"Because so little on his sword stabbing people, I really should not be ah." August 22 morning, police station in Hexi Introducing the case, feel very sorry. According to reports,nike vapor Nike Free 6.0, the evening of 16 August, when the groom would then have a month of Heze youth Zhangchuan Qi,https://www.jnjvisioncare.co.uk/index.php?item/create_form/1, in the west,foto felpe abercrombie abercrombie uomo, a billiard room and table tennis competition due to a dispute occur. Later, the other got seven companions will Zhangzhuan Qi meal beaten,chaussure femme nike pas cher nike air femme, Lian Tong toward him during one of its four knife stabbing. After the incident, the police quickly set up a task force within 48 hours and arrested eight suspects successfully solve the case. Currently, eight suspects XingJu. When the reporters learned that the suspect and the victim are "90", the Quartet police are investigating the matter further.

Incident indoor pool guy was stabbing

"My kids are stabbing in the billiard room, the police quickly solve the case, would like to look through the newspaper to thank the Quartet police." August 21 from Heze Zhang Shan County, call our news hotline reflect this. According to Mr. Zhang, 21-year-old son Zhang Zhuanqi an accident and fellow go out and play tennis on August 16 evening.

August 21 afternoon, reporters rushed to the trouble of Hexi billiards room, billiards room incident occurred at the corner of the field still remained a lot of blood. According 's father introduced him to view the surveillance video afterwards, after the first dispute was the other left,mulberry bayswater purple last season mulberry bags, then try to find the gang and wounded his son,shop hogan, "My son was stabbed in the heart of the spot to die. "Mr. Zhang said the children tried to stand up after being stabbed, but did not walk a few steps fell. Later,hogan bambina 35 hogan rebel estive, 120 arrived on the scene found that children have died due to excessive bleeding.

And Zhang Zhuanqi go play billiards room fellow said, where they play a billiards room, there is only one table tennis table. Night of the incident he and Zhang Zhuanqi are playing table tennis, and suddenly a man with short hair looks slim over, let the two of them leave, Zhang Zhuanqi reluctant to go and therefore altercation. Later called the other seven or eight companions, facing Zhang Zhuanqi kicking. He ran out of the billiard room notice cousin, so come back when the police have arrived,pink hollister, and then learned that Zhang Zhuanqi have been stabbing each other.

Within 48 hours to hunt down suspects arrested

"This case nature of the relatively poor,abercrombie and fitch on line abercrombie uk outlet store, after the incident, the police quickly set up a task force." August 22 morning, the reporter interviewed the police station at the time of Hexi,jordan 7 bordeaux chaussure femme jordan, police officers, said Han, August 16 evening after receiving the alarm, Branch responsible person in charge of criminal cases, as well as PUC Interpol detachment responsible person for the first time arrived at the scene and quickly cordoned off the area, expand the survey work.

"Billiards indoor installation of video surveillance, we retrieved the surveillance video, the suspects locked." Korean police said, after thorough investigation, the police learned that several suspects from Yinan, engaged in renovation work in Qingdao. After that, the police mastered the suspect's phone number, but their phones were all shut down,http://0771r.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, but the rental office has not seen their sight.

"Worried that they fled, police immediately dispatched to the Council in return." Han said the police officer, the next cases detected in the normal process, they also arranged for a part of the police to the suspect's home in Yinan, to persuade their parents hope family members can cooperate with public security organs, contact the child allowed to justice as soon as possible.

August 17 afternoon,karen millen discount dresses,http://ict.iuic.iwate-u.ac.jp/moodle/index.php?item/create_form/1, the first man stabbed Lee suspects arrested on August 18 evening, the rest of the seven suspects were also arrested. According to police investigators after the incident, which eight suspects were hiding in the suburbs,http://zazna.com/selection/index.php?item/create_form/1, and later captured by the public security organs eleven, currently eight people have been XingJu.

Pain marriage room ready, the groom do not have it

"The children just over a month to be married, who want to happen." father told reporters, rural home to get married earlier, he recently found a home for the children in the target, agreed in October was held in his hometown wedding special back home two days before the children happily married renovated room, did not think the child is just a few days back was hurt. "Because the whole family happy marriage preparation can be an instant ......" Zhang could not go on.

"Seeing the kids to do the groom, and who would like to happen." Said a relative of the child's tears, that the children want to get married, his bride was ready, did not think this time the child actually suffered a eventuality. "He was a hardy children, 4 years old when his mother passed away." 's father said from his home in Heze children 15 years old came to Qingdao, following his business in Qingdao, children usually very competent, never mess no trouble overspend. "My son is a hardy children, did not follow me to enjoy the good things." He muttered said. According to a neighbor introduced the victim, the victim Zhang Zhuanqi impression in the neighborhood, has been a well-behaved child, honest part, no one thought such a thing would happen in this honest child's body.

Sorry once impulse ruined two families

"Two days after the incident that this case is broken, the children can rest in peace, and our family is very grateful to the policemen." August 22 morning reporter to follow the family came to the Quartet Public Security Bureau police station west, saw the police,http://67qu.tk/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=671116, father very excited, continue to participate in the police solve the case bow.

"I hope the law back to a fair, I will give children an explanation by the law." Zhang told reporters that he did not understand, the other with his son no hatred, why such a murderous, hopes the law can punish the murderer.

"Because once the urge to destroy two families,negozi moncler milano piumini moncler outlet serravalle, it is worth pondering." Police investigators said the assailant's first impulse to destroy two families, also followed by many peers implicated, regret too late. After the reports of parents want to see their children to educate, and to remind the young people, do not drink and make trouble, not to use the weapon in the event of a dispute.

Edition text / Chart reporter Liu Xin Xu Xindong intern Wang Xiaolu Wang Huizai

■ account

Poke people who are "90" pounds for the night drinking wine

According to the Korean police reports, the suspect stabbed man Lee,http://wap.wxrb.com/supesite/?action-viewnews-itemid-23293, born in 1990, Yinan people, another seven suspects are all between 20-23 years old. Lee explained that he told the victim did not know beforehand Zhang Zhuanqi night of the incident, he drank beer pounds came to this pool hall. Lee insisted fight drunk tennis, working with fellow playing table tennis not agree,http://www.aurosiksha.org/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, the dispute after two people produce, self does not prevail Lee then leave.

Soon Lee shouted to the seven villagers returned to the pool hall,http://www.slotorsre.fora.pl/index.php?item/create_form/1, for Zhang Zhuanqi beaten,modelli hogan interactive hogan spaccio, Lee also took a fruit knife stabbed Zhang Zhuanqi. When police survey the scene found the body of a total of four Zhang Zhuanqi edge, the back Mito, twice in the deep, knife minor scratches, chest knife, police speculated that the knife should be fatal chest injuries.

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