also still stable. But shortly after the New Year, he found his wife put on a breathing machine, unable to communicate with him. Out of the hospital trust, he did not ask the doctor over treatment of his wife.

February 11 morning,, the hospital received a notice Otto,nike 180 chaussures requin tn, Shen Min serious condition. Otto and his family rushed to the hospital. Around 13:00, Otto was told,, Shen Min has died. Family can not accept such an outcome, they will Shen Min remains parked in the intensive care room.

Otto said his wife good health, rarely get sick, nor too serious illness, passed away just because the fracture is, how can people Xiangde Tong.

Founder, in consultation with the families of hospital

February 14 morning, the reporter once again came to the aerospace seven hundred thirty-one hospital. The hospital Medical Service Director Mr. Xu confirmed that Shen Min last October 25 to hospital treatment, when injuries to the left lower extremity fractures. After underwent surgery. In the same year on October 28, Shen Min appear paraplegic,, transferred to the intensive care unit. February 11 this year, Shen Min death. During intensive care treatment,mulberry bag new, treatment costs borne by the hospital. February 12, the hospital will be dead to the morgue.

Mr. Xu said, according to the provisions of "Medical Malpractice",moncler daunenmantel moncler serravalle,, the patient died within medical institutions, bodies should immediately move to put the morgue. The victim was in postoperative paraplegia, and eventually death, the reason is not known in detail,scarpe uomo hogan prezzi spaccio hogan, need to be identified by the relevant agencies. At present, it can not be said to be medical malpractice, hospital leaders are more than consultation with the bereaved family.

Fengtai District Health Bureau said it had informed the matter.