Stranger demolition flat farm two thousand chickens buried in the rubble

Local land and resources bureau,,hogan scarpe outlet store prezzi scarpe hogan uomo, said that the farmers suspected of illegally built,moncler borsa prezzo titolo moncler, but acknowledged demolitions move "inappropriate."

□ newspaper reporter stationed in Jinhua Wu Zhongping

Last December 12, a group of unidentified people appeared at the farm gate chicken farmers Kimcheon Nobody told Kimcheon their identity, blink of an eye, Kimcheon thousands of square meters of farms were razed to the ground, thousands of chickens are crushed to death.

Until yesterday, Yongkang Jiangnan street Huang Ducun villagers Kimcheon right to compensation also have a glimmer of hope,, because afterwards he finally know, Yongkang City Land Bureau and local law enforcement officers demolitions streets of his painstaking efforts farms.

However, the relevant departments While acknowledging the original move "wrong", but said the government should compensate unlikely, either through other forms of compensation.

Demolition of a group of strangers farm level

Under this 38-year-old villager Yongkang Jiangnan street Wong Ducun Kimcheon home with his wife to do the chicken farm, the slaughter of chickens over 10,000 birds, organic eggs, more than 100 million pieces, business has been booming, even without selling out. 2008 years ago, Kimcheon said his three yuan / square meter price to rent a village five or six thousand square meters of space,chaussures nike femme soldes chaussure homme nike,, build a new temporary sheds for stocking. He said that because the new sheds part of the ride in on a slope so for reinforcement sheds considerations, he ascent of the wall base on the slopes.

The results of this puzzle, he received in January 22, 2008 an administrative penalty of a paper Yongkang Jiangnan management of Land and Resources Bureau decision, and ordered to refund the illegal occupation of land and the removal of illegal land use on the new plant.

"Sheds a temporary building, because how can one build a base of the wall was identified as a plant it?" Kimcheon dissatisfied, Jinhua City Land Resources Bureau to apply for administrative reconsideration.

Jinhua City Land Resources Bureau in 2008 June 16 Kusakabe administrative reconsideration decision to revoke the previous administrative penalties. And ordered Yongkang Land Resources Bureau within 30 days of re-investigation in the statutory date.

Be December 12, 2008,mulberry plants, a group of people came to the farm Kimcheon demolitions, and push the whole farm became the ground.

"I have repeatedly asked the staff about the demolition of the show law enforcement certificate or Haopai, but they refused." Kimcheon said he did not receive written notice of any department of the demolition. "Sheds where there are more than 3,000 chickens, more than 700 hens, no time to shift,, I watched more than two thousand chickens were crushed to death of so."

Later,hogan rebel estate 2014 hogan interactive 2014, he learned that the demolition is flat farm land and resources bureau of law enforcement officers and Jiangnan Yongkang street, "Just one week to dismantle the former, Yongkang, deputy director of the bureau and Zhang Xuefeng,moncler skijacken sciarpe moncler, deputy secretary of the southern streets are kept certainly be said to be removed within a week, I did not expect to really direct demolished. "

Yongkang Land Bureau acknowledged

Forced removal of inappropriate

In this regard,air max one noir et grise air max bw noir, Shen Jing root Yongkang said, was to go along with the removal of the street,, led by the street, with the land department, according to a "Town and Country Planning Act."

The results of Jinhua City Land Resources Bureau administrative reconsideration of the book,hollister online sale uk hollister sizes, Shen Jing root, said law enforcement officers do have on-site re-investigation, but Kimcheon "not cooperating."

And Kimcheon response to this is,hogan prezzi sneakers hogan uomo, law enforcement personnel door,, never to produce relevant documents, "they said I illegal enclosure 12,daffodil louboutin louboutin soldes 2014,000 square meters, in fact, my sheds only five six thousand square meters, they could not get the evidence."

"We went to the land department demolitions is wrong,, we do not apply to the court to enforce." Shen Jing root Secretary said, according to the program, the bureau should be under the penalty notice, and then apply to the court for enforcement. But he also believes that the streets according to "Town and Country Planning Act," as long as the problems involved in illegal and get the building,, the street can be enforced.

The council has always stressed Kimcheon "rush to build" as a law enforcement reasons, but the reporter to Kimcheon confirmation, he said he did not get the building, in Yongkang City Land Bureau issued a "notice ordered to stop illegal land" post, has been in cessation state.

"I told them of the higher authorities - Jinhua City Land Resources Bureau for reconsideration, so that they feel lost face" Kimcheon that their application for administrative reconsideration,air jordan femme soldes nike air jordan femme noir, become a chicken farm demolished fuse. "Nearly 20 factories around the illegal use of land just fine not investigated, only punished me a chicken farm."

Yesterday, Secretary of Homeland Shen Jing root Yongkang said compensation is unlikely to let the government can only give subsidies to other forms,store hogan spaccio hogan macerata, such as project support and so on. "I hope Kimcheon can take a step back."