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After using the computer "viruses", three stone first man to steal securities trading account number and password to others, the use of low-cost selling someone else's debt, then buy low, sell high own way, make the difference.

Six months, they account for 17 to start, crazy trading 20,000 times, the transaction amount up to more than 2370 yuan, 105 million yuan profit.

At present, the case has been handed over to prosecutors.

Frequent trading 600 times

More than 60 million missing on account

February 18 this year,http://bbs.7tao.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=39635, Shanghai investors Yang landed their securities accounts after surprise: 62 million yuan remaining on the account of a few hundred dollars.

China Securities Regulatory Commission Bureau and the Shanghai Stock Exchange immediately investigated and found 11 bonds Yang account within 16 days, the 17th,giubbotti woolrich uomo outlet,http://www.nejetaa.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=44&Itemid=60, the 18th three days, and the other investors, "Lai Xiaohong" frequent trading account 600 times and Yang are cheap throws,nike tuned nike shox, "Lai Xiaohong," buy low, then "Lai Xiaohong," and then sell high and then buy low priced Yang throws, so the cycle traded 600 times, the Young Mr. account will be depleted, and "Lai Xiaohong," but the difference earn more than 50,000 yuan.

Why Yang low selling bonds,sneakers donna hogan hogan junior 35, "Lai Xiaohong" smoothly at a low price to buy, without being someone "buy"?

The survey found that treasury bonds Yang and "Lai Xiaohong," although 11 kinds of transactions, but they are not active species. These bonds at a certain period of time, or even no deal.

After investigation, "Lai Xiaohong," Department of Jingzhou in Huatai Securities business department opened a securities account. They preliminary analysis,site pour air jordan air jordan pas cheres, "Lai Xiaohong" misappropriation of Yang's securities account transactions.

Day, Hubei, China Securities Regulatory Commission Audit Bureau received regulatory reporting transferred immediately after reflecting the Provincial Public Security Bureau. Finally, the higher specified Jingzhou Public Security Bureau Network Supervisor detachment responsible for the case.


23.7 million yuan major surface

Jingzhou Network Supervisor detachment police after an investigation, surprise: less than a year, there are 17 accounts being stolen funds similar means more than 2370 yuan! "Case is not broken, not only the victims irreparable loss,http://www.colors-st.com/mobile/epad/epad.cgi?del=126820,giacca donna woolrich woolrich pocono jacket, even a threat to the normal order of securities trading market." Jingzhou Network Supervisor detachment set up by the political commissar for the head of the task force .

Police investigation found that identity when "Lai Xiaohong," used to open a securities account is fraudulent, and bundled with a securities account with a bank account is the account of the identity of others, people who really get money, identity information is not displayed.

Casting its net

Three "network Thief" without a fight

April 24,air jordan soldes acheter jordan spizike, the Shanghai Stock Exchange sent a message: a data show called "Fang Lei," the people, but also in Jingzhou Huatai Securities business department account,spaccio woolrich cadriano bologna woolrich prezzi, and others suspected of embezzlement account!

Special class police found the transaction to be a certain Internet cafe in Jingzhou district, but arrived at the cafe, suspects have slipped!

Although the "fox" slip, but the police were still sees hope to solve the case. Because, although the debt deal is T + 0 mode (the same day the sale at any time), but the transfer of funds must be T + 1 mode (bond funds trading day, the next day it can be removed only in cash from the bank). In other words, as long as the suspect has not been removed cash from the bank, you can be caught.

A large network quietly open,http://yishifuxiao.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=16938.

April 25 morning, "Fang Lei" begin the transfer of securities accounts, and then the police found the suspect near Warsaw SANONDA Square is a bank ATM machine withdrawals. Investigators rushed to special classes, just to mention the money he tried to leave the finished suspects were arrested on the spot.

The teller who was arrested last name bears, he quickly confessed accomplices Xu and Lee.

A month later, Xu and principal Lee in Wuhan rental arrest.

All three junior high school

Modus operandi also teach others

The investigation, Lee three were the first stone people, aged over 20,hogan calzature uomo shop on line hogan, only junior high school.

Among them, Lee in December 2006 due to theft of others online banking password stealing money, was sentenced to two years, due to better performance, in January 2008 for early release. But not long after he was released from prison and return to prostitution.

June 2008, Lee and others through Trojan viruses, steal a lot of accounts and passwords,http://cp.sem010.com/4195/news/html/?6010.html, many of which are securities accounts and passwords.

Can the money for themselves within these accounts? They found that, due to the implementation of an escrow fund shares, even if it means less money to get their own pocket. Soon,http://r-cube.ritsumei.ac.jp,mulberry black clutch, their eyes lit up - Treasury trading can do T + 0, and can be "1 to 1" deal. Thus, as long as they can open an account and stolen accounts deal.

November 3 last year, they began on the account of a more than 100 million of funds to start with. After two days of circulation transactions, they earn the difference of $ 40,karen millen outlet uk karen millen dublin,000.

For the first time succeeded,nike air max skyline air jordan 11 pas cher, few people ecstatic, since more out of hand. Within four months, three crazy trading 21,198 hand, the sale amount of up to 23,730,411 yuan,mulberry wallets for men, 105 million yuan profit. The money they used to Chihepiaodu and drug abuse.

They not only own crime, crime way through the network will be taught to others. Police said there are already Guangdong Jieyang police at the time of detection, captured Lee's "apprentice."

Experts teach prevention trick

After the case is solved, the police in Lee's computer and found that he used "Trojan horse" to steal all types of accounts as high as 710,http://cgi.zms.or.jp/~mshiba/custombbs.cgi/JjyCptwQ/,000. "Poor awareness of Internet users, the opportunity for criminals." Police said.

How network transactions in order to reduce risk? Yesterday, Lien Zhong describes several ways.

First, do not download anything from unknown sites, some of the songs, software, etc., are likely to be bound Trojan;

Second, related to the financial transactions of the operation, such as online banking,http://www.shobiryu.jp/s_keiji/sunbbs.cgi, securities trading, etc., generally do not operate in the cafe;

Third, there are funds in the account transactions, should always change your password, but pay attention to changes on the account;

Fourth, bank cards and securities trading account is best not to set the same password.