Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Liu Guannan intern / soup Han Ru) as the principal judicial vocational schools, Huang Yao Zhuang not only can not lead by example,scarpe hogan outlet, but also accepting the contractor bribery,louboutin homme pas cher, embezzlement of public funds schools,, even worse, in compensation for the death of student on the grounds of public funds to cash, The actual payment of compensation of 1 million yuan was donated by teachers and students of the whole. Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court after the trial, taking bribes, embezzlement verdict Huang Yao Zhuang eight years imprisonment, yesterday, the final judgment to take effect.

Schools open coffers

Guangzhou judicial career law school is one of the five secondary schools across the first created,, positioning itself for the training of legal professionals auxiliary personnel. March 2012, the former president Huang Yao Zhuang been arrested.

Huang Yao Zhuang, born October 17,, 1957, Guangdong Province Puning. Baiyun District Court of first instance trial of the case to identify, in 2009-2012 between,woolrich outlet online, Huang Yao Zhuang use as Guangzhou judicial vocational school principals office, accepting engineering contractors in the course of the school west campus infrastructure? Cash for a gold Huisong of 5 million, constituted bribery.

Another Court of First Instance found, in between 2008-2011,chaussure louboutin pas cher, Huang Yao Zhuang use and Finance is responsible for the overall work of the school's office, illegal financial officers ordered schools taking account of funds deposited on behalf of the school collecting personal bank account support , and has 12 times to business expenses on behalf of, the extraction yuan from an account after a total of 43 million yuan, of which 159,christian louboutin pas cher,000 yuan was Mr Wong strong for himself.

According to Mr Wong Zhuang my confession and witness testimony, Wong Yiu strong during any judicial vocational school principals,scarpe hogan uomo,, Guangzhou has set up illegal accounts. When school freshmen, have to pay an annual fee to student uniforms, medical examinations, military training fees and bedding fees. 1300 yuan per person uniforms, medical examinations and military training costs 700 yuan, bedding costs 600 yuan, a total of 2600 yuan. Able to recruit more than 1,000 students each year,air max pas cher, coffers and therefore accounted for more than 200 million per year. The money does not enter into account the unit,, but rather stored on open account in his own name. Mr Wong said the strong statement,cheap mulberry outlet, "I am a total of 43.1216 ten thousand yuan in cash in the coffers."

Baiyun District Court sentenced Huang Yao Zhuang bribes and embezzlement, decided to implement 12 years imprisonment, confiscation of 60,000 yuan.

Huang refused to accept the appeal after the verdict that it did not constitute bribery, corruption and other crimes.

Corruption and death student solatium

Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court of second instance to identify,, schools are responsible for the financial aspects of the work by Huang Yao Zhuang, school principals to implement the responsibility system. Wong Yiu strong cash coffers under various names, the name of a variety of cash, including the "Laogan poor families subsidies in the name," "land operating expenses" and so on. The end of each academic year, Mr Wong will require strong financial officers will IOUs and books are destroyed.

For strong appeal for Mr Wong to identify whether their cash payments paid from the death of girls surname Wang family 10,050 yuan issue. The court found that, for payment of the death of Mr Wong strong female family solatium 10,,050 yuan,, its counsel submitted to the court dealing with the aftermath of a report, the report states that the school launched the 10,050 yuan donations faculty income. Therefore, the court found Mr Wong strong excuse not true,tn nike requin pas cher, will not be accepted.

Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court believes that Huang Yao Zhuang as national staff, used his office to extract business under various names fees collected on behalf of public funds from the account totaling 431,chaussure air jordan,216.2 yuan branch, and which 99,nike air max tn requin,636.2 yuan for himself, the trial considered 15 million yuan wrong. Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court of second instance to commute,hogan saldi outlet, Huang Yao Zhuang bribes and embezzlement, decided to implement eight years imprisonment, confiscation of 60,000 yuan.

(Original title: The actual claims for compensation on the grounds of public funds to cash donated by teachers and students)