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The evening of 16 December 2013, Pingtan County, Chen returned home and found the house was looted, stolen goods worth nearly 900 million yuan. Previously, Fuan Saiqi town,peuterey 2013, Jiang Xi Lichuan County, more than theft, home door locks victims were all intact, but some valuables mysterious disappearances.

Fuzhou police investigation found that this is a group of professional thieves should do. They use specialized tools for unlocking, a few seconds to open the door, crazy crime in Fujian and Jiangxi provinces. The case has been broken,hogan outlet online, two suspects were arrested. Cases enter Pingtan County prosecutors prosecution phase.

In this regard, experts recommend locks locks to strengthen public security organ distribution of supervision to prevent unlocking tools fall into the wrong hands. Meanwhile, residents should also strengthen security awareness, choose a strong anti-theft feature locks, locked the door as much as possible to ensure the safety of home.


Nearly nine million yuan of property stolen overnight

Chen is Pingtan County, wealthy, lived in Lake Town Lake Zhuangmou units. December 15, 2013 at noon, Chen family went to Fuzhou, deliberately shut doors and windows before you go. 19:00 the next day, Chen came home to find three bedrooms were turned upside down, where the master bedroom closet safe was stolen inside,hogan scarpe outlet, three laptops and four bottles of Maotai also missing a.

There are safe watches, diamond rings,http://www.chinahip-hop.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=,Hogan rebel outlet, gold necklace, LV bag and other valuables, the total value of 8.94 million yuan. In addition, there are still safe graduation certificate, marriage certificate, and 34 IOU, once these credentials be brought back to borrow a huge amount of foreign debt will be difficult to recover.

"Doors and windows are intact, was not pry marks, thieves how come?" Chen feel weird, hurried to Pingtan County Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade reported.

After receiving the report, Pingtan county public security organs quickly set up a task force dispatched elite forces to carry out detective work. View live police retrieved surveillance video and found that more than three men 3:00 to come out from the East Lake Village, where a man carrying a heavy object wrapped with clothes, the other two men carrying articles with both hands, and then on the parked nearby a white car.

Police quickly identified the white car is a car dealers all Fuzhou. Car driving record shows that December 16,http://www.liujing.cc/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=539685, 2013 1 pm The car entered the Pingtan County, 4 pm that day to leave Pingtan.

Two days later, December 18, 2013, police seized car in Fuzhou City Ocean Road, the white car,hogan prezzi, was arrested suspects and found a pair of gloves in the car, two iron crowbar, twelve piece of plastic sheet, six flashlights and other tools of crime. January 6, 2014, another suspect was arrested in Ocean Road a rented room. The implementation of the two confessed to the crime of burglary, the case is solved.


Thieves forced open the safe in the dark hillside ridge

According to Zhao Mouliang account, December 15, 2013 evening, friends, "Cheng Fei" (at large) to Pingtan out about him money, he recently hand a little tight, he immediately agreed. Also go with a man named Xu Mouqing person.

Night around 12:00, three open "Cheng Fei," a rented white car start, probably more than one o'clock to Pingtan. Three visiting many areas, have no access to, and later found a building is not related to the iron gate,louboutin pas cher femme, went in to try.

"Each floor with lock sets of cards to try, because of being locked open, until the sixth floor." Zhaomou Liang said, a start he tried not open, then "fly away" Come try a few , opened. They then entered the room to find things. He found four bottles of Maotai, three laptops, also took an LV clutch bag, a car key, a pair of sunglasses.

"Cheng Fei" found inside a safe in the bedroom, readily took the shirt wrapped carry out. Xu Mouqing lookout at the door, stepped forward to help Zhao Mouliang paper bag. Three down, the "spoils of war" into the trunk, then drove away.

About 5:00 back to Fuzhou. They are prepared to pry open the safe, but no tools. Zhao Mouliang in Ocean Road, a hardware store to buy a two crowbars, and then drove on the Kwu Ling. Nobody in Kwu Ling hillside where, three off carried away safe. Trio spent more than 10 minutes, and only then pry open the safe.

Xu Mouqing responsible lookout, Zhao Mouliang and "fly away" the valuable things out, then push the safe to the slope below. On the bus, and "Cheng Fei,http://www.zgxbsf.com/site/?action-viewnews-itemid-38,tn pas cher," said these things to sell, sold out again cents.

Zhao Mouliang will own a share of gold bracelets, rings and earrings to get the roadside to 13,000 yuan price to sell off. "Cheng Fei" will be assigned to the necklaces, pendants and other gold jewelry, Jiangxi back in a gold processing shop, to his wife for a necklace, bracelets and other items. Xumou Qing said the next day Zhaomou Liang took a pile of money to him, 9200 dollars, that is his share of the money.

According to identify suspects, the police found in the hillside at Kwu Ling stolen safes, as well as the victim's diploma, books,peuterey outlet, marriage certificate and IOU 34 other items.


The door is not locked object aimed at stealing owners

The door is not locked object aimed at stealing owners investigation, police found "Cheng Fei" and Xu Mouqing in Fuzhou this Car dealers have a record 16 times, should also elsewhere crime. After further interrogation,abercrombie outlet, Xumou Qing and Zhao Mouliang really involved in other theft.

At 23:00 on November 26,http://www.eastcom.ne.jp/~meinstern18/bbs/light.cgi, 2013, Mr. Zhao Fuan City Saiqi town home to sleep. 6:00 the next morning, he found the underwear in the room is to get the living room, purse was thrown at the door, which did not 4000 yuan in cash, the prize money on the table, an Apple IPAD4, a Samsung cell phone and a laptop is also missing. Doors and windows are not pry marks.

This is Xu Mouqing burglaries committed. According account, November 27, 2013 at 1:00 pm, he, together with "Cheng Fei 'drive from Fuzhou to Saiqi town Fuan city, using the card lock sets burglary way into the Zhao family, while Mr. Zhao in sleep occasion, stole the purse from the side, a gold necklace, computers, mobile phones and other belongings.

In addition,http://www.dgco.jp/furima/b-parts25/bbs.cgi, in April 2012 to September, Zhao Mouliang together, "Cheng Fei" thrice sneaked Lichuan County, Jiangxi Province,http://www.longkouzhen.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=6339376, the use of the card lock sets burglary, theft of computer methods and other items,http://www.leme.pt/pesquisa/search.cgi, then low fence. These stolen residents of the home, the evening did not locked the door.

According to Zhao Mouliang introduction, if not locked the door, they are easy to open.

Upon review, in addition to unlock the card, these people have mastered the higher gold foil unlock technology, only two or three seconds fast, slow is also just one minute, you can open the security door. After unlocking succeeded, anti-theft locks intact.

According to the investigation, Cheng Fei,chaussures tn pas cher, Zhao Mouliang and Xu Mouqing are Lichuan County,http://www.hawaii.ne.jp/bigisland/cgi-bin/yybbs/yybbs.cgi, Jiangxi Province. According to the person in the village, Zhao Mouliang perennial not at home, no fixed occupation, his wife gone. He stole several computers, televisions,peuterey online, used to offset debts owed before.

According to Xu Mouqing account, his parents are dead, he is not married, has no brothers or sisters. In 2003 he came to Fuzhou work in a shoe factory, in 2007 because of motorcycle theft was sentenced to seven years. March 2013, he was released from prison after a casino in Fuzhou usury.

Expert advice

Selection of strong anti-theft feature dual structure more secure locks

A few seconds to open the lock, it does not become a security door furnishings, home people still feel safe? In this regard, the reporter interviewed the Fujian Provincial Association of locks first president Mr. Zheng Hualang.

Zhenghua Lang said, generally have a square locking bolt (tongue tied) and stud, chamfered surface between the parties to form a bolt and door frames, door just a little push, square bolt will automatically lock. Chamfered surface is the use of the card lock to unlock the bolt side. So, as long as the door locked, and can prevent the card to unlock the thief. "Zhenghua Lang said.

Zhenghua Lang said that in tinfoil unlock technique, locked is useless. Tinfoil unlock unlock technology is more professional, generally only a professional locksmith to master. Therefore, he suggested that the public security departments to strengthen supervision of locks dealer, unlocking tool for coding the record, approved monopoly providers,christian louboutin pas cher, to prevent unlocking tools fall into the wrong hands.

So, how to ensure that people at home safe? Zhenghua Lang said there were double lock on the market structure, that cylinder has two teeth flowers tracks, two marbles section, is comparatively much safer. There is also a side column locking mechanism locks, in addition to locking section marbles, but also added a side column lock structure, namely located in the middle of an embolus marbles, only clips and emboli aligned in order to open the lock.

Prosecutors handling the case also reminded residents, while the public security organs to carry out special rectification actions, the residents themselves should strengthen security awareness should be used when the regular manufacturers of locks installed security doors, choose a strong anti-theft feature locks, before going to bed to check whether have locked the door, to ensure home security.

(Original title: three early morning burglary ransacked 8.94 million yuan of property)