Dandong one pair of golden couple divorce community to mediate the two reconciled,peuterey altopascio peuterey estate 2013


Morning News (Reporter Shi Yunfeng) lived together for 59 years,nouveaux mercurial les meilleures chaussures de foot, golden wedding couple Naoqi divorce.

The reason is that after 83-year-old uncle of his wife Ho bloom away,woolrich sconto spaccio outlet woolrich bologna, will then keepsake tokens of love gold ring lost.

Uncle Ho said: "In the past, no matter how noisy, she did not lose the ring,peuterey spaccio online peuterey mode,http://ha.ahubei.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, this time she is deliberately did not want me too."

83-year-old man to divorce

A week ago, Dandong Uncle Ho and his wife had a big fight for chores, his wife angrily stormed away. Two hours later, his wife is not home to see Uncle Ho,http://jhuiyangys.com/read.php?tid=402512&ds=1, was very anxious to find that he and his daughter together.

In the evening, his wife own back home, where the heart is considered uncle hanging down. But he found his wife wearing gold rings on hand for decades gone,nike france acheter nike tn, this is the two year old keepsake tokens of love.

"You're in the hands of the ring go,http://www.li010.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=694641?" What uncle asked.

"Oh, my hand ring? Old and confused me, I do not know where to go throw." Despite his wife how to explain what uncle was very angry. In his opinion, it is deliberately lost his wife a ring gas themselves. Thought to want a night, he and his wife decided to divorce. Upon seeing his wife, also angrily agreed.

Ask what was going on community mediation

The next day at noon,http://niganwoa.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=143076, two elderly people to the community. A door, where uncle asked: "secretary ah, where divorce from ah?" Hearing this, Du Shuji busy work came a little perplexed and asked: "What Grandpa,woolrich giubbotti invernali, what thing happened ah? have such a great age, what trouble divorce ah? "

Uncle Ho said the whole story again, and finally add that: "we were arguing for a lifetime,nike destock basquette nike pas cher, and then how noisy the past, she did not lose the ring, this time she is deliberately did not want to and I had today, I would and her divorce. "

Du Shuji told reporters that she wanted two elderly people who are over 80 years old, and emotional foundation 59 years, how can I say from the off. See what uncle and his wife came emotional excitement, she and community workers to do work separately Li Yuxiang two old.

"This man on the age,http://swift.wang/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=334978, sometimes easily confused, that ring, aunt may really just do not know where to go throw,http://www.classifieds.countynewsonline.org/item/create_form/21, where uncle, on this page, we turn over, you try to think of the dozens of elderly companion for you good ...... "Du Shuji patiently to persuade Uncle Ho.

At first,baskets pas cher femme destockage nike, what uncle very stubborn, still talks about the divorce. Du Shuji not give up, emotionally moving enlighten them with reason to continue to persuade Uncle Ho's attitude finally eased a lot, not to mention divorced.

Li Yuxiang here also doing ideological work aunt's, "and uncle after the conflict, and do not always run away from home,abercrombie fitch abercrombie usa online store, such a great age themselves out,http://www.themlmhub.com/blogs/6114/131666/u-xue7mn6og,outlet woolrich bologna prezzi woolrich scarpe, uncle certainly worried. Two had fallen out, do not pique communicate more ......"

Aunt side, through the work done quickly.

The elderly "billows"

Du Shuji told reporters, mediation in the end,http://www.0591hw.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=26158,woolrich giubbotto woolrich giubbotti uomo, the two old men sit together, hand on her aunt's uncle Ho palm, smiled and said:. "Go home, to noon, do not eat are hungry ah" old two listening secretary say, also laughed, hand in hand home.

"If you Du Shuji to mediate, we can not say now an old married couple divorced." Yesterday, where uncle and his wife came to the community, expressed gratitude to the community secretary.

When a reporter asked when the present life, what Grandpa said,air max pour homme air max 1 pas cher homme, "remains the same" friends.

"The old man is like old child, and now the two guys, and a few days ago I saw an old married couple holding hands it to the market to buy food." Du Shuji said with a smile.