Couples from scratch,moncler prezzi piumini moncler outlet italia, the days gradually wealthy, has become contradictions between the two. Recently,http://www.zhbcx.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=6598, the couple quarrel again,giacca woolrich donna spaccio woolrich bologna sito ufficiale,http://klmc.org.nz/vanilla/activity, her husband did not come home for 10 consecutive days,giubbotti woolrich outlet,http://friend.chinatmf.com/site/?action-viewcomment-itemid-22, followed by his wife, police said her husband was killed in front of his house. Police investigations confirmed that the assailant was actually my wife.

■ "My husband was killed at the gate of the"

"My husband come home at night, was killed at the gate of!" April 25 morning,hollister uk hoodies hollister gilet, a tearful alarm call to break the new Music City Public Security Bureau, the quiet, after receiving the alarm, immediately tied Interpol Brigade chief ZHAO Tie led the police rushed to the village's new Music City scene, Interpol Han Tai squadron joined the detection team.

The scene in the house of the deceased, the police saw the deceased's wife Liu. Liu confirmed by neighbors at the same time the alarm,moncler piumini donna 2013, Liu had to find a door to door neighbors to help save her husband. When the police found her husband to ask their victim Liu process, Liu face grief, cried a few times,moncler usato moncler skimode, but after the discovery described logic confusion,http://www.fergusdoyle.ie/, inconsistency.

Killed the knife that killed the man, identified by neighbors,fierce abercrombie and fitch uk abercrombie sportswear, it is the dead of their own home. Who broke into the home of the deceased with a knife, and then to kill his wife under the eyes of it?

In the face of the evidence, Liu finally faltered admitted killing her husband, it was her own.

■ couple quarrel wife impulses lead tragedy

Liu told police that she and her husband married in 1999, although poverty was very loving, and later the couple started from scratch, start with the ground hardening business days gradually rich. And prosperous life and no happiness for the two points, on the contrary,abercrombie & fitch jackets abercrombie male models, a quarrel between the two men, more and more in recent years, it is an argument to upgrade from beatings.

April 15,http://www.nctgo.com/news/html/?819.html, at the two contracting ground hardened construction site, the couple once again because of a trivial quarrel, and development to "fight", after her husband Liu meal kicked,http://www.12fz.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=15904, smashed the car home, then Advantage away.

Ryu returned to the site after a day of rest at home,nike femmes nike requin tn, found her husband and workers are not in,http://www.0517auto.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=171000, the phone also can not contact her husband. Ryu guess, her husband might go to karaoke to play,hogan originali scarpe da uomo hogan, but she searched her husband riding electric cars is almost possible to go karaoke, but never found, could not help but worry about her husband's safety come.

April 25 morning, drunk husband was a friend to open the door Cabaret, Ryu like to see her husband after ten days of fear into anger felt immediately, she turned back to the house to find a knife then stabbing her husband ......

Husband's death, his wife arrested,nike air jordan retro air jordan xx8,http://www.3399d.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=155840, happy family moment overturning. Liu and her husband's tragedy once again proves that the impulse is the devil,hollister sale online hollister perfume, communication is very important, impulse only harm to others.

■ text / reporter correspondent Yuan Wei Qin Ruifeng