WASHINGTON (Chinese Business Morning News Network reporter Du Baozhong Chamber loud) gave birth to two sons, three daughters, 82-year-old Han Granny nobody raised.

When well-meaning people to take her to the nursing home, the old lady said: "I want to go home New Year."

Yesterday, the reporter learned that the current court has Jiaoxiang Suizhong County Court hearing this case children do not support the old, hoping to be home for the elderly had a reunion of the New Year.

Was sent to the nursing home for the elderly living on the streets

Yesterday,http://jfy4ghtuertfy.bloguez.com/jfy4ghtuertfy/4856010/apeboard.cgi, Suizhong County Jiaoxiang introduced Renda Ning,http://idc.810s.com/?action-viewcomment-type-news-itemid-5327,scarpe hogan uomo, director of Justice, the elderly called Hangui Ru, born in 1932. Old man had two sons and three daughters after his wife died three years ago, the old man has not been implemented in someone.

The old man himself proposed five children home room and board turns,http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/post.cgi, each lives in a month this has been maintained for many years. January 2 this year, after the eldest daughter evening family out of turn two daughters at home, but to the second daughter will not let into the house after house.

According to reports, the evening was found on the streets after the old man reported to the police, the police put the old man to the rescue shelter Suizhong County Civil Affairs Bureau.

Relief stations found that the elderly day without eating, hastened to do something warming meals. The elderly, said the family has five children were not shirk from each other raise himself.

More than 10 points that night, 10 people rescue shelter, Jiaoxiang civil, police and other Jiaoxiang second daughter came home with the elderly but to see the doors locked, helpless,moncler piumini, elderly nursing home to Suizhong County Jiaoxiang temporary residence.

Son and daughter do not want the house to the old-age people

Yesterday,woolrich outlet, the village director Wang Zhongmin XiangFang briefed reporters, the old lady put two houses to his eldest son and two sons, three daughters may feel there is no assigned possessions would be reluctant to do the maintenance obligations.

January 3, the local township government and village director Wang Zhongmin contact Hangui Ru helping elderly two sons and three daughters. Daughter said: "I celibacy,louboutin femme pas cher, how to arrange all right,air max 90, it's my turn would send me home to classes"; second daughter's phone to get in touch; three daughters said they would not take the elderly.

To clarify the legal consequences of his two sons and abandoned elderly maintenance obligations due after the elderly,Hogan milano, the elderly and the young married woman's eldest son,http://www.xmarks.com/site/www.tadayumi.sakura.ne.jp/apeboard_plus.cgi/, the second son is still on the old business of the people expressed dissatisfaction with the maintenance, and finally declined to take the old man home.

Jiaoxiang vice mayor Zhu Yongliang memories,chaussures louboutin soldes, later linked to the two daughter Zhang Zhifeng. "Your turn classes serve the elderly,hogan outlet, you have to take home ah!" Zhang Zhifeng said:. "We do a lot of families, the elderly gave the property to his son, and we have had nothing to do with another girl of my old possessor Mom, did people say I am good, I will not take her home. "

After the trial, no one picked up the children are willing to elderly

Local government for the maintenance of the elderly mediation, five children have their own reasons,http://jfy4ghtuertfy.bloguez.com/jfy4ghtuertfy/4856010/imgboard.cgi, are unwilling to take home for the elderly, the elderly can still lived in a nursing home.

Zhu Yongliang said, will coordinate the judiciary, the courts and other departments, no support for the elderly Hangui Ru things take legal proceedings.

Yesterday, Renda Ning, director of Justice,hogan outlet online, said the old lady told the children do not support your own lawyer to help the elderly. The 13th in Suizhong court Jiaoxiang court hearing of the case. Daughter did not attend due to the eldest son said he said not, the court did not mediate success.

After the trial, they dropped the old man no matter, no one picked up the children willing elderly. Renda Ning said: "No way, I finally picked up the old man."

Renda Ning, currently already sentenced, but just waiting for the President to sign. "Have asked the ruling five children out of every 200 yuan per month, nursing home charges 950 yuan per person per month, but the sick do not care, but also hope that when the decision to Gary Sick costs."

Although the 82-year-old woman living in a nursing home in the warm, room and board to worry about, but she still would like to return the children around the New Year.

"Can be served before the verdict." Renda Ning introduction, but can also be difficult to say in years to perform. Currently, there are no old people want to take their children home for the holiday.

Lawyers say: unconditional support for the elderly are

Young lawyers Huludao City, currently a lot of maintenance issues advisory pension cases,http://www.wannyann.com/cgi-bin/glight/glight.cgi, but not a few litigation.

Young lawyers said, are unconditional support for the elderly, the current situation does not appear to support the elderly for a variety of reasons: the difficulties of life; elderly unequal distribution of property; elderly and children have agreed,hogan outlet online, the property to the party, regardless of other people. The case is the way to deal with old family property caused by another mental imbalance between the children,http://vcsc.cs.uh.edu/second-computing/missing_arg_thread.html, and ultimately to the intensification of conflicts to the old man, but in any case should also be support for the elderly.

Granny sigh: You can be nice, but I'm homesick ah

Faced with the volunteers brought fruit, Hangui Ru old man said: "You can be nice, Government or tube pipe I live I eat I feel homesick ah I have eight grandchildren,piumini peuterey, I think they.!."

Old man talking about: In the past, to eat and drink are not on good depends on me to wait on them big, still have to read the book for a few days,http://www.scopesys.com/cgi-bin/today2.cgi, to his sons marry the young married woman ......

Old wish: I wanted to go home

19:00 yesterday, the reporter interviewed the 82-year-old Hangui Ru elderly. According to the nursing home introduction, the elderly still living in nursing homes, and living a very regular.

Reporter: living in the nursing home where habits?

Old Man: I'm going home.

Reporter: 5 children not to pick you, you hate them?

Elderly: They ,christian louboutin pas cher...... I want to go home.

Reporter: To the New Year, Chinese New Year and children want to go home with you?

Old Man: I wanted to go home, go home ......

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