Ewha mother look back "big Takao" found,


He is a tax cadre of Handan City, in the face of praise, said to honor their parents for granted

April 3 newspaper reported Handan City, a middle-aged man carrying a mother after WeiXian tours pear,woolrich outlet online italia, has aroused widespread concern, many users affectionately called "Big Takao." Yesterday morning, several member of the public to identify the photos carefully and found that the Department of renaissance man Handan IRS cadre, named Ji Jiao fly. Faced with the arrival of reporters,, Jiao Fei Ji looked very surprised to see his mother carrying a flower is considered commonplace thing, because your parents had children bounden duty is to do. □ text / Chart reporter Wang Bin

Restore: carrying a sick mother went pear relax

Ji Jiao fly 44-year-old, of medium build,woolrich outlet, slightly dark complexion, looked calm and honest. Just sit down, he hands folded, looking somewhat overwhelmed.

According to Ji Jiao Fei revealed that his mother is 71 years old this year, last year,chaussure tn pas cher, unfortunately, had cerebral thrombosis, language,, swallowing difficulties, legs and feet is not very agile, walking more difficult. The elderly do not want to hurt his son's work, insist on living in the home WeiXian rural areas, usually living in the care of his wife, Ji Jiao then fly home to visit regularly.

March 30 weather Qingnuan, also coincides with the Sun, Ji Jiao Yang Liu Yiyi fly to see the county four weeks, pear blossom, decided to drive parents to bring some fresh air outside, so the elderly to stay at home all day Mende Huang.

After "was going for her and her wheelchair can be difficult to disassemble the wheel above do not put into the car, had to give up." Jiao Fei Ji, a man came to WeiXian "pear township Watertown" Scenic, found throughout the shallow depression pear garden pits, the mother could not walk, he came back up and bowed to his mother,, walking act as a "commentator."

Ji Jiao Fei was just to let the old man take a look at the beauty of spring,giubbotto woolrich, did not know this heartwarming scene has infected a lot of tourists. WeiXian a continuous cadres captured with a cell phone over 20 photos, and all sent to the Internet, will soon be widely disseminated and reproduced.

Family: He is a good son, a good husband, good father

Turning to Internet users that they have been hailed as the "Great Takao" issue, Ji Jiao Fei believes that parents bear children is not easy, so caring for the elderly is a very ordinary thing. In real life, in fact there are many, many people who do better than him.

Jiao Fei Ji childhood living in rural areas, enlist in the army after graduating from high school, and later admitted to the military academy to become a battalion officer until 2005 after tax department jobs to Handan and their families. Although his parents are ordinary farmers, but very harmonious neighborhood, the old couple also love each other,nike air jordan femme pas cher,, almost no quarreled, red face.

"Mother of the body is good, but also often to the city to live to live, since the legs can be inconvenient to say we should go home life." Ji Jiao fly knew that the old man knew what he was busy unit, is afraid of the impact his son's work. To compensate for the elderly owe, as long as he has spare time to buy a delicious WeiXian back, not only to the mother feet,peuterey uomo outlet, but also to accompany their walk out around.

Ji Jiao Fei did not want to talk too much about things at home, with friends, but secretly told reporters Ji Jiao fly except your parents,woolrich outlet,, the husband-wife relationship is very harmonious. His wife was doing cleaning work in Handan Iron and Steel, lumbar not very good, it will work a little longer point back pain, often in the rest of the time he went for his wife cleaning. In addition, outside the school after her daughter home, Ji Jiao turned down all the entertainment will fly home to accompany her daughter to talk about Huaer.

Colleague: all praise him work seriously and Gongsifenming

Currently, Ji Jiao fly in tax administration in Handan City, the third renaissance zone IRS tax bureau. In the eyes of Branch Secretary Yang Fang Ji Jiao fly not only diligent, earnest,, but also full of love, is a skeleton staff, one individual is responsible for the work of more than half of the tax bureau.

This year in February, the area is often a company's authentication system fails, the bill can not be properly opened. It did not belong to the scope of business IRD can fly Ji Jiao initiative drove his car ran a number of similar enterprises for technical advice, while communicating with the field with a personal phone manufacturers, and finally to help companies solve the chronic problem.

Branch Office Director Wang Haijun,woolrich prezzi,, according to reports, the unit has a fixed cleaning staff, Ji Jiao fly every morning ahead 20 minutes into the unit,hogan uomo, clean the office, and by the way the corridor with a mop scrub again.

Even more admirable is that Ji Jiao fly as a family level cadre,chaussure air jordan, work can be said Gongsifenming. His wife belongs to the revival of the unit area under the jurisdiction of the IRS business district, Ji Jiao never fly over the other party leaders to ask for help to find his wife swap jobs.

Ji Jiao Fei arguing that wives do some cleaning work, although tired,nike tn, but can exercise. If she did not move, I can go for help, there is no need to trouble others. He believes that both work and life, a matter of conscience, so that a clear conscience is the greatest happiness.

User: wish I could so happy old

Reporters noted that many Internet users see Ji Jiao fly back to see his mother pear reported by the network, have said much moved, praised him as "Handan first filial", "WeiXian big Takao," and so on.

Netizen "seven Jieer" sincerely say: "Good for you, I really hope so I am old, carrying a son so I do Ewha !!!" another netizen message: "You just now carrying their parents are willing to go out,woolrich sito ufficiale, Like school children will follow. "

After the IRS in Handan City Renaissance district, people learned to fly Ji Jiao deeds, "filial piety" has become the most discussed topic everyone. Lian-old mother died last year, he was the greatest experience is the "filial piety" can not wait, children are always worried about the elderly in mind, only Huijia see, parents will be assured.

Ji Wei Xian Jiao fly and are from rural areas, said 100 Yoshitaka first, to honor their parents is a virtue, should be widely publicized, let it become a kind of positive energy.