Marry, how seeking? Love comes to a matter of course, how to cross this last hurdle,giubbotto woolrich,, so many boys hesitated intolerable. In case because marry "means" not romantic enough,chaussure louboutin femme, novel enough to be despised girls,woolrich sito ufficiale, is simply "the mountain nine yards, fall short," Gordian stomped regret regret my heart na!

This three-day, a romantic introverted boys do not understand "pig rabbit Tintin", to marry his girlfriend in a special way, clever and effective way, three days Outrageous.

This method is definitely worth opening marry boys do not know how to follow: use microblogging to marry him.

First micro-blog novice issued for courtship "seek blessings"

"Pig Rabbit Tintin" is a microblogging novice, April 20 when it issued the first micro-blog, it is that the content might change "inward man" to marry a suitor history microblogging marry object is "Pig Rabbit Run Run."

May 16 of this extraordinary day,woolrich parka donna, me and my pig rabbit @ Wet acquaintance two years. I want her to marry me, and she hopes to return to our first trip to Lijiang, 2046 inn once again live together relive memories. So I want to give ordinary extraordinary,http://www.xinhelan.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, she recalls an extraordinary ~ ~ I hope to get 999 blessings, please forward the reply together "to marry him," help me complete this wish.

Not a fan of the actor, and did not start playing microblogging friends to the top post, but simply want to spread this message of love by enthusiastic users, paving the way for the marriage proposal.

Three days, this microblogging is forwarded nearly 1,100 times, the north and south of enthusiastic people in various ways shouted "marry him." Finally, a start has responded, "I will not marry collect less than 999 Oh,scarpe hogan,http://sportsfan.jpn.org/cgi-kban/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=143&page=1The," the Wet girl nodded to marry him.

I love you more than I can say, so I chose Network

Reporter linked to the successful suitor "pig rabbit Tintin." He said: "I and Wet two years ago at a friend's party know,http://www.bjttkj.com/en/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1375161&extra=, not really love at first sight I'm not a romantic person,http://war.s54.xrea.com/cgi/wszbbs/kerobbs.cgi, there is little to let his girlfriend moved to tears things done, so want. offer, when to make up for what. "Although he does not play microblogging, but there are a lot of friends around to play microblogging,louboutin pas cher," I can not say what the election microblogging reason, just think there should be plenty of good heart, believe in love of friends, will help I made this romantic thing. "

However,piumini moncler, this matter in the actress "Wet" It seems that there is a reason: "In accordance with his personality, may be more difficult to marry him face to face opening,hogan uomo outlet, so I see this microblogging @ my proposal, the really little afraid I believe him, because he has been a quite romantic, and later find this method quite suitable for him. "

Blessing of the Great Wall was not built in a day,moncler uomo outlet, the hero would have been prepared to fight a long-term campaign, I did not expect three days to collect more than 999 blessings,woolrich outlet, "I did not expect you so awesome, really thank you, help me to marry Wet."

Netizens responded to the force, bringing a pleasant surprise

With respect to the "pig rabbit Tintin" only requires netizens shouting "marry him," the simple requirement will have much netizens reply "passion" for the actor to cheer someone shouted: "Ambitious men worthy of support," "married right now this world is not only a good man can be a woman in a rush Oh, seize"; was also lamenting the sweetness of love: "The young couple love each other,, and seeing them happy," "I believe in love, marry him"; There was actor Nie Bahan,http://www.dopefin.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=1099990#p1099990, kept calculation of the floor to grab those: "With my blessing this time,http://mail.eachina.org.cn:8080/upload/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=4154887, a total of 233 times, refueling oh" ......

Netizens forwarded to the force also brings extra good luck for "pig rabbit Tintin" and "Wet": they are ready to repeat business Lijiang 2046 Inn sent a free housing; There Taobao travel not only contribute to microblogging forwarding,woolrich outlet, "Amoy Friends group Lijiang" campaign also sent a free ticket to Lijiang.

Read this story to marry him,air max femme pas cher, I do not know many wandering men marry outside the threshold has not been what inspired. Anyway, I believe in love.