Yesterday,woolrich bologna, on the 3rd Lanzhou Airport security channel, a man armed with a knife, "washed off", the three airport security officers stabbed. Preliminary investigation, the man has no ticket information.

Man brandished a knife and stormed the security channel

On the 20th, according to the Lanzhou airport deputy general manager Luo introduced the same day 9:16, a man walked no baggage Nakagawa airport on the 3rd security access, screeners are allowed to produce their identity cards and duty boarding card, the man reached into the right pocket,,basket nike tn, pulled out a 20 cm long knife,basket nike tn pas cher, waving back door and rushed to the channel, what are you saying. Screeners hurriedly rushed to the back door locked up at the door, the door man was forcibly opened. Crossed the door, the man brandished a knife and rushed inside.

It is understood that when the man crossed the back door,hogan, was rushed to the three security personnel stop living, overwhelming the ground. In the meantime,, the man kept waving a knife, stabbed the three people. More than security staff heard the news arrived, the man was completely subdued, the man was taken away by police investigation. Three injured were sent to the airport emergency center treatment by airport emergency center with a 120 ambulance transfer Gansu Provincial People's Hospital for treatment.

Lanzhou airport Luo Bin,hogan outlet milano, deputy general manager, said the airport was seven channels are opened, and after the event,, the 3rd boarding channel temporarily closed, but the scene after police trace and video retrieval, the channel resumed immediately, passenger boarding was not affected.

The man surnamed Zhang, 24-year-old, who is silver. Initially identified,chaussure louboutin homme, stabbing a man no ticket information. Currently, the public security departments on the man's motive is under investigation.

A victim of hemorrhagic shock

At 12:40 on the 20th, Gansu Provincial People's Hospital,woolrich outlet online,, radiology, medical staff and several men pushing carts from the emergency room to check out. "Turn left,louboutin pas cher femme, we go directly to the intensive care unit." Where a nurse said softly waved infusion bottles. A man lying on the emergency trolley head wrapped in thick gauze, gauze penetration lot of blood, red with white sheets. Then, a portion of the head and left ear injured man was advanced radiology examination room. 13:20 Xu,talon louboutin pas cher,, 40-year-old man surnamed Ho head was wrapped in gauze colleagues helped into the examination room. This three injured co-workers, leaders and their families have arrived. 13:50 Xu, three wounded were taken to the intensive care unit, respectively, emergency care unit for treatment.

Gansu Provincial People's Hospital, vice president said: "three injured were the head of multiple stab wounds,, one of whom was hemorrhagic shock, the injury is very serious, is actively rescue two wounded another stable vital signs. We deployed the best experts to rescue. "

A 60-year-old man surnamed Ji was injured family members, he said:. "Noon meal prepared at home, suddenly received a phone call saying my son was injured very anxious, rushed to the hospital directly from the home of my son work very seriously, he protecting the safety of many visitors. "

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Fortunately, no passengers injured

2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, in the Gansu Provincial People's Hospital emergency department, the injury lightest screeners He Haoxuan briefed.

Reporter: "How long do you use subdued the criminals?"

He Haoxuan: "about five or six minutes, the exact time can not remember."

Reporter: "fight the process,giubbotto woolrich donna, what criminals say no?"

He Haoxuan: "criminals like from start to finish did not speak, did not cry, the face of our three screeners, he does not seem timid."

Reporter: "It was the face of knife-wielding thugs afraid,peuterey donna?"

He Haoxuan: "It was unprepared, did not attend to things very hasty heart afraid, because our duty is to ensure passenger safety,louboutin,, fortunately, this incident is not a passenger was injured.."

Reporter: "Do you want to say now what,"

He Haoxuan: "My colleague Ji Lei serious head injuries, bleeding severely from the airport to the Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital along the way wounds are bleeding, what I most want to say is that I hope my two good colleague a speedy recovery.."

(Original title: man with a knife stabbed three screeners washed off)