Principal of the year award bad money

Buckle teachers' salaries Zhaobu,http://learningnetwork.childrensfoodtrust.org.uk/login/index.php?item/create_form/1?

Recently, a new source of all teachers in kindergarten inexplicable salary deductions few hundred dollars per year-end bonuses as the principal of subsidies,http://www.aurosiksha.org/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, which caused a lot of teacher dissatisfaction.

● Teachers broke the news

Do teachers' salaries withheld bonuses principal supply

According to the teachers broke the news, recently issued the kindergarten Xinyuanli a note on wages paid in December,nike air max pas cher, in which a lead faculty discontent: "poor 16,542.25 yuan, of which the principal of 20% bonus 15,937.5 yuan,air max 90, other 604.75 yuan resolved. all faculty month program under 337.6 yuan per capita reduction, filled next month. "

Reporters learned that the new source in kindergarten is divided into East and West two parks,http://venoni.com/news/html/?14488.html, a total of more than 50 teachers. Among them,http://gempakz.org/index.php?item/create_form/1,moncler giubbotti uomo,http://www.swiftfan.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=157729, the teacher's salary ranges based on different levels of experience.

"We have worked hard for a year, no bonuses no problem, why should buckle?" An unnamed teacher said, could earn more little better,chaussures air max, had more than three thousand real wages a bit much .

According to reports, the teacher explained the zoo to make is that wage deductions,woolrich sito ufficiale, will make up next year. But teachers believe that next year's money is our money,moncler piumini,http://www.gswzcs.com/1007/news/html/?16900.html, there is no reason to make up a year a year, but there is no reason to buckle everyone's wages to park long-haired bonus.

● principal respond

Unclear cited statements will properly resolve misunderstandings

Reporter linked to a letter from the principal of a new source in kindergarten, which said that for teachers reflected problems zoo has been very clear. The fact that teachers are not exactly as imagined, described in said principal reward does not refer to year-end awards.

"Our principal's salary is usually paid 80%, fat 20% last month." Letter principal explanation may be expressed not give us a clear misunderstanding.

Letter principal said that all payroll related issues are conducted under the supervision of District Board of Education.

However, after careful consideration that has indeed been wrong deduction teacher salaries, payment of the principal's salary should be granted additional funding, garden Founder at how to solve. But for more details can not be disclosed to reporters.

● Interrupted Board of Education

Reporter morning call Chaoyang District Board of Education,http://bbs.riding-tribe.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=7123, Commission declared Colorado (sound),nike tn pas cher france, Mr. said that currently do not understand the situation, will respond after asking reporters,chaussure nike tn requin pas cher, as of press time the other side has not yet received a reply.

● latest developments

This morning,basket air max pas cher, the reporter get the latest news on the matter to the kindergarten principal has apologized to all the teachers and teachers' salaries have deducted all complement sent to the teacher. Text / reporter Rare Earth Solid

● Editor

"Another batch of funds," people did not end

Please ask yourself, deduct the money sent to the leadership of teachers' salaries, that sort of thing,scarpe hogan donna, whether institutionally or demeanor that do still need "after careful consideration" in order to know is wrong?

Accordingly,peuterey outlet italia, we have reason to believe that the zoo would like to send money mood really is "urgent." The problem is that money can not make the northwest wind,prix chaussures louboutin,http://www.xq0757.com/read.php?tid=283372, the so-called "Another batch of funds" to make people feel a little not sure whether that would be enough money to think about why use it? Otherwise, there is no guarantee in the future not to stir up something else.