Dalian, a rural woman Yan donkey, the money did not earn, but it attracted a fatal disaster. She hired locals Wang asses, because of a trivial cause friction. On the third day after the night was fired, Wang Yan Chen Ye will play a hacked ax. The next morning, Wang boarded buses to escape when he was arrested. "There is no contradiction between the two is too large, how capable of such a brutal thing?" Madness to Wang, the villagers have said it is difficult to understand.

Site: donkey shed blood still visible ago

Yesterday morning, the reporter came to the king Tun Town spent Zhuanghe City Rong Fu Yang village. Homicides occurred a few days ago, in the aftermath of this mountain village is still not level. Under the leadership of the villagers, the reporter came to the place where a strict donkey. Donkey shed built in the courtyard of homes in one place. Mucha brush with green paint on the door, tied two red cloth. Villagers, is a strict bought houses,,boutique louboutin paris, the original owner of her Eastern Hospital neighbors.

Opened the fence gate, the reporter walked into the hospital. Pointing to a layer of sand near the courtyard, to help feed the donkey Lin uncle said it covered under a strict blood. Through the sand, you can still see the trail of blood. Donkey shed, 12 Heilv are eating forage.

October 14 morning,nike air jordan pas cher, the hospital is Yanmou Dong female neighbor first discovered the unusual circumstances. Yan Mouping 6:00 when it fed donkey,basket air jordan pas cher, that day, a neighbor heard the woman call out straight hungry donkeys. Female neighbor lying on the walls between the two, see a strict lay flat on the hospital door.

Donkey: hire a bachelor trivia dispute

Over 40 years of age is a strict Dalian, this summer, she came to Wang Tun donkey. Wang Tun, there are more than a strict relatives. By villagers say,, at first, a strict hired a donkey feed, but is not suitable. Later,, she hired a bachelor who lives in Tuen Wang Wang. Wang early divorce, bringing up his own son. Now, his son has left Wang to the field of life.

In fact, a little kinship Wang and Yan. And very close to a strict villagers Liang Ying (pseudonym) said,, was willing to hire a Wang Yan, mainly on account of his family only one person will try our best to feed the donkey. Liang Ying said the two sides agreed, Wang's salary is 10,mulberry outlet 2014,000 yuan a year, if done well, according to 1000 yuan per month to Information. However, shortly after returning to work Wang,abercrombie pas cher, Yan Liang Ying told a Wang wanted to indecent assault her.

Wang fed donkey work only lasted two months,scarpe hogan outlet, October 10, a strict him dismissed. Liang Ying and Lin uncle have said that when Wang was dismissed, wages have been settled.

October 11 at noon, Wang Yan came to a house, with a strict quarrel took place. Quarrel, Wang Mouyang words, put a strict donkey shed smashed. As a result, the night 9:30 Xu, Yan asbestos donkey shed some really smashed two large holes. Yesterday morning, the reporter saw two large holes smashed still not been repaired.

After the donkey shed smashed a strict warning. Liang Ying said that the morning of October 12, police in the investigation when a strict home, Wang Yan came to a home. When hearing a strict police reports,basket nike air max, he is also suspected one of the objects,abercrombie kids, and Yan a heated argument took place. That is the issue hit the donkey shed, a direct result of the tragedy.

Incident: Wang was not around to find someone with an ax

Liang Ying said, October 13 13 am, she is a strict home of a relative of stopping. Suddenly, Wang rushed in, looking for a strict. Wang said Yan Mouhuai suspected he hit the donkey shed,, he wants a strict hacked. "There she is not me, I did not have her." Liang Ying, said relatives did not find a strict home,hogan uomo outlet, Wang turned to leave. When he left, he set off clothes for everyone to see. Liang Ying Wang saw the midfielder, is really not an ax. After Wang left a strict relatives immediately to a telephone call. Liang Ying said, was a strict, said she was not afraid, Wang did not dare to lay violent hands. Liang Ying Yan house a home not far from the night,piumino moncler outlet, Liang Ying repeatedly went to the door and want to hear there is no abnormal sound, but she heard nothing. October 14 morning, someone knocked Liang Ying door. Liang Ying knew, a strict night was hacked to death.

Arrest: When the car fled committed epilepsy

Lin uncle said that a strict suffered a 7 ax, shapes appalling. Police rushed to the scene, the Wang as a key suspect. Zhuanghe City police to Dalian Municipal Public Security Bureau informed the case and issue a request to the Zhuanghe Xiechatongbao surrounding local public security organs. October 14 at 10 am, Zhuanghe City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade get information,,mulberry outlet 2014, when Wang Zhuanghe ride from reaching the long-distance passenger Bo Town Pulandian, epileptic seizures. Investigators quickly the situation back to Bo Town Pulandian police station, in the timely assistance of local police arrested Wang.

Wang,, 53 years old, single, was sentenced for theft in 1992, 1997 released from prison. According to Wang explained that he had employed a strict home help feeding donkey, see Yan a husband is not around, then produce unnatural, were repeatedly rejected a serious struggle. To this end, Wang Yan two months after a dismissal, Wang has a grudge. Not long ago, a strict donkey shed was smashed with stones, which is suspected to be Wang. Wang hear, on October 13 afternoon around for a strict revengeful. 20:00, Wang Yan was found in the courtyard of a home in the asses, they jumped over the wall to the hospital, carry an ax with a strict hacked. Then, they entered the house,, forced open the door pulls more than 2000 yuan, the town and fled to spend long Zhen Rong junction of the mountains hiding night. Morning by bus ready to flee Wafangdian,Scarpe hogan outlet, did not think the way Cheng was arrested police. Now Wang has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.