(Reporter Dong Xiaoxun correspondent Su Lihua) three years and a half, she was in a restaurant "work" was friends known as the "minimum service life"; year after four years and a half of her dress coming 12th China (Wuhan) International Automotive Industry Exhibition, "Minimum Cars" has become a different kind of scenery.

Yesterday,http://www.qhembaclub.com/supesite//?action-viewcomment-type-about-itemid-68, the small car models cow condensation receive Dongfeng Automobile Company produced specifically for her show calendar. She was wearing a pink veil on the calendar,http://e-jomsa.jp, wearing Aries cartoon hat, standing in front of a mighty car,airmax pas cher acheter air max 1 pas cher, or a quiet elegance, or playful, cute, just like a little princess look. Off "Princess loaded" has been three days, and when asked to do car models is hard, she without hesitation: "! Not at all difficult, a lot of fun, as long as the teacher moves to remember on the line ah"

Small condensing mother Wulan Lan told reporters that last year opened a restaurant condensation aunt waiter photos online after heat transfer,moncler negozi moncler official outlet, some manufacturers find her home to talk about cooperation, there are clothing endorsements, such as a small model. She was considered too young to have no answer. This year she Intermediate to large classes from kindergarten to attend kindergarten, many cultural activities,hogan civitanova marche stivali hogan,http://www.kaz32.com/cgi-bin/nextbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=433&page=, some more courage. Last month on the 19th,abercrombie londres adresse abercrombie scandale, Dongfeng Motor Corporation to find her daughter to do the car special,abercrombie clothing store abercrombie and fitch t shirts, Wulan Lan daughter consent agreement,http://www.kaz32.com/cgi-bin/nextbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=475&page=, promised each other. Small condensing said: "Not only can make money for her mother, but also can play."

A staff member of Dongfeng Motor Corporation,http://www.kaz32.com/cgi-bin/nextbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=495&page=, said, see a small condensed reports from the news media, I feel that this child is very natural,http://tmsn.dip.jp/~mymelody/cgi-bin/bbs/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=70/, lively,sito ufficiale peuterey peuterey negozi,http://www.kaz32.com/cgi-bin/nextbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=479&page=1, lovely,boutique mercurial adidas football shoes, more suitable for their children the selected car models before the show part exhibition on the Wulan Lan get in touch, and agreed one day to 1200 yuan reward.

On May 27, a small car before condensing put onto clothing,abercrombie online outlet negozi abercrombie, natural gas child's performance,air max algerie air max nouvelle collection 2014, contrary to their accident, for a time her car was hit around.

Auto scene,karen millen sale dresses karen millen black, people tut praise, but also have questioned the voice: let such a small child to participate in commercial activities, will not have a negative impact on children? Wulan Lan said,http://www.hey.ne.jp/~kotonoha/yumekatares/apeboard_plus.cgi?msgnum=22&command=read_message/%22/,woolrich outlet bologna sito ufficiale, let the children to experience another life, is very good encouragement, allowing children to discover their own preferences,moncler giubbotti 2013 moncler per cani, to realize their value.