April 19, Xuzhou City,http://kiku-bsd.cc.it-hiroshima.ac.jp/cgi-bin/bbs/aska.cgi, Jiangsu Province People's Court Li Yongqiang mountain of copper and other 17 defendants participated in organization and leadership Mafia case, verdicts, judgments "eldest child" Li Yongqiang guilty of the crime syndicate organization and leadership, affray ,http://ro.diy-jp.info/sky/song12171217/cgi-bin/fm04/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=/, disturb the crime, illegal detention,moncler outlet, forced trading crimes, the crime of intentional destruction of property, arson and shelter a total of eight others on charges of drug crime, graft execution of sentence of 19 years and fined 20,000 yuan, deprivation of political rights 1 year; rest 16 minutes at 11 years in prison.

1981 born Li Yongqiang from broke to the net worth of millions, from the pre-loaded "boss" to the prison where the prisoner, from his years of formation of distorted values,piumino moncler outlet, but also highlights the current rural youth how to achieve personal dreams reality predicament.

"Inspirational youth" envy "Hunzi"

Li Yongqiang on an ordinary small town northwest of Xuzhou grew up,abbigliamento peuterey outlet, the family is the town's wealthy families, "when students riding bicycles to school, I would ride a motorcycle to go to school." Public security organs in the confession, he more than once recalled, "Playboy" life.

However, a bolt, after 1998, Li Yongqiang father passed away in a car accident, the mother alone to maintain a livelihood farming. Li Yongqiang vowed, "To be rich,chaussures louboutin pas cher, too rich life."

2005, Li Yongqiang use of agricultural policies, access to credit loans several hundred thousand dollars,chaussures nike tn, plus years of all their savings and bought eight cars in the car rental business in town. Soon, he not only paid off the credit loans, as well as an annual income of 200,scarpe hogan donna,000 yuan or so.

2006, Li Yongqiang contacts in the business to many "Hunzi", although occasionally bullied by them,peuterey uomo outlet, but he tells these people are full of envy: "Not only have money there face, not bullied." In particular, to understand Some of these people to engage in usury business, Li Yongqiang also began lending living.

But before long, he found, although usury money fast,http://vd.dip.jp/~albert/cgi-bin/petit.cgi, but sometimes difficult receivables debt collection, you need manpower. So he consciously contact "mixed community" who win the next one helper.

Police, he initially recruited men method is to use the money to buy. In order to "win over the people," Li Yongqiang through "sworn brothers" in the form of rural idle youth gang. While in the case on trial 16 people, five people are his "cronies."

"Eldest child" assets was up to ten million

Li Yongqiang in the end how much money? Until one can say after the incident still did not clear his men "little brother" who says he has $ 10 million in cash on hand. He himself confessed illegal profits through usury, in Xuzhou purchased three residential units and eight sets of commercial property, and has four vehicles, total assets of nearly a million. After hearing these cases have been confirmed by the court.

It is understood that Li Yongqiang involving usury of money, mostly from informal credit company, which also "bigger and stronger" provides a breeding ground for him: to borrow money at high interest rates, and then to higher interest loans, pocketing the difference. Contractors had a construction loan one million yuan to Li Yongqiang in 2007, to the end of 2010, not only the interest on the principal amount repaid to Li Yongqiang 200 million.

Become "eldest child", the Li Yongqiang no longer satisfied to dominate the surrounding towns: to become a boss of the boss. Xuzhou, for which he also performed "block jurisdiction," he sits downtown.

It is understood that in addition to the men often "brainwashing", Li Yongqiang also developed a strict management system. For example, without his permission, not just for others to act; whether right or wrong, he said, can not contradict him; phones to remain open,http://www.ryowa.net/cgi/bkn_v1.cgi, with the ring with the pick, with the shout with; go out to collect debts,http://kubikino.ne.jp/cgi-def/admin/C-002/sekikawa/visit/main.pl?PAGE_NUM=1, fight to uniform clothing, uniform wear White gloves, unified view and so on.

In addition,escarpins louboutin, there is a gang in the rules, if there are weddings and funerals brother at home, Li Yongqiang will bring men together to join syndicates with the ceremony, in order to show the boss's style will be out of 2000 yuan. Later brother must also gave him a "astronomical smoke" to show respect, as to why you want to send "price cigarettes," little brothers, said:. "Online said it was 'Emperor smoke'" When men are sometimes in violation of these provisions, Li Yongqiang subjected to beatings given.

In addition to violence to collect debts,http://422.gsd.harvard.edu/icb/icb.do?keyword=k96372&pageid=icb.page617007&pagecontentid=icb.pagecontent1337212&view=isitestool.cgi,hogan outlet milano, the Li Yongqiang also help people fight through the campaign to increase the prestige of the gang. In order to show the strength, he also customized the mace, crossbow and other control devices, if asked by the people to go out fighting, the younger brother who unified carry mace.

Li Yongqiang also formed a so-called "civilized triad" of sophistry: "mixed society necessarily Causing loss of lives, as long as the unified equipped, do not be afraid to play someone else,peuterey 2014," and "triad civilization to mix the mix, put on a suit and tie is the boss,http://www.wind.sannet.ne.jp/ymb73-th/clip/clip.cgi, undressed able to play can fight. " To this end, he often gathered dozens of people run rampant,air max pour femme, street intimidation, threats masses, the people and even spread this sentence: "the town chaos is not chaos,http://zaiyifang.com/thread-21041-1-1.html, strong brother have the final say."

Since the complexity of the case,piumini peuterey, the court after hearing nine hours before the facts of this criminal gang 11 "arraigned."

Newspaper reporter Ding Guofeng newspaper correspondent Wang Wenrui