Hualong 2 September 14 Newsletter (chief reporter Wang Sen), Yuzhong District, fitness trail Buddha figure off in the park, in August 2010 the transformation was complete, but less than a year, these are the original fitness trail "demolished for redevelopment." Many people think that this line duplication, resulting in a huge waste; construction unit explained that the original fitness trail can not meet the need, in order to be "upgrading" the transformation of the building.

Trail reconstruction less than a year, "tear down the reconstruction"

Over 60 years of age , who lives in Yuzhong District Daping, every day around 7:00 in the morning,, people will see his shadow in the exercise Buddha figure off the park. Park in August 2010 basic transformation was complete fitness trail, it is when the Song uncle exercise will go.

One morning the end of May this year, Song uncle found part fitness trail in the park railings were removed, inlaid with pellets cobblestone walks into a quartzite stone pavement, the road is also more spacious than before. In addition, a large bamboo temple behind the building turned into a viewing platform. Watching these, did not make him happy,moncler sito ufficiale,, "the transformation of these trails less than a year, why should dismantle the reconstruction?"

Song uncle memory, in November 2009 the relevant departments to invest on Buddha figure off the park's fitness trail,louboutin pas cher,, cables, lighting, etc. were made, the project in August 2010 basically completed. Although there are a number of attractions, branch not transformation, but it can meet public health needs. May this year, the fitness trail park has yet to be completed within a year of renovation, re-building part of the trail were removed.

To this end, since the end of May, several Buddhas figure off the park management office,peuterey outlet online, Yuzhong District Construction Committee,nike air max pas cher, the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Parks and other relevant departments to reflect the recent expansion renovation project Despite the suspension,scarpe hogan outlet, but did not get a reasonable answer.

People questioned trails duplication genus waste

August 31, Hualong "sunshine Chongqing" column reporter went to the park Buddha figure off the field view found the trail expansion renovation project has been halted. Behind the temple is located in a section of the fitness trail, road and stairs have been transformed into quartzite, pavement width of 1.2 meters from the previous 2.2 m -2.6 -1.8 meters into meters, but roadside drains and cables, street yet installation.

Fitness trail within the park side, you can see a blue bulletin board above written: "In order to improve the general public's health, travel, district government decided to China Village interchange, plums dam to the existing trail Buddha figure off the fitness landscape works transformation ...... "inscribed Chongqing City Investment Limited. Reporters noted that many bulletin boards will be "existing trail" and "existing" word has been blocked.

Morning come, pointing to a period of transformation has completed the expansion trail, said: "This is certainly better Oh, but last year just finished renovation of the trail can meet the needs, you have not seen for a long time, but also removed the reconstruction, which is totally wasted. "

Son, who lives nine pit Zhang Yang said that the trails were widening not impossible, "but you can not just transform finished today, tomorrow, reinvent, planning can not be too casual."

The park, the reporter interviewed a dozen people doing morning exercises, they both said, less than a year renovation and expansion of the fitness trail again transform the genus duplication and waste of money. "There are many attractions in the park,, road and down the road never construction, why not take the money out of these building?" Song Wenliang questioned.

Relevant units repeatedly evaded reporters interview

said expansion renovation project undertaken by the Yuzhong District Construction Committee and the Bureau of Parks. 31 pm, this reporter went to the Yuzhong District Construction and Transportation Commission to understand the situation, General Department Head Pan governance gap are in a meeting with reporters, said the sentence: "Trail Construction upgrading to meet the health needs of public recreation, other content disclose . "

Subsequently, the reporter went to the cause of the Chongqing Municipal Gardens Bureau to understand the situation,piumino woolrich, party office one official said,moncler milano, to be in touch with the council and Publicity Department, but were all out propaganda at the meeting. Finally, the other provides the Parks Department Director Zhou Zhiyong office phone. The 1st morning, the reporter called Zhou Zhiyong, he said inconvenient briefing.

At the same time, the Buddha figure off a white surname Park Service officials,prix chaussures louboutin, who said that to disclose Park fitness trail construction.

As of press time today, the reporter also failed to understand the background of the expansion renovation project this year, causes, and are implemented by organizations which unit or department,piumini moncler outlet, how much money and so on.

Construction unit, said not meet the needs of existing trails

Multiple departments fruitless interview, the reporter then with the Yuzhong District Government Office for Rectifying contact. In JiuFengBan under the coordination of Yuzhong District Construction and Transportation Commission convened a construction unit Retrofit Project - Chongqing City Investment Limited.

The 1st morning, the manager of the company Nieqiu Qin explained to reporters, the existing road is narrow trails, some street lights are damaged, functional facilities imperfect, can not meet public health needs. To this end, the district government of the Buddha figure off the park two main fitness trail,, landscape platforms, and some branch expansion transformation.

The end of 2009 trail reconstruction project is how to plan? Why less than a year, planning has been adjusted? said the company is not clear on this situation.

She said that the new, expanded a total transformation of the fitness trail 3.11 km. Currently,, nearly 700 meters have been completed a new fitness trail (expanding) transformation, spend about 400 million. But she currently works as a demonstration project, refused to disclose the total investment amount.

Meanwhile, Nieqiu Qin acknowledged due to the public reflects the current project has been suspended, the relevant departments are coordinated resolved, subsequent expansion renovation project will continue. She denied that this line repeated construction waste money, "the expansion of the trail reconstruction, while also increasing the tables, stools and viewing platforms and other recreational facilities, will provide a better environment for the public health."

Reporter's notes

Said construction on the building, said demolition on the demolition, fitness trail Buddha figure off the park less than a year to complete the transformation, which is facing demolition and reconstruction of fate. At present,abercrombie pas cher, although we do not know the trail completed in August 2010 that the transformation of how much was spent, did not know exactly how much of this expansion million. But what is certain is that this is taxpayers' money.

By saying the people responsible for the construction, the existing fitness trail does not meet public health needs, is half a year ago before the transformation is complete fitness trail does not meet the practical needs that? If indeed so,scarpe hogan outlet, then the original and who agreed to the transformation,, but also the reconstruction funds who approved? Planning department is how to plan? Masses questioned fitness trail expansion project belongs duplication, waste of resources when the relevant departments are not actively stand up and explain,, but evasive, refusing to disclose attitude.

Reporters believe that this is not to resolve conflicts, solve doubts ways. Perhaps, explain the relevant departments to get the understanding and support of the masses, but unfortunately,hogan uomo outlet, the authorities "do not want to explain."

Reporters hope, there is no change of the mistakes, face the challenge of the masses, the relevant departments should promptly respond to this. Today's Internet age, government departments are aware the importance of information disclosure, but why in practice but do not want to face it? This loss eating enough?