Received emergency calls, 120 emergency dispatch ambulances, rushed, is limping into the district after: the original is not spacious residential road, flanked on both sides full of parked cars, an ambulance was simply get in, get out. This is the pre-hospital emergency aid center in Hangzhou doctor Zhou Haibin,woolrich parka,http://www.fjct.fit.ac.jp/pukurin/oa/cgi-bin/bbs/patio.cgi, the day before yesterday morning in the east Garden apartment once experienced.

Dr Chow said that this crazy situation,http://www.umi-co.com/chako/info/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=25/,chaussures nike tn pas cher, he was not the first run in the district in Hangzhou. If the patient can not receive timely therefore lead to the rescue, the consequences could be disastrous. "Hangzhou's district, especially the old district, can not plan out an emergency channel throughout the district, and to maintain access for emergency vehicles fire it?" Dr. Zhou appeal.

Ambulance drove in five minutes

Pour out and spent 10 minutes

This allows ambulance screenwriters cell in the new toro Um Road junction with Epiphyllum Garden apartment mouth,nike pas cher france.

Recall the scene the day before yesterday morning, Dr. Zhou is still very excited. About 5:00 received emergency calls, ambulance departure from Run Run Shaw Hospital, five minutes or so to reach the community. "But to go from door to open on the bodice, the district is only one main road, but the crooked corners addition, the road on both sides of all vehicles, ambulances off than the general vehicle width and length, the driver side open side pinch master really sweat ah. "

Need emergency inhabitants live in the innermost cell, ambulances had to move cautiously in, afraid of rubbing both sides of the car, but the car drove into a corner was forced to stop,vetement abercrombie pas cher, "is too narrow, the sides of the ambulance mirror no way to go through all the income,http://422.gsd.harvard.edu/icb/icb.do?keyword=k96372&panel=icb.pagecontent1337212:risitestool.cgi, we had to stop here,nike air max pas cher, and then ran stretcher. "is this or three hundred meters of the road, opened a full 56 minutes the ambulance.

After receiving patients from ambulance to the area inside out,http://www.doauniversity.com/forum/activity,nike tn, but also a big problem. Channel is too narrow, there is no way to turn around, but also around the corner, only slowly backwards out of the ambulance. Dr Chow said the district's security master for help after a previous command, a couple of hundred meters of the road slowly back out and spent 10 minutes.

"Fortunately, this situation is not serious emergency patients, but there are symptoms of vomiting, dizziness, heart attack if not encountered such a little time delay burst of cases, this delay of over 10 minutes,hogan interactive, the consequences could be disastrous ah. "

Crowded parking lot of the old district

Large ambulance difficult entered

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the Garden District apartment. This is a long and narrow plot by four high-rise, a small high-rise and two multi composed. Um Road Epiphyllum from the cell near the northern gate,Doudoune moncler pas cher, along the winding narrow main channel, went to South Gate district,hogan rebel, but both sides of the channel about 300 meters full of parked vehicles. Cell door security master told reporters, only four senior residents of this block have more than 500 households, and ground parking spaces and only 100 or so.

Reporters saw at the corner of the cell showed a concave-shaped, had only three parked cars can abruptly out of the three cars and parked three cars.

"Caihe,nike tn, Jing Fang, near the river, the old district of Guanyin ponds, parking is a big problem we have in this site frequented by Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, often many community channel width of a car only barely passed." Week The doctor said that the ambulance had to be wider than the average vehicle, in addition to the width of the vehicle, but also set aside a stretcher by adding width, and in many of the old district, there is no way to open the car go. The ambulance crew had to get off early, carrying a stretcher and medical equipment running forward.

In order to save lives

Can squeeze a barrier-free access

Dr. Zhou told reporters, had an experience, because the rescue was a heart failure patients, but could not find in the area, and let him anxious straight stamping.

That was more than 2:00 received a phone call, there is a 60-year-old woman with acute left ventricular failure. "Patients living in the 26, we had to go from the district Simon, and a door to see the 25, asked the next Security,http://myvolt.ca/item/create_form/1, said 26 in the back 25, the result was not around to see the early morning residential one person No, we did not like looking like flies,http://www.etechsolutions.org/upload/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=81993,doudoune moncler,http://www.prco.jp/~shake/apeboard/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=viewres&target=96988/, the family finally came to pick us to find a destination. "Zhou said the doctor, who wanted 25 and 26 figures linked, but are located in residential Simon and East Gate, which is in the middle find time to waste 15 minutes, for patients with acute heart failure, it is likely to have life and death.

"In order to quickly find the destination, we have a master to deliberately break, riding a bike one cell to turn to the familiar residential environment."

Dr Chow said the difficult road, the road is hard to find the problem has been bothering them. If you have even the most basic first aid to protect defect, we all know not to panic it? "So I always had this idea, Hangzhou cell,http://www.urbandead.com/signup.cgi, especially the old district, can not plan a contingency channels throughout the district. Additionally best entrance a conspicuous place in the area,chaussures louboutin pas cher, place the number of residential buildings distributed brand, Just look at going to be able to know the approximate location of that building. "Dr. Zhou recommendations.

(Original title: ambulance could not get out of not really when agitated ah)