(Reporter Chen statesman correspondent Xing) 14-year-old flower (a pseudonym) is still in the growth and development of a little girl, recently, she was in Zhuhai Second People's Hospital early arising under a 3.6 kg baby boy. Previously parents knew nothing. According to medical staff reports, in recent years, more and more teenage pregnancies,markania foot vapor 3,, illegal minors children, hospital dilemma.

"Stomach pain" seeking admission diagnosis birth

Yesterday, reporters from Zhuhai Second People's Hospital was informed that the hospital recently treated a common gynecological patient, a 14-year-old - is flowers. Emergency doctor on duty after checking found that the situation does not, so called obstetricians.

After obstetrician examination revealed: "premature birth,jordan en solde site de jordan pas cher, has about birth." This is the first time that the department admitted so young mothers - because of age is too small,outlet hogan donna scarpe hogan donna outlet, the surgical risk is relatively large, so the various rescue measures immediately on standby.

Doctor immediately talk to their families. When the flower's mother heard the news,hogan estate uomo hogan rebel estive, suddenly froze, afraid to believe, apparently previously knew nothing about. Soon, flowers birth to baby boy, weighing 3.6 kg.

Busy working mothers totally unaware

Obstetrician told reporters, flowers physiological knowledge for almost nothing. When asking about her condition, for "the last menstrual when,louboutin semelle rouge louboutin rose,, what,,nike air jordan pas cher enfant air jordan retro 2,, when pregnant, with or without early response" and that she knew nothing about. Thus, the flowers will be in the muddle of the pregnancy,nike air max prix air max ltd pas cher, and production in the case of unprepared.

Parents usually due to busy work, especially flowers mothers, work is often less sleep, lack of communication with the flowers, did not notice her special circumstances, the flowers are not a lot of things to tell his mother. Floret menarche was 12 years old, because of its body is in the developmental stages, beginning menstruation irregular, sometimes a month, sometimes two months. When flowers in early pregnancy,escarpin louboutin soldes louboutin londres, as "menopause", the mother also worked with its see a doctor,hogan scarpe outlet italia hogan della valle, eat traditional Chinese medicine menstruation for some time,, "but has no effect,," after getting some big belly flowers, the mother thought that its development period,, with winter clothes after the bloated,jordan chaussure pas cher, did not care too much.

Recently flowers "stomach ache", the parents took her to the nearby clinic looked,spaccio aziendale woolrich bologna, did not see the effect of treatment; then went to another hospital, the hospital immediately let referral. Then,,mulberry factory outlet, accompanied by parents, the flowers were sent to Zhuhai Second People's Hospital.