Was to stop illegal mountains

Village director slapped together nephew villagers beaten by the police


The mayor said in an interview,abercrombie outlet, "the village to learn about the things you find in the village."

Late last month, Lishui Qingtian a friends broke the news: Qingtian County Town Harbour Village director Xu Wen use village authority, without the approval, the responsibility of others secretly excavated hill and hilly,hogan outlet, jungle mining earthmoving will get sold to others huge illegal income. 6 o'clock in the evening of September 12, together with his nephew Xumou Wei Xu,hogan interactive, beating villagers came to stop, not only that, the two will alarm the police arrived on the scene and wounded. How the truth in the end like? Reporters recently conducted a survey on the matter. □ reporter intern Qiu Yiwen Huang Xiaobin

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Village director slapped together nephew villagers beaten by the police

After reporters the military, linked to the day was hit villagers Yip. Yip told reporters, was dug mountain called "Beacon Hill" is she and other villagers Harbor Village responsibility dozen mountain or hilly. September 12 afternoon,hogan, she received the news, it was also the beginning of digging up. Hung up the phone, immediately rushed to the Beacon Hill Yip drove to the scene, she immediately asked the workers to stop work excavator. So he called the workers to their "boss" - the village director Xu and his nephew Xumou Wei.

Xu and soon after hearing the news they rushed to the scene. Xu Mouwei the car, he angrily toward Yip and she yells, just rely on into the body, they heavily even slapped her a few ears. Faced with the sudden situation, Yip was frightened,http://www.cupf.org/home.php?mod=space&uid=139581, then cool to think to call 110 for help. Alarm, Wen Wang Qian Town police station with three Police Association immediately rushed to the scene.

September 26, the reporter saw in Qingtian County Public Security Bureau police Wang Qian, Xu et al day he confirmed that indeed there are assaulting move. "We rushed to the scene, immediately hit the party conducted a verbal warning,hogan 2014, but has not been convergence, intends to continue beating the victim, I would also like to see hands,http://www.slyck.com/forums/index.php?item/create_form/1, came to him to stop, Which think Xumou Wei took aim at me, pointing a finger at my nose were abusive while, while I do not pay attention, waving fist heavily over. "afterwards was identified on the left frontal Wang Qian frontal process fracture, has been constituted Sometimes.

Thus, for Xumou Wei Wang Qian verbal summons, ask to take it back to the police station for investigation,woolrich outlet milano, but was Xu and Xumou Wei et al stubborn resistance. In desperation, Wang Qian had requested reinforcements. Subsequently,http://www.eprussia.ru/epr/epr.cgi, the temperature of the river police station totaling more than 10 civilian police rushed to the scene and the Police Association, ultimately it will forced back to the police station. In forcibly taken away from the process, there are several policemen were wounded.

So that everyone is surprised, Xu did not stop there. He called in a row more than 20 police station. Evening around 9:00, Qingtian County Public Security Bureau sent police,http://www.ini3e.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, criminal detention according to the law will be trouble at the police station Xu, social Xianzarenyuan another two were also involved in administrative detention.

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Illegal mountains more than a year,http://bbs.ecotk.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=59188, the villagers were repeated complaints prevarication

September 29, the reporter went temperature Qingtian County Town Harbour Village conducted site visits. From afar, Beacon Hill devastated, nearly half of the mountain had been hollowed out. Leaving a huge area of ​​the yellow section, compared with the surrounding lush green hills, it is extremely inconsistent.

Beacon Hill was digging about the issue, the villagers are very angry. Before the mountains species is arbutus, citrus, and now all been destroyed excavator, but has not received any compensation.

Villagers, Xu and from last year's Spring Festival began digging until the site was shut down out of trouble.

Villagers estimate, Xu and other "shareholders" have a profit of several million dollars.

The villagers say they have to Qingtian County Forestry Bureau, warm places like town government to reflect, but the staff let them find the County Forestry Bureau town resolved. However, the town went, but to get some perfunctory answer: "We already know the town, you go back, we will solve." But eventually let the matter rest. The villagers talking about, said some of the town's leadership with Xu usually very close, there is some interest.

Subsequently, the reporter contacted the Qingtian County Forestry Bureau,scarpe hogan, the Bureau Lin Cheng Xia Kezhang Resources Management Division, told reporters that the mountain since 2002, it has been excavated over one after another, sometimes after approval,chaussure air jordan, as a temporary earth point The. But the county has passed the planning and site selection, the land used as a "Qingtian County Logistics Center", but Xu's behavior should be nothing to do with "Qingtian County Logistics Center" project.

Xiake Zhang said that the forestry sector has repeatedly notified the temperature Town government to stop, but the town did much work, they do not know. Currently, Xu,http://www.xlzxs.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=17751, who dug a number of specific area, yet be measured.

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The mayor said, "farmers to use" has been submitted for approval, but also approval

To confirm villagers question whether it is true,christian louboutin soldes, and the mountain was dug in the real situation. September 29 afternoon,http://www.bjx18.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=46497, the reporter came to the temperature Town government, found the mayor Wang Haiwei.

A reporter wanted to know what was dug Harbor Village Beacon Hill issue, Wang Haiwei replied without hesitation:. "Village to learn about the things you find in the village."

Reporters said the town leaders as people ranking official, should be the people to solve problems, then do not bother the "expulsion" and self-care,giubbotti woolrich, "the villagers why no compensation for the destruction of fruit trees," the question thrown.

Wang Haiwei impatient and said: "'farmers to use' has been submitted for approval, but also for approval."

"Why has the approval is still digging out?" Reporter asked.

Wang Haiwei may be aware of what they silent no longer answer any questions, saying that he had just transferred over last year,http://www.slotorsre.fora.pl/index.php?item/create_form/1, do not understand the situation. Then find a deputy mayor in charge of letting reporters of Chen, one will find their own village called reporters to understand, a stay out, had nothing to do with appearance.

Chen, deputy mayor office is diagonally opposite the office, but the door closed,air jordan soldes, reporters call the public number Chen, but the other phone was turned off.

Currently, the case is still under investigation, the Qingtian County Public Security Bureau, said Xu,louboutin homme pas cher, who will be severely dealt with according to law.