(Reporter Tang Hongjie) last June 9, a man surnamed Zou in the Road? Town hit by four men armed with knives, leading Zoumou eventually die. Public security authorities arrested the suspect after investigation four people,moncler milano, wounding Mengmou Jun confessed his assailant by road? Public Security Bureau deputy director Ye Moujiang emerging police instigated.

Yesterday, the reporter interviewed many confirmed Yemou Jiang had indeed ordered the attack wounding Mengmou Jun, who has now been in Dongguan City Intermediate People's Court sentenced.


Four men hit a man to death

Yesterday, reporters learned that one of them occurring in the Road? Intentional injury causing death cases within the jurisdiction of the town. The case occurred in the June 9,http://www.kklegion.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=115984, 2008, a man surnamed Zou surrounded by several men armed with a knife,piumini woolrich, after some fighting Zoumou seriously injured and eventually died.

After careful investigation, the public security organs cracked suspects , Momou expansion, Chen, 4 people,moncler outlet italia, , who has truthfully confessed his crimes.

Behind the scenes:

Said the man ordered by the batterer

During prosecution,chaussure louboutin pas cher, Mengmou Jun except truthfully confessed his crimes, the same time to the prosecutor's investigators explain a surprising message.

confessed to the prosecutor, said investigators, he and Momou expansion, Chen,http://rockclimbing.com.nmsrv.com/cgi-bin/photos/search.cgi, Panmou Wen three others had the courage to openly assailant assault, is affected by the way? Town Public Security Bureau deputy director Ye Mouqiang emerging police instigated .

Heard the latest Mengmou Jun accountable,woolrich 2014, prosecutors investigators immediately to the Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau informed of the situation. Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau launched an investigation based on the clues, immediately summoned for questioning Ye Mouqiang,louboutin pas cher homme,http://8s-8s.com/thread-216278-1-1.html, but Ye Mouqiang adamant refusal to acknowledge once incitement to assault thing. In this case, prosecutors also found Yemou Jiang directs others suspected of wounding chain of evidence is not complete.

Subsequently, the public security organs and procuratorial organs of communication, the two sides after a full discussion on the merits of the decision in advance arrest Yemou Jiang.

Frankly,air max pas cher, deputy director:

Incitement to assault people for retaliation

After the arrest Yemou Jiang,woolrich prezzi, the public security organs to increase the intensity of the trial, while the periphery is further evidence gathering,http://www.stones-garden.com/cgi-bin/o/s/a.cgi, improved chain of evidence.

After was arrested, is also a great psychological pressure, in the face of more and more facts, psychological defense finally collapsed. Ye Mouqiang confessed,http://cn.4000588103.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=384633, he was the victim Zou Mouhuai hate things in mind,scarpe hogan outlet, ordered Mengmou Jun,air jordan 6, who went to retaliate.


Yemou Jiang has been sentenced

Yesterday afternoon, in the road? Public Security Bureau Alarm room,http://ohh.sisos.co.jp/cgi-bin/openhh/search.cgi, the Branch Office and ask the reporter what he wanted, confirmed the matter arrest. He said that, as my colleagues on the matter was very sad.

Reporter then call the Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau in charge of propaganda who want to be able to understand this information, the official said the matter is currently disclose.

Yesterday, reporters from the Dongguan City Intermediate People's Court learned that Ye Moujiang incitement to assault causing death case has been the verdict.

As of press time reporter, Yemou Jiang was sentenced to a specific term of imprisonment is a better understanding among reporters.

Incitement to those archives

Yemou Qiang,woolrich outlet,http://aq2sw.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3089831, former road? Public Security Bureau deputy director of emerging police. Zou Mouhuai hate because of things right mind,abercrombie outlet italia,http://www.shangyexuanzhi.com/?action-viewcomment-type-xzdp-itemid-8, ordered Mengmou Jun, who went to retaliate. June 9, 2008, four people with a knife hit Zoumou. After Zoumou seriously injured, died.