5 in Zhenjiang hotel cook a young man,peuterey outlet italia, on the 2nd morning in drink bottles of beer after wandering on the road, where a man crouched on a quarter of a bus station stairs. Mr. Yang Zhenjiang sixty elderly Morning passing, after the discovery persuaded to go home early, followed by hand catching. Do not want a misconception that Mr. Yang Lao season to steal their stuff, then and Wu, named Ma elderly meal beaten until injuries! Yesterday,, reporters learned the details from the Public Security Bureau of Zhenjiang Jingkou Guri Street police station, painful,mulberry purse outlet, despite hospital rescue efforts, but Mr. Yang is still in a coma,,nike air max one, dying, the attack three men had been under criminal detention by the police in Zhenjiang Jingkou .

6-year old man was drunk hit scored police

At 4:30 on the 2nd or so, Guri Street police station received a public warning,, saying that a few guys are red beans plaza near Zhenjiang beating an elderly,abercrombie france, live miserable. Police rushed to the police station rushed to the scene. Alarming police Lin Hui told reporters after they arrived, a 60-year-old man was found lying on the road, covered in blood, breathing has been very weak. Police immediately control the scene, but the perpetrators are on the wine world, refused to cooperate with the police investigation, the scene chaotic. Due to the number of involved more while Lin Hui investigation, while the report called for reinforcement inside. After police reinforcements arrived at the scene, the police force was the site of two of three men taken to the police station. But three drunken, talking incoherent, interrogation was "stuck." According to the police account of one of them will leave the season after beating a disarray and Wu captured.

The face of police interrogation, three assailant actually agree. Until after 2 am sober, face lying in a hospital unconscious Mr. Yang,hogan, which few people are blindsided.

I thought the cause was actually a good morning exercise for the elderly drunk Qufu

According to the police, the five men were working as a cook in Zhenjiang Hotel, a 31-year-old season is from Shanghai. On the 2nd morning,giubbotti woolrich, a quarter work and Wu (30 years old, Yunnan),, named Ma (20 years old, Danyang people) and the other two at the roadside to eat barbecue, unknowingly drank more than four boxes of beer,air jordan pas cher, time also to the 2nd morning of 4:00 o'clock. Subsequently, five people left the stall.

Police told reporters that a few people drank high, when the line to the incident,Hogan rebel outlet, the season has been a walk way, they squatted on the stone steps beans Square bus station, Wu is ready to taxi stopped on the road . At this time, the ninth high school who lives near Zhenjiang Mr. Yang Morning ride to the city park, just passing through red beans Square, see a man squatting on the stairs, took the initiative to care for the elderly to get off, said:! "Little brother back soon it,, do not drink so much wine! "

Person in charge of the police station, this time in a season already drunk and confused, he did not receive the kind of the elderly, anti-elderly to walk away,woolrich bologna, but also to push the old one. The results of a quarter squat some stagger their center of gravity, good old man hand ready Qufu, even a quarter of that for the elderly to steal their stuff, stand up fists hit. Not far after seeing Wu and named Ma, do not ask indiscriminate rushing ready to "help." At this point in a season they shouted: "thief, thief, kill him!" They kicked up that meal. A sixty elderly poor,nike tn 2014,, soon to be knocked to the ground unconscious.

Elderly intracranial hemorrhage has not regained consciousness, dying

The police said,, according to witnesses, Mr. Yang was knocked to the ground after three people still miss him, and took turns kicking his head. Seeing people around and too timid to stop, but to call 110. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the police station, Mr. Yang was rushed to the University Hospital of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu treatment,, after a preliminary diagnosis of the hospital for skull fracture, intracranial hemorrhage, is still not regained consciousness, dying.

Currently,louboutin pas cher femme, a quarter, and named Ma Wu suspicion of affray has been under criminal detention according to law. Last night, the police official told reporters, when Mr. Yang could wake up is still unknown, the police will be based on the results of the injury identified Mr. Yang further to make the perpetrators severely punished.

Reporters also learned that, in the work of the police after the incident an assailant's family has been advanced by a 10,nike tn,000 yuan for medical expenses, but subsequent medical expenses estimated that many had never been wealthy family of three, will face enormous pressure. Correspondent Jiang Hongyu Zhao Xiaonan Jiang Pu Su told reporters Wan Lingyun