Injured worker to work, the boss has not given compensation payments dragging. Judge door for money, do not want to pay what the boss said. For his probation, the judge talking about the injured worker's family situation, but still did not want the money.

 Their conversation, but the boss son panoramic view, he felt his father practice defect. Yesterday, he was telling his father put together a compensation payments alone to the court to help his father knot matter.

The judge said that the child had just graduated from high school, no income, the money is to cobble together his own. Lai does not have a father, I did not expect such a naive child.

□ correspondent Huang Hao Yin Yu

Reporter Bo Sun

Workers were injured, the boss owed compensation payments

Talk of the town in the past five years, and is a private transport company Beilun porter.

Earlier this year, talk of the town when the work accident, falling from a moving car left leg fracture. After being rushed to the hospital, talk of the town where he lived for nearly a month.

During hospitalization,http://www.wdadk.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=98883, the company boss Wang for his advance of about $ 10,000 for medical expenses. After discharge, talk of the town conducted a disability identification, the report shows disability rating of ten. Lao Li family was not wealthy,moncler sito ufficiale, but the injury took a lot of savings,http://www.100co.cn/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=634928, he can only put their hopes in the company's compensation payments, so find Wang negotiate compensation.

When the is commonly known as "stingy",hogan, did not think this is very straightforward. See the talk of the town to ask for money, he immediately took out $ 5,000,abbigliamento peuterey outlet, "talk of the town, which is the company a little something, you are not careful fell off the car, it does not matter with the company, and recently the company cash flow problems, but also before and after took more than ten thousand,air jordan pas cher, and you take it! "

In the hospital took away more than one million. After listening to the boss, then talk of the town Forced hearts of anger, Haoshuodaishuo with the boss, hoping to compensate some. After repeated communication, Wang still did not relent. In desperation, he sued the talk of the town Beilun court.

Under the auspices of the judge, the two sides reached a settlement agreement, the king paid a total re-hear his medical expenses, disability compensation,http://pfzk.org/thread-274580-1-1.html, the spirit of solatium total of 60,000 yuan. The talk of the town may hold a mediation agreement has as yet not wait for the money, go to Wang,scarpe hogan donna,http://www.tztea.com.cn/news/html/?96714.html, Hui admitted by all.

Judge door, boss "BU into."

So dragging, the case entered the implementation phase. Judge yellow door to find Wang, Wang hung gold necklace on the neck, home decorating is also good.

Huang judge said: "Li family had not how good conditions, there is a child in college,http://www.jsyccc.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2197917, and now disability is difficult to find another job, and is more difficult to hear his money is important, but for. also not a lot of money for you,http://h.xbmx114.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=171392, I hope with the implementation. "

Huang did not think the judge has just finished, the king always on anger:. "Is accidentally fell to his own, I have the money, anyway,peuterey 2013, no longer out of my money, the house will this set, big deal You sell them! "

Looked at the living environment, Huang judge some frustration, this house is also worth two million less,christian louboutin soldes, really want to go to auction in order to sixty thousand yuan, also under the policy.

In the Wang family for nearly twenty minutes to talk about, since Wang poor attitude, the whole dialogue process is performed standing, yellow judge touch with a bloody nose.

Seeing execution hopeless,louboutin pas cher, he decided to leave another way. To the downstairs, a young man stopped yellow judges. Boy is the son of Wang Wang,nike tn pas cher, just in the house, the young man leaning against the wall, has been listening to the adults speak.

After being stopped, yellow judges sometimes do not know why Wang wanted. Wang said quietly: "I'm his son, and that workers very poor, and my father did not practice,http://lt.ftltz.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=188239, I am willing to repay the money for my father."

Young man had just graduated from high school, about 19 years old, looked handsome. After hearing these words, the young man felt very cute yellow judge that he is after all still young, have money to repay, and no really.

Satisfactorily resolved, the son for the father quietly debt

Wang's words, Huang judge soon forgotten. I did not expect a few days, his phone rang, Wang calling.

"Yellow judges, the money I'm ready, when you can get past?" Wang judges of this phone is very surprised. Later she learned that he was from the judge posted on the door of his house to find the yellow stripe judge's phone number.

The next day, Wang alone came to Beilun court. After seeing yellow judge, he took from the bag sixty thousand yuan. The presence of the judges was very surprised, Wang quiet and very calm.

Exactly how the money come from? The judge asked what was going on.

It turned out that Wang had just admitted to the university this year, relatives and friends gave him a lot of red, he carefully calculated, can Chouqi four or five million, but the compensation money to pay off a little bit away from the gap. He had an idea, carrying gifts home to visit my father started the business dealings with some friends, and take the initiative to tell them you are going to university news, we see Wang polite,http://www.vjishui.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=721025&fromuid=29229, but also with a gift home, have given him a red envelope ......

Wang told the enforcement judge, the father is not money, but really "dig", he also Quanguo father, but my father always listen. Father's friends are the boss, usually on their own very polite,louboutin pas cher homme, the money for them,woolrich outlet online, it really is a small number. In this way, temporarily without the knowledge of his father, he not only helped his father knot the matter, but also help the talk of the town.

Wang debt for the father of the practice, the judges were very impressed, the case also successfully rulings.

Under strong demand Wang, Huang judge did not immediately rulings message notification Wang. He wanted to tell the king the news two days total,moncler outlet sito ufficiale, I do not know when he went to Zuoheganxiang.