Southern News According to CCTV "economic half-hour" reported after Guo Meimei incident microblogging show off their wealth,nike air trainer air max one courir, the domestic industry is facing unprecedented in a charity winter, but just when Mei-US event has not settled, a 24-year-old girl Lu Xingyu in microblogging revealed that the World Eminence Chinese Business Association (hereinafter referred to as "Shihua Council") and the China Youth Development Foundation initiated Africa Project Hope, to raise 1.5 billion yuan in a decade, aided in Africa 1000 Hope Primary School. And this 24-year-old girl, is the Executive Chairman and Secretary General of the Central African hopes the project, but also the Secretary-General's Global Chinese future leaders of the club. Lu Xingyu with Shihua will and charitable topic, again being in the public eye exposure.

A corporate membership experience

Shandong Sun is a medium-sized real estate company owner, last July, he received a phone call, the phone who called Wang Xin, claiming Shihua will staff. Sun told reporters, "he said World Chinese Entrepreneurs Association is a great platform, a lot of big businessmen, entrepreneurs, celebrities, have honored to participate in this meeting, so that we, as a small business to participate, recognizing some contacts, get the help we need . "

Shihua will also give companies claim to provide "financing" service, Mr. Sun was impressed. It is understood that Shihua will be by grade level, for the chairman of the unit,http://www.xtoop.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=770790, vice chairman of the unit and the governing unit, were charged 39,900 yuan,negozio hogan firenze outlet hogan bergamo, annual fee 9900 yuan and 3900 yuan,officielle boutique adidas gazelle og, as well as three-and five-year discount period. Sun finally chose to do the governing unit, three 11,700 yuan, a total of 6,900 yuan to pay after the discount, was a formal membership.

Membership less than a week,crampon de foot adidas f50 crampons adidas f50 tunit, Mr. Sun was invited to participate in the Great Hall of Shihua will be the fifth anniversary celebration, the premise is to participate on behalf of fees paid 5,800 yuan. After arriving in Beijing, Shihua who will tell him, on behalf of the general permit can only participate in the General Assembly, only the higher-end guests can participate in the meeting. Sun also pay more than 50,000 yuan, representing the card replaced VIP card. Later, a man named vice president ZENG Xian-zhong find him, saying there are opportunities to invite the President Lu Junqing Shihua as a corporate consultant, consultant fees are three 1000000. Sun eventually pay a 300,000 yuan deposit, but after he returned to Shandong, company shareholders have expressed strong opposition,http://chineseinsac.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=265780, Mr. Sun then find ZENG Xian-zhong hope to return the deposit, but at this time has not previously had a tone.

After several rounds of negotiations, ZENG Xian-zhong proposed refund is not possible, but you can help Sun financing, Lu Junqing premise or hire a consultant, and put 300,000 into a year of consultancy fees. Sun had with the "Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneurs Beijing consulting firm" consultancy agreements signed, claiming that the voluntary payment of 300,000 yuan consultancy fees. Sun said that in the process of interaction and Shihua will, he never mentioned anything about listening to the other charity. After Lu Junqing hired as a consultant, he never saw Lu Junqing. Reminders too anxious, Shihua Sun will staff simply told that he has been included in the Association "blacklist."

Debate embrace fiscal and charity

Reporter Login Civil Affairs Bureau website of civil society organizations, and any record of information not found this association. Reporters then contacted one adviser Shihua will be strongly promoted,air max femme noir et rose, economist Li Yining. Li Yining said, "I'm not his advisers, I do not know them."

Assistant Shihua Chairman Shi Jun said, they have more than 30,000 members. Promotional materials show Shihua will be registered in China, the United States, the United Kingdom. According to insiders revealed Shihua Lu Junqing 2005 will actually be registered in Hong Kong, "the World Eminence Chinese Business Association Limited", capital of HK $ 10,000. Until 2009, Shihua societies will only be registered in Hong Kong, but this time it has been more than three years in the mainland activities. Reporters repeatedly linked Shihua Chairman Lu Junqing, he eventually rejected the interview. However, other media in the previous interview,baskets pas cher femme destockage nike, Lu Junqing admit Shihua will indeed registered in Hong Kong.

Lu Junqing repeatedly stressed that they are doing charity, but the reporter Shihua members to more than just a network of extensive resources to invite these people to join in when Shihua will be emphasized, and later added financing services. Reporters learned that the World Eminence Chinese Business Association and the charity linked to the 2010 end of the year, the World Eminence Chinese Business Association and the China Youth Development Foundation jointly launched the China-Africa Project Hope Fund.

Shihua Council office in association with the Association of plaque also identifies the following strategic cooperation agencies --- day nine Scholar investment company. Lu Junqing admitted Shihua will collect dues and fees business advisory services, are licensed to the day nine Confucian groups. According to public information, days nine Confucian Group's legal representative called Li Hailing, insiders said Li Hailing is Lu Junqing's wife. Daughter Lu Xingyu Lu Junqing and Li Hailing China-Africa Project Hope is the Executive Chairman and the Secretary General. At the same time, the so-called action Shihua donation will be released, the relevant data is no mention of specific recipients object, there is no way to verify.

Shihua will operate truth

Who had been working in the association's staff said, Shihua will be one of a family business, charity is just the way their business is actually. 2006 employees will enter Shihua Li claimed that the operation will mainly rely on Shihua meetings industry. "Let customers to attend the meeting, attended the meeting at the same time, find ways to develop customer." However,http://lios-edition.com/lecture_en_ligne/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=609357, in an earlier interview with other media interview, Lu Junqing denied Shihua will be "meeting the economic."

Nine days subsidiaries had any business director of ACADAMIC LIBRARY confirmed Shihua and day nine companies will be two signs,louboutin christian sandales christian louboutin, a group of men. Liu information provided, the internal nine days the company provides for the development of such entrepreneurs membership Shandong Sun called the meeting on behalf of the development, after the successful development, developers and companies rata share. Receive contributions and selling brand is the most basic means of income generation,http://e-learning.tsu.ge/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, Shihua will be from individual members to deputy director of the unit, the governing unit, the Chinese director, to a lifetime membership, these titles have complicated the price tag, each must pay Jin a lifetime membership fees amounted to 1.88 million.

There are folk who had Shihua will be investigated, documented governing units have 500. Insider Zhou Xiao? Said, "members of the World Eminence Chinese Business Association is really called everyday, as well as Hunan Huaihua Rice Noodles, Nanchang a tofu shop ...... As far as I know, these members sell the cheapest title two hundred ...... their business is selling these virtual title. "

Li Shihua will be explained in detail before the staff of the association to develop the depth of meaning,Nike Free 3.0 V2 basket femme nike, "the depth of development in general is, no matter what method, as long as customers can pay on-line, as long as nine days money on the line." First meeting of the internal revenue documents in 2009 show will be held Shihua, from the lounge and meeting with the person in charge at the representative, Keynote Address, to address the General Assembly, the awards ceremony,http://www.cert-centers.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=243052, were clearly marked,http://www.klonopinbuy.fora.pl/index.php?item/create_form/1,adidas rom chaussures foot en salle, fees amounted to 53.

A day nine companies in 2010 revealed that internal training recordings, "In the past our small photo, some (closed) 30000, some (closed) 25000, some (closed) 20000, a conference sponsored project is 700,000 ,http://bridgeco.jp/cgi-bin/days/days.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=/, 800 000, 600 000 of this more and we are now charged (per person) 388 000, 20 individuals is 7.76 million. coupled with that 100 individuals, we will press charges 58,000 members of the standard, and that there are more than 500 million , these two together is more than 13 million. "

Association enrichment regulatory dilemma

Although there is no public interview with reporters, but Lu Junqing in the exchange with reporters always denied "by the will to make money", but acknowledged that most of the meetings economic operators really walking in a gray area. Lu Junqing on the phone said, "Objectively speaking this market does not clean, cohabitation,moncler giacche donna veste moncler, most are more gray." Lu Junqing stressed that this is a not easy for someone else to accept the business model, does not affect its charity.

Deputy director of the Bureau of Civil Affairs Yang Yue social organization believes that social organizations are non-profit organizations,nike air structure basquette air max, such as the days of the nine companies in the name of non-profit organizations to publicize, recruit operating members, associations and companies association between actual interest . "But in reality, all of its business operations are sexual acts in the name of corporate charges, the two tied together, to seek an unfair advantage." In fact, traced to the use of illicit enrichment of society in the name of more than Shihua will. Young Yuejie Shao said, societies registered in Hong Kong more than a one obvious feature, "it means to get money."

It is reported that these overseas and Hong Kong-registered offshore societies, is not registered in the Mainland basic,http://www.profutbal.sk, blank state can not be regulated, because in 1998 the State Council promulgated the "Regulations Governing the Registration of social groups,moncler official site azioni moncler oggi," only requires the mainland Compulsory registration and Societies accept the terms of management.