Times News March 24, Shaoxing Shengzhou Shaoxing Mr. Zhu to act, he drove his own car is worth more than two million Mercedes-Benz S600 Xianheng staying at a local hotel. In the evening, Mr. Zhu's car and another one from Jiangsu Wuxi Benz commercial vehicle theft. Mr. Zhu passenger seat of the car were smashed glass.

Customer: The hotel with the "norm" pressure customers

"The other side is a five-star hotel,hogan rebel, cattle enough,, after the incident on a 'consistent not lose' kind of attitude to tell me." Mr. Zhu said.

Mr. Zhu told reporters in the process of negotiations with the hotel, the other hotel called "prior similar incidents,abercrombie kids code, the hotel also never compensate" refused compensation. "I would theory, they let me go the legal route, thousands of pieces in order so, do I have to tell them not."

"They think they have duties, so this thing they have no relationship with my theory,spaccio woolrich verona giacchetti woolrich, but, in the end only themselves to Hangzhou repair." Mr. Zhu said the total cost of repairing the windows at around 9,000 yuan.

"For that matter,mulberry changing bag, I still fire in my belly too!" Another one stolen Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle owners Xu said his car damage than Mr. Zhu's serious, "the front passenger seat windows and shaking windows is all bad , and it was a few hundred dollars and a GPS in the car was stolen. "

Xu told reporters, after what happened with the hotel on the "norm" to fool them,,abercrombie and fitch fur lined hoodie, "what they mean is that they 'sell' a hotel room,nike air homme chaussure sport nike, not outside of free parking,, so things happen naturally and parking inside they are unrelated. "

It is understood that after the accident, Mr. Xu took back to his hotel room rates back to 1000 yuan in Wuxi; while Mr. Zhu was very angry,, and do not accept more than 500 yuan hotel room rate was returned.

Xianheng Hotel: We also responsible of the

Ms. Shen Sales Manager Xianheng hotel,veste femme abercrombie abercrombie a paris magasin, said thieves steal happen four or five in the morning, when the security thief unsuccessful,, then the hotel side also assisted reporting, and cooperate with the police investigation.

"Hotel was also try to help the customer, but they still drive to the hotel entrance, blocking the entrance side of the channel." Ms. Shen said, "We are responsible, did not think the customer is so excited."

About the "norm," Ms. Shen explained,toute les air max nike air max prix, many hotels are only responsible for the safety of customer property in the room, not in the property room, the hotel can not be fully guaranteed. "For example, if their stolen car parked in our parking lot, we have paid the amount of the other vehicle,air force 1 nike air max go strong, which is obviously not realistic."

Ms. Shen believes that if you insist finds this responsibility,, it should be ultimately responsible for the thief to steal.

"We eventually agreed to return their hotel room rates as compensation for the day, this is our party's stand on the position of the hotel, giving some comfort." Ms. Shen said, "We would also be dedicated to the."


All property hotels obliged regulatory customers

On the incident,doudoune moncler quincy prix doudoune moncler, Zhejiang days Shi Lu law firm lawyers believe that hotels in all services it provides,, in addition to the main service, but also includes some ancillary services, which are all of the services that constitute the actual amount of consumer spending .

"The rooms and parking are undoubtedly offers services to customers,,mulberry lily bags, all their belongings hotels obliged regulatory customers." Mr. Lu said, "Customers are spending room charges, actually covering the launch of the hotel's free parking This field ancillary services. "

In this incident, the hotel side has the responsibility and duty to protect the customer's property,karen millen lace dress karen millen last season dresses, including property and parking room in the vehicles and their belongings inside the vehicle. "Therefore, stolen vehicle parked in the car park, the hotel should be held accountable."

"Of course, the specific amount of compensation needs to take the legal route to final confirmation." Mr. Lu said. Trainee reporter Lu Haifeng