At noon yesterday, the K241 train to Xi'an, Xiamen arrival delays of nearly seven hours after the Xi'an station, 31 passengers refused to get off the railway sector requires an explanation and compensation for mental damages of 1 cent.

The train is too slow

Xi'an,chaussure tn nike pas cher Nike Air Max Bw Femme, Weinan to 45 minutes from the road to go 5 hours

13:30 yesterday, the third site in Xi'an Railway Station, docked with a column K241 train, within the 11th car,mulberry bags sale, and other 30 passengers sitting in the car and refused to get off.

53-year-old, who lives in Beijing, said Liu Shaojun, always wanted to see the Terracotta Warriors style, so the 19th ride from Xiamen, Xi'an K241 bound train. Before the train, he set up at 15:20 on the 21st plane to fly back to Beijing. According to his plan, the train in the morning to 5 o'clock in Xi'an, 21 am reading the Terracotta Warriors,hogan baby costo scarpe hogan, the afternoon went to the airport. As a result,http://www.e-okinet.biz, the train station to the east of Weinan, they begin to stop, all the way off and stopped seven times,http://www.zlhhome.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=124583, had just 45 minutes from Weinan to Xi'an, but spent more than five hours, plus the train had been late a half hours, plus up in 6 hours 50 minutes. Wait until Xi'an, he had no time to visit the terracotta warriors and horses.

Another passenger Zhong Yan said yesterday 4:15, the car began to Tree Park Station stop, then in Weinan, Wei Nancy, Xinfeng, Lintong and other sites are stopped, still half-way stop twice. These parking places, only Weinan station parking site is provided. For why parking attendants did not explain. Because in Lintong stop too long, there have been seven passengers asked to get off, saying incumbent bus to Xi'an. "Parking closed when the toilet, the person can suffocate." Passengers said:. "One delay of nearly seven hours, more than 1,100 people on board to delay more than 7700 hours of it, that is a person 10 months time."

Do not get off a great impact

After the car difficult to stop the train and difficult to return the parties Xiamen

According to the railway station a staff member said, after the passengers refused to get off the train only stops in place, so at the railroad tracks leading to the site is occupied, the impact of backward vehicle stop. In addition, the parties to accept the train six hours a routine security check, and then at 7 o'clock last night back to Xiamen, if these passengers do not get off the train can not return to Xiamen,hollister t shirts uk, which will lead to more serious late, causing passengers to more losses.

13:45, in the car, the passenger section of Xi'an,nike football basket nike air max tn, Xiamen captain summer passenger dual repeatedly apologized and arranged for staff to arrange passengers lunch and tea. While the situation was reported. At 3 pm, the Xi'an station chief duty Army division title, Xian Xia passenger section of Xiamen dual captain and vice captain Zhang Zhengqing again on the train, explained to the passengers: "As the train was late, the damage to you has become a fait accompli, Here, we apologize to you, but if the train can not receive timely maintenance,http://www.seaside-road.net,baskets air max pas cher air max one noir et blanc femme, it would not be time to return to Xiamen, which will result in more than 2,000 people went to Xiamen, Xi'an can not leave on time and we hope you understand, not for anything else, for the next Punctuality can train pulled out. "Then, the three together and bowed to the passenger compartment.

15:15, 31 passengers carrying luggage off the train, parked about two hours of K241 train entered the trench and began overhaul. This series of articles written by this reporter Yang Xiaogang


Claims 1 minute 3 people bow dust settles nothing

Interviewed the crew, said late because "catenary wire broken" and to repair, plus nearby Lintong closed circuit repair,http://qz-club.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=34970, collision repair two together, leading to the railway can not open.

Passenger side: 20% refund fares to be deducted expenses, who pay for train delays

Passengers Yuan Ting pointed out that if people took the train to catch the train to which the results late, did not get on the train, go to a refund,http://cgi.educities.edu.tw/rosielangel/honey/honey.cgi, 20% will be deducted the cost of the fare is actually liquidated damages. Well, now the train was late, although passengers can request a refund, but the fact that rail transport in the performance of the contract has been breach of contract, breach of how this responsibility? Passenger delay time, this will be who will pay? For Yuan Ting's statement, other passengers have expressed their support. To this end, passengers made two demands to the railway sector, the first is to give a reasonable explanation and apology. Second, to appropriate compensation.

Railway Square: On the issue of compensation,hogan a milano scarpe hogan uomo 2013, there is no express provision

For passenger demand, summer dual said that after the train arrived in Xi'an station, they rushed to the car they related to leadership, apologized to passengers and staff arrangements as soon as possible to provide passengers with free water and instant noodles, in addition, has ordered 31 copies of fast food,moncler giubbini giubbotti uomo moncler, hope Passengers were able to understand. However, the question of compensation, due to the current, the Ministry of Railways did not expressly provided for in this regard, therefore, regardless of the number of how much compensation they can not promise.

15:11, when the division title Xi'an station duty military chief, who apologized on behalf of the passengers bell yin,air max a la mode aire max 1, the relevant leaders bowed to the passengers,http://pagepapers.com/blog/8699/yrqi1mfvaa/, and to compensation for mental damages as 1 cent per passenger.

When the three leaders bow and apologize, while carrying luggage passengers to get off. Later, Zhong Yan told reporters that the parties are to be maintenance train as soon as possible and in the evening to return to Xiamen, in order to be able to train at night punctual departure, all passengers have expressed understanding. Coupled with the relevant leaders have a sincere apology,http://www.colors-st.com/mobile/epad/epad.cgi?del=47392", so the question of compensation to let the matter rest. "We do not care who lose much money, besides the loss of time is also money irreparable, we just hope the railway sector to improve the quality of service,adidas f30 trx fg adidas adizero adios, not the views of the passengers do not pay attention." Passenger said.


Whenever appropriate compensation extension point

In yesterday's interview, train extension point for questions, many passengers said the more common, "in front of the 'Iron boss', each passenger are in fact vulnerable persons, the forces are not balanced in this premise, as a passenger ,http://www.bearweek.me/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=127424, no one has enough energy and their ability rivalry. "Zhong Yan speaking passengers.

For train extension points, Shaanxi Jhihben lawyer Zhao Xin believes that when passengers buy tickets,scarpe hogan junior online, and between the railway authorities have formed a "passenger service contractual relationship." Currently, according to the "Railway Act" provides for compensation for the train in the field, only involves the security of damages, and the issue of compensation for the extension point, the law does not clearly defined. But sure thing, since the railway sector itself causes train delay point, is a breach of contract. Because passengers Mailechepiao, railway authorities have an obligation as a means of transport by train, on time, passengers to the destination safely.

For different levels of economic losses caused to passengers, in accordance with the principles of civil compensation, the railway sector should be compensated, but the current Chinese law does not expressly provide. Therefore, in this area, the two sides can resolve the matter through negotiation. "Proposal to introduce a similar refund railway sector at the window,nike blazer soldes chaussures tn requin, whenever the extension point, passengers can receive the appropriate amount of financial compensation tickets ...... Of course, we hope that the train on time and quickly reach their destinations, rather than part of the money to fight this." Passengers Liu Shaojun said.