Chinese Commercial News reporters Zheng You and Shi Xisheng Uncovering

Chongqing Daily News on the 29th morning 7:43, Banan District Lijiatuo a cafe,abercrombie & fitch outlet, a man in a hurry to leave on all night,air jordan, he did not go to the front desk checkout. Subsequently, the network found that the man Internet package room, two hosts were stolen CPU, graphics card and hard drive. "Within three months time, he stole four times," Mr. Chu Yu cafe owner alarm for, the man's photo will be published online, and offering a reward of 5,000 yuan to "encourage" netizens human flesh him.

Net posts reward 5000 yuan catch the thief

At 16:34 on the 29th, at the End of the World Chongqing forums,, netizens "sdzurk" with "human flesh cafe thief Award 5000 yuan" in the title post: "human flesh cafe thief Award 5000 yuan please pay more attention to Internet cafe owners, who have stolen a few. . cafe Telephone:. "

Reporters noted that in addition to text, the users also uploaded six video shots. As of 17:00 yesterday, a total of 297 visitors click on the quote,"/,air jordan pas cher, friends, "Laner refueling" reply, said:. "Why do not the police ah."

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the posting of Chu, he was named Banan District Lijiatuo an "e-line line" cafe owner. In addition to the cafe, he and his wife have been in this year, Ms. Yin around the newly opened another four cafes. "E-line line" 181 Centre Street cafe located Lijiatuo little, opened in previous years,scarpe hogan outlet, in addition to 76 computers of the hall, the other between two computers placed in the bag near the toilet.

Turning to the online posting of reasons, Mr. Zhu gas is not one to play,louboutin, "since October 1, my cafe after another by the same thief" patronizing,air jordan 8,, "and he always stole the CPU and hard drive, so I lost heavy. "

Within three months nine host stolen

Mr. Zhu said, first appeared theft is "e-line line" Internet cafes, until December 29 morning, another "Purple language Internet cafes", "Snow Wolf Internet cafes" and "sea side cafe" also appeared theft. According to his statistics, the time is less than three months, he lost nine hosts around graphics, CPU and hard drive, worth nearly 40,000 yuan.

By NMS and cashier memories,, Mr. Zhu will eventually suspects locked in a middle-aged man body. Reporter Zhu provided in the video seen at 0:00 on October 1 over, the man entered the "e-line line" Internet cafes. 7:49 am on that day,moncler giubbotti uomo, he passed the front desk, but no closing it straight out of the cafe hall, the pace quickly.

Under the guidance of Mr. Zhu, the reporter noted that when the man entered the cafe, just a hand-teamed in the left armpit, and when he left the cafe, in addition to handbags, the right hand is also more than a bulging black bag.

According to the cashier Xiaojiang memories,, day morning,moncler online outlet, after the man registered with the driver's license, bought a bottle of mineral water and some snacks,, then went straight to the room package, "photograph is not very clear, he explained that the reason was for a long time." And at 7:00 in the morning he left, Xiaojiang not too much attention. "He passed the front desk,, but did not check out, direct push the door and went out," said Xiao Jiang, taking into account the remaining balance of the same, had a similar checkout directly without leaving friends, she did not ask.

But in the morning 9:00 Guo, Xiaojiang found abnormalities. "Internet users to a private room, we found that the host did not have any reaction." Subsequently, the network of small Yin examination found two hosts graphics, CPU and hard drive was gone.

"The same time, similar means, the man after another in my other three cafes theft,," Zhu said, he stole a total of nine sets of CPU, graphics card and hard drive.

"Hope friends to help me flesh this thief."

"The first time, he was in and out all pretending to call back several times he would lower jaw part of the package with a scarf tightly," Zhu said, the man is about 1.73 meters tall, the regiment face, wearing fashionable,mulberry sale, "he counter-surveillance capability, people did not think he would be a thief. "

Internet cafe three times previously stolen, Chu are reported to the police station and Huaxi Lijiatuo jurisdiction police station. This time he chose the way of the Internet posting, "go to the New Year, the police busy,jordan pas cher, we ourselves have to think of a way." In addition to text, Mr. Zhu also uploaded six video shots.

The reward of 5000 yuan issue, Chu position,louboutin pas cher femme, as long as users provide effective clues to help him, he will never go back. And when a reporter asked Mr. Zhu had considered their practice of infringement, he said: "I'm one hundred percent sure that he is, if he can take the initiative to seek them, that wish for."

In this regard, Chongqing Han Chun Shen Ren Gang, director of law firm lawyers believe that as long as the police found the man on suspicion of theft,peuterey outlet online, Chu nothing wrong approach. "If the police did not identify, then in addition to alleged violations of Chu the man's reputation, but also the alleged violations of his portrait."