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Black, pointed, 10 cm stiletto. This pair of shoes, yesterday ancestry disaster.

Yesterday morning,basket nike tn pas cher, an open-Benz driver in Hangzhou on the go Taizhou high-speed, rear-end collision occurred in front of the car,woolrich outlet, car crash injuries. The leading cause of the accident,moncler outlet, is her feet a pair of high heel 10 cm heels. Because the brakes hard and shoved a point, the results of the shoes to slide down, the driver watched his rear-end in front of Big Ben van.

When the brakes


Heels off

Chen in Hangzhou, a foreign work yesterday morning driving a large ran Taizhou see clients.

Around 8 o'clock,, the supremacy of the car on three high-speed lines. At that time is in the uphill section, in front of Chen's have two trucks are side by side climbing. Unconsciously, she loosened the throttle, I did not expect the speed is very fast, from the front of the truck is very near. "I stepped on the foot brake, did not expect to step on, it may force too fast, shoes came off." This time, Chen little nervous,escarpin louboutin pas cher, too late to step on the brakes again,,mulberry sale, only to hold the steering wheel firmly, then watched the car crashed into the front of trucks ass.

The car knocked very serious. Deformation front, front windshield cracked,air max tn pas cher, broken skylight Department, airbags also pop up. High-speed traffic police arrived, Chen was stuck in the driver's seat could not move.

Police break cut clothes,, and only then she rescued. Her left arm a lot of blood, but panic pains.

Chen was quickly rushed to hospital, but fortunately the injury does not matter.

Chen already has many years of driving experience before driving, but also through high heels. She knows that wearing high heels to drive, very uncomfortable. "Has been tiptoeing throttle, brakes." She depressed to say that the reason why the trouble with high-heeled shoes are related.

After the incident, the high-speed traffic police Chen found in the car falling down the bird heels. "Heel indeed high, almost 10 centimeters of it." Police said, and good people all right,nike pas cher france, this time for her, is definitely a lesson.

Police made over this rear-end accident liability recognized,, Chen negative full responsibility for the accident. Meanwhile,, the driving behavior of their heels fined $ 200.

Sandals, high boots, Martin boots


Not all car

Traffic police said the car, wore what in fact is very particular. For example,abercrombie pas cher, high heels fulcrum feet elevation, potentially increasing the intensity of the brake pedal and angle, the driver needs to pedal hard to go on tiptoe to reach the normal braking effect stampede. Therefore,, in the event of an emergency,air max tn pas cher, high-heeled shoes may bring great danger.

"Barefoot and wearing slippers, too, is not allowed." Whether or not the emergency brake foot pedal probability will fall relative increase, even if not an accident, there may be a sprained ankle. According to the relevant traffic laws, wear slippers,, high heels and barefoot driving, they will be fined 50 yuan,, the occurrence of the accident, will be fined 200 yuan.

So to remind everyone that,air jordan soldes, when driving through the thin crust, soft, casual shoes, such as flat shoes,abercrombie outlet, canvas shoes, sports shoes. Such driving, neither difficult nor dangerous. If you feel the need, you can prepare in the car to drive a pair of suitable shoes. But remember, replaced shoes (including other debris) can not be placed under the driver's seat next to the driver's seat or to avoid rolling to brake pedal stuck.

We also asked the police Detailed risk index of 10 categories of car wearing inappropriate shoes, including Martin boots, snow boots,moncler outlet sito ufficiale, shoes and other hole. For everyone's safety, you had better take a good look slightly (see illustration).

(Original title: driver-speed rear-end car crash injuries culprit is the pair of feet 10 cm high heels)