Nearly 20 fourteen-year-old boy fell on his knees on the playground, or bow depressed,abercrombie kids outlet,, or look around,scarpe hogan outlet, this shocking scene took place in Guangxi Guiping City Ocean Middle School. Yesterday, a "student teacher kneeling" posts in various forums to spread rapidly, causing many users to onlookers, posting called themselves because online exposure the matter, "affect the reputation of the school" and was expelled from school.

Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the director of the school of Church and State Department Gan surname. The director admits kneeling true, but kneeling just want to punish a teacher of the child, other students are "conscious" follow kneeling. He also does post student Li (pseudonym) said,moncler outlet online, "pack up and go home," but does not think she meant expulsion. The exposure of the matter yesterday, Li told reporters that at present she has been invited back to school.

Net exposure kneeling school, high school girls were "expelled"

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter was removed links to post students - Middle school student Li. According to reports, last month at 13:20 on the 28th Xu, Li in the classroom building on the third floor of the corridor around and saw a group of junior middle school students from across the student dormitories to come out, and then heard the female physical education teacher on duty the day the teacher yelled Lee says : "You kneel here!" and then I saw another nearly 20 students kneeling on the bedroom door.

"Students may be noisy when the lunch break, in violation of the discipline of it." Mike saw the horrors of the kids who started immediately with a cell phone camera photos, and then spread to his QQ space, within two days of being forwarded to the horizon netizens Mop and other major forums, causing many users to onlookers.

"I just wanted to record the matter, did not think it was the school's revenge." Li said that this group of pictures uploaded to the QQ space, probably about half an hour to find his own school leadership, "the school asked me to delete uploaded pictures, and in my school's reputation and destroy discipline in the name of punishment in violation of school lunch. " Church and State, said a teacher at the school to destroy the reputation of this,, just do not think of myself as a school student,,escarpin louboutin pas cher, let her "pack up and go home."

Li said he was "expelled", many students are also posted on the Internet for their own solidarity. School may feel the pressure, many times to contact her and her family. "The school has given me and my father tried several times to call, the phone did not mention the expulsion of thing. Additionally,, the school also sent a vice president came to my house looking for me back to school." Currently, Mike has returned to school to class.

School, said teachers do not intend to deal with kneeling

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed the ocean Middle Church and State Department , confirmed to reporters, was kneeling student is indeed the first day of school student, he also did for the photo pass online student said, "pack up and go home it ",moncler outlet milano, but does not think she meant expulsion.

Gan Zhuren said last month when the lunch break on the 28th, the day of the duty teacher, taught physical education teacher found Lee started the year a student dormitory noisy,mulberry outlet, which have their own relatives and children. "He sent for their relatives out of the child, criticism and education, concurrence he knelt outside the classroom." said Li teacher was only his relatives and children kneeling one person, "students from other students see this kneeling, they are consciously to kneel outside the classroom. "When a reporter asked" whether a student had been kneeling ",, the Gan Zhuren explicitly denied that, saying this is the first time.

For students' consciousness "kneel explanation, Li expressed surprise:" I would like to ask who is no reason to go to kneel school cold day will come out wearing short sleeves kneeling,woolrich donna, who so foolish?? "Gan Director acknowledged that even punish their children and relatives are wrong,hogan sito ufficiale, but the school does not intend to deal with the teachers. He also confirmed to reporters, after Li was not punished for the students to apologize, but "the situation told them."

For Mike pictures online issue, Gan Zhuren said angrily: "This is the name of the students not only photos on the Internet, but also someone to be forwarded,nike tn pas cher france, without considering the reputation of the school, I do not want to feel that she had read, and told her that if you do not want. read, it would pack up and go home. "

Gan Zhuren subsequently revealed Mike school play phone, face to face contradict the teacher and so on. "I asked her to pack up to go home, not want to fire her, but not to get expelled threatened her,, just hope she cherished the opportunity to study."

■ lawyers point of view

Teachers kneeling offense

This is not the first school teacher from kneeling events.

April of this year, Guang'an City, Sichuan Province high school students who play poker yuechi fined kneeling write a review. In early October, Guangxi Daxu Town High School students to the classroom because wear slippers, was kneeling in church and state at nearly one hour. Endless kneeling event attracted onlookers netizens anger and concern: "Our education how the child as if even the dignity of a person can not protect,, what qualifications a teacher??"

Yesterday afternoon, Drake Guangzhou Tianhe Yang lawyer, said in an interview, the teacher kneeling student is illegal. "" Protection of Minors Act "stipulates that schools, kindergarten staff, should respect the dignity of minors, not corporal punishment of minor students and children,, disguised corporal punishment or any other humiliating dignity;" Teacher's Law "stipulates For corporal punishment on students after education reform or bad conduct, insulting students, bad influence, from their schools, other educational institution or educational administrative departments shall be given administrative punishment or dismissal, if the circumstances are serious enough to constitute a crime, be held criminally responsible.

Psychological education expert Professor Chen Libing pointed out in an interview with reporters, not groveling to others, respect for their first step street children kneeling,basket nike tn, even really a "conscious" of their psychological damage is enormous, for these children, including the formation of a healthy self-esteem shaping personality are unfavorable. "Once upon a time to engage in the green scarf, and now openly kneeling on the playground, are educators serious dereliction of duty performance, how in the educational process losing both dignity and fairness,mulberry purse outlet, but also protect the good children's self-esteem and self-confidence,piumino moncler outlet, is Our educators urgent need to think about. "

Nanfang Daily reporter Jiang Zhe

Xiao Gui to intern