People often say, time will tell. This "falling" What is? 9 years long enough? Nine years, a working woman from Sichuan cheated Xi'an man's heart, deceived "husband" of the trust. She is interested in gambling, in the "husband" of the eyes is "good and virtuous woman, a hall of civil servants, the director's friend ......" She is day to day with friends and family how to deal with; but also how to make. " her husband "have friends out to the more than 400 million, for she casinos ......

She says there during cohabitation own family business

FAN, 45 years old this year. In 2004,air max pour femme, she came home from Sichuan, Xi'an High-tech Zone,peuterey outlet online,, a site at work, when she met her husband Chen now. At that time,, Chen opened in Xi'an, a housing agency, when right, he frequented stopping beauty shop next door, and came here to do beauty FAN familiar. Chat Chen learned FAN is a hall of the provincial civil service. One to two to two people living together. In the days of cohabitation, she said, his two brothers is a major shareholder of the Group, her parents have a family business ......

Chen wanted to marry whenever expression may FAN,abercrombie outlet, she always said the family did not agree. Thus, the two so cohabitation with. FAN has repeatedly said: do not care about the birthright,mulberry outlet london, he only cares about this person.

2005, FAN for Chen birth to a son.

Her eyes kind and virtuous friends courteous number

Ten years,, as long as there is time, Chen will send her to the office in front of a hall, sometimes, "wife" will wear a uniform to work.

. "As long as the family has relatives, hospitality does not say, before leaving, also will bring some gifts,hogan outlet milano," Chen said to the police, relatives and friends were on the "wife" of the evaluation are mostly: "etiquette thoughtful, others solid, was a good and virtuous The good woman. "

Husband of two people who have come to know the reason why no wedding: the woman is too rich. Money, have a job, but also passion ...... This allows relatives and friends FAN Chen Taiai a plus.

"Brother" perceived wrong "husband" offerings, said, "No problem."

2008,abercrombie pas cher en ligne, Chen Tang's brother wanted to buy a bus passenger car long distances to FAN advice. After a few days,, FAN reply brother, said to engage in long-distance passenger does not make money, and that a leader himself and a hall of familiar, can be done right to operate the line and said: "A line to 40 CMB car,hogan outlet online, if contracting a line to count 200,000 per vehicle, they have eighty-nine one million, pre-post spending down, but also on how the tens of millions. "FAN said, this thing can not let Mr. Tang a person to do She also shares the investment to account for 70% of the equity line.

Listen younger brother's wife say, Tang and his family on the ability FAN convinced. After some time, FAN brought the charter fleet management, emergency plans and other information as well as public transportation. "These are to be prepared in advance." FAN said.

"400 000, 500 000, 600 000 ......" Tang to seize the investment opportunities continue to borrow money to friends and relatives, from 2008 to 2010, Mr. Tang FAN has given more than 400 million, almost weekly, Fan some have called everyone together for dinner to talk about the matter, to talk about the future role of each individual in the team inside: her husband is the captain, my sister is the legal representative of the future ......

Even so, Mr. Tang is aware of this matter is very wrong. Trustee privately inquired and learned to like these formalities completed operations, up to six months will be able to accomplishing. By the end of 2012,peuterey outlet italia, Mr. Tang learned that there is no public transportation industry contracted small CMB line thing. Subsequently, Mr. Tang repeatedly asked FAN refund. And Every time, FAN say they are for the millions of things are underwritten.

The FAN's "husband" for "wife" convinced of the ability, but also to friends and family more than once each of the offerings, said: "everything is okay."

Go to a gambling hall to her work in fact there are children in Sichuan

Nine years, "wife" of strength is also very reassuring to let Chen: Chen opened the car is bought FAN,hogan uomo outlet, FAN spending at home are provided. April 2013, FAN Tang chase is money,,basket nike air max, there is no way, it will be a real estate license mortgaged to Mr. Tang. It is located on East Main Street in a daisy garden suite, worth more than 200 million. Last year in May, according to real estate license address Tang Qukan Fang, only to find that there did not address, real estate license is false. FAN find when people can not contact. Find Chen asked, he did not know "wife" Where have you been.

Jujube Orchard Public Security Bureau police station after receiving the Tang LianHu alarm, filed in July 2013,, and the FAN online pursuit. Until January 9, 2014, in the east will FAN captured. Yesterday afternoon, the police said, FAN in Sichuan have children, the case is still under investigation.

Investigation that,, "She is not civil servants,scarpe hogan interactive, but also did not know what a hall of leadership, uniforms from labor supplies store she bought,, she bought her car from Chen Tang there lying to the overhead home Tang also invest the money,hogan outlet online, Chen drove her to work every day, she went after Chen left the casino, so day after day ...... "This scam, this scene, she played for nine years, cheated more than 400 million, it is the Chen family and friends who love a man.

Newspaper reporter Miao Ying

(Original title: Office working woman posing as a civil servant for nine years cheat "husband" friends 4 million yuan (Figure))