In order to return to lend money to a group of people described as scheming, not only long-term tracking of the debtor's wife, after the catch each other, but also with wire, chains and changing nothing for up to 16 days bundled debtor. As a result, the group did not want to go back, not only money, but also on suspicion of the crime of illegal detention facing criminal penalties.

To hunt down the debt Trinidad

This group of creditors a total of three people, including Wang and Wu Liang are self-employed,peuterey online, unemployed Yu Bin youngest. They arrested people called elevation, 44-year-old, who he owes in Pukou usury, money, bank loans total more than 100 million.

This year in July,,christian louboutin pas cher, while the creditors do not pay attention, elevation simply playing the missing, went to work in Zhejiang hide debt. Another one missing, creditors would worry, all right, when everyone would get together to discuss how to do. "My wife recently asked to elevation seems to have leave, as long as we follow her, elevation can not run." Wu Liang said. So Wu Liang served as a detective, followed by elevation wife all day long. A month later,piumini donna outlet,, he had to find out the elevation residence in Zhejiang. This year in September, the group feel that the time is ripe,, he decided to go to Zhejiang arrests. "We have a good discussion after the opening two cars went Zhejiang." Wu Liang said.

Chains tied 16 days

One to hide debt elevation Taizhou, Zhejiang, Wu Liang they often hide in a nearby shop elevation breakfast. September 12 at 8 am, First elevation occurs, they will press into the car, he went straight to Nanjing.

"Give me the honest point, you have put that money back, after we go our way!" One to Nanjing, Wu Liang they right elevation angry, picked up the electric batons scare, and immediately found and removed the elevation of cell phones, identity card, driver's license and all other items.

After the scare meal, elevation Ng Leung has been a few people tied up with chains. The next day,air jordan pas cher, they continue to torment elevation,peuterey milano, sometimes tied with wire, sometimes tied with strips of cloth, 24 hours a day, never let these creditors elevation easily.

In order to prevent him from sneaking, off the elevation of the house windows with opaque plastic film adhesion, and installed anti-theft,moncler outlet milano,, anti-theft doors are always locked,, guarded every day. In this way, the elevation is a full 16 days off. In the meantime,louboutin homme pas cher, one of the creditors also helped elevation liaison work, let him pay back the money to work.

SMS help off the cage

"You have so many days off, and do not pay back the money on the exchange place, not so comfortable when I cut you a finger one day,scarpe hogan interactive, then you sold to other creditors." Wu Liang threat. Hearing this, elevation really scared, September 27, taking advantage of other people do not pay attention, elevation retrieve the phone to his brother secretly sent a distress message. With the help of the police,Hogan outlet, the elevation where it was freed from the chains out.

"Actually, I did not want to alarm the outset, I want to forget paying the money out and I really owe, but now has no money, they shut me so many days, certainly not the way,,abercrombie outlet, but the starting point is the money." Elevation said. As he was rescued, Wu Liang and other three creditors have been arrested.

Pukou District Procuratorate prosecutor told reporters Wu Feng, Wu Liang and the others for repayment of the debt,, illegal detention of others, their actions are consistent with the two hundred and thirty eighth of the provisions of "People's Republic of China Criminal Law", constitute the crime of illegal detention, the case is currently Pukou District Prosecutor's Office processed. Wu prosecutor reminded the general public, near the end,nike tn 2014, a variety of debt disputes frequently,,louboutin pas cher homme, we hope to solve the problem through legal channels, do not act rashly, or to less than arrears also violated the law.

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