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"12306" is the national railway customer service center unified phone, travelers can check train trips, always, fares,chaussure nike tn requin pas cher, tickets and other information over the phone. A scalping gang mastered the "12306" I rule after ticket information, sent to the Zhengzhou Railway Station ticket window "rush tickets", plus price of 30-50 yuan sold. September 29,woolrich outlet,http://www.z-tech.jp/bbs1/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=9537&page=1, Zhengzhou Railway Police Department cracked the country since the first use of "12306" Customer Information reselling tickets cases, the Public Security Bureau informed of recognition by the Ministry of Railways.

"Familiar faces" frequently appear in the ticket office

"Strange, Old wood these days frequently appear in the ticket office,http://www.facetwitter.pw/?module=jwo01e31t9,hogan outlet milano,http://bp.magzati-diagnosztika.hu/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?1108066.last, he resumed business?" In late September,http://amxpjdc2120.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=57100, the Zhengzhou Railway Station ticket office,basket nike air max, a height of 1.70 meters or so middle-aged man caused the Zhengzhou Railway Station in Zhengzhou Public Security Police Department segment plainclothes security team's attention.

2011 years ago, Lao Chai and his wife Debbie Division reselling tickets but had been detained separately. In early 2011,http://www.88822.com/#03666/read.php?tid=980,air max pas cher pour homme,http://www.autodefentsa.info/index.php?option=com_blog&view=comments&pid=850979&Itemid=0, the couple at the train station surrounding opened a small supermarket, and scalping act seems to have "a clean break."

However, since September 25 began, police have found Old wood also frequently appeared at the train station, the number of tickets each month, as many as a dozen sheets,scarpe hogan outlet, at least 34 pieces, and they are all tight tickets direction.

Why "Old wood" can always buy a hot ticket

After three days of follow-up investigation, the police find out the scalping gang mainly consists of three individual components: the mastermind Old wood, Assistant Secretary Debbie,mulberry outlet 2014,http://www.taobaoxueyuan.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=21168, the messenger is a young man,http://yijiang.3333.cn/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=415397, is mainly responsible for ticket delivery to the buyer. By secret evidence,chaussure jordan pas cher, the gang to each ticket fare 30-50 yuan ways, ranging from reselling tickets were expensive.

However, to plainclothes puzzling: why the gang always be able to buy tickets in short supply in the first time? Is this "Old wood" really "Babel" skills?

Piaofan find out about "12306" phone I ticket information law

After investigation, the police identified the gang gradually primarily through inquiry "12306" after the Chinese railway customer service center over the ticket information sent to the station ticket window "to grab votes."

I called ticket information to Zhengzhou to Beijing West K180 for example, if there are 50 tickets Zhengzhou Railway Station Order,woolrich sito ufficiale, which has 10 passengers in advance to buy a ticket from Zhengzhou to Anyang short, then,nike tn pas cher, in the day of "12306" ticketing system Show Zhengzhou to Beijing West K180 ticket for "no vote",giubbotti moncler donna, while in the second day of a time period, "12306" in the remainder of Anyang ticket information will be displayed to the Beijing West "There are 10 tickets." The Old wood is Mozhun time rule "12306" ticketing system, by querying more than ticket information sent to the window "to grab votes."

Scalping couples to "return the shadows" and planted

September 29 16 am, the Director of the new solution Zhengzhou Railway Police Department issued arrest orders hi. Police Department multiplexer troops attack Laochai gang hideout hotel located near the train station, will be working with passengers to trade in the corridors of the Secretary Lijuan, cowboys Cui Yang was arrested. Meanwhile, in turn cracked 208 room hotel in Old wood seized from the hotel 23 ticket,nike air jordan pas cher, worth 5199 yuan. Then investigators also conducted a search of their home, on the spot seized popular ticket 136. Of the total amount involved in the value of 250,000 yuan. Currently, involving three people have been under criminal detention.

(The name of the suspect involved in the case are a pseudonym)

Mei Li Yanhong move towards providing clues