42-year-old Kim Chol, a dozen years ago on suspicion of murder was sentenced to death, suspended for two years, due to the transformation of good commuted, currently serving a prison in Changchun, Jilin Province, there are 13-year sentence.

Now, there is a high wall and Jin Zhe woman to marry, it was his first love Zhao.

Prisoners can get married? Questions thrown relevant units and institutional regulations.

■ reporter Guthrie

Even to wait 13 years, I have to marry him

"I think very clearly, even to wait for 13 years, I have to marry him." Zhao very firm.

Zhao, 39, another 13 years, she was 52 years old, he was 55 years old, 13 years of life can have several stand the wait? You can really regrets it?

"No, I do not regret the decision." Zhao shook his head.

Zhao, has been living alone with her daughter after the divorce. She never believed that first love Ginger is a murderer:. "I have to help him, without any reason". "I read his case file, but also to find a lawyer," Zhao's voice is a little high,

Become legally married couples is to help Jin Zhe premise, otherwise,woolrich italia, Zhao even qualified to prison visits are not.

Zhao,http://www.tw-politics.info/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=1420176&extra=, who lives in Jilin City, in March this year,woolrich outlet, the reporter with her cafe in Jilin met. She wore a windbreaker and teenagers within the then popular Korean long sweater, about 1.65 meters tall, she is keeping well, look younger than their actual age. She readily speak and act,abercrombie italia, not like dragging its feet, conversation exudes strength.

What is a kind of strength, so just this amazing woman to make such a decision?

Zhao run a flooring store in Jilin City, for many years to run around in Jilin, Siping,tn pas chere, Liaoyuan, etc., the business is very busy.

She had an unfortunate marriage, his daughter two years old, she forward Mufti of divorce. Daughter is now 17 years old, all these years, she never forget first love Ginger. She had many find Jin Zhe contact for many years without success.

One day in early 2009, Zhao met in Henan Street Jilin Jin Zhe sister, that of a murderer in prison, Zhao completely stunned.

Gold sister did not believe his brother would kill, "his character is very cheerful, and usually are afraid to even kill a chicken."

Day in April 2009, Zhao received a phone call from Changchun.

This is a man's voice, returning to the sound! Although the past 17 years, Zhao still listen to them, is Ginger.

Zhao was surprised that she did not dare to believe Kim Chul sister said is the truth.

"Editor's Note children? I do not know people are pie in the sky, I was out of the sky a large block of brick ......" Kim Chul said,moncler outlet sito ufficiale, when caught, he did not know how it is, he did not notice his wife at home people, the next day he went to the police station sister, he had been "recruited" the. After jail, Jin Zhe constantly appeal, appeal.

That day, the two men talked a lot on the phone, talking about his case, when it comes to their marriage, children, and the period due to impulsive and died young love. "At that time more than okay, if later we do not pique ......"

"I can help you appeal it, give you to find a lawyer." Zhao was aware of the need to help him.

But Jin Zhe on the phone repeatedly refused.

"I started to cry, 'I can not help you?'" Statement to reporters this story, Zhao's eyes red child, so awkward eye blinked a few times, hold back the tears abruptly . Zhao said that she was uncomfortable, I always worried about people, more than ten years no news, finally contacted, reality actually so cruel.

Sentimental love memorable moments

During that time, Zhao often think of her and Jin Zhe first love.

1991, 20-year-old Zhao know her to her 3-year-old Kim Chul, a Korean boy, he demobilized from the army, assigned to Jilin cotton textile work. At the time, Zhao Jin Zhe friends and colleagues are at the object, They always invited when the "light bulb." One to two to go, these two "light bulb" also calls the.

"We are a bit like" "but not so dramatic, from beginning to end has been very dull." Talked about this for some time, Zhao gentle eyes. She said she had a headache every cold, he would nervously drug delivery, asked her to take medicine ...... "kind of feeling, is being distressed happiness." Zhao's eyes sparkled.

"However, I'm not like the quiet autumn (Note:" haw Love "heroine). So gentle, otherwise we would not be separated," Zhao said. She has a brother and a younger brother, she was the only girl in the family, childhood spoiled by their parents. She headstrong, considered dead children, regardless of right or wrong should do it. Although now 39 years old, but the uncompromising character, almost not changed a bit.

Zhao sigh of relief. When love do not understand love,peuterey prezzi, do not know to cherish. Jin Zhe singing, speeches everything good, very pushy in the factory, there were a lesbian to pursue him, to bring a lot of misunderstanding between them. Jin Zhe Zhao often find awkward, so little patience. They always angry for some trivia, quarrel, the Cold War ......

She would not easily wear soft admit,http://www.fant9.com/news/html/?22891.html, "This woman is very trick character to be seen of men." Zhao evaluate himself.

Once, after a fit of anger Jin Zhe Zhao and walk away, sulking fit for a long time gas. This time, no one refused to bow, Zhao Li never really angrily Jin Zhe, "points to points,mulberry outlet, more afraid ah! My condition is not bad ......" love one year, ending in a fit of anger in. After several years, they have not contacted each other.

Soon, Zhao know her to her 3-year-old a demobilized soldier, along five months (1992) got married. Zhao admitted that she was so quick to get married, do not exclude Ginger pique ingredients. Later,air max tn pas cher, she knew, not long after her marriage, Kim Tetsuya married.

Shortly after her daughter was born, the relationship between Zhao and her husband is getting worse, and they often quarrel, conflict escalated, her husband decided not to go home, dropped her young daughter.

Three years later, Zhao filed for divorce, the husband does not agree, and walk away, since even the one about not be found. 1997, Zhao to the court, the newspaper declared,nike tn requin, finally away from the marriage. Over the years, she and her daughter had each other, not remarried.

"During the marriage broke my heart, but then I came to understand, truly inclusive, love me or Kim Chol. Had their own thing too do not understand the ......" Zhao said.

High Court remanded the two homicides

"I have to help him." Zhao said only this idea in mind. Her big sister to Ginger coming year sentence materials, Jin Zhe involved understand the situation.

September 29, 1995, Jilin Yongji Shuanghe Town, south of a railroad crossing on the eastern side bushes discovered an unknown body of a woman, the body lying on the mud ditch, the upper body was covered with soil, leg exposed. The deceased 20-year-old Lee, shuanghezhen people. Autopsy finds Lee forehead hit by external forces, gripe about the neck leading to lower coma upper body was buried with dirt murderer, inhaled a lot of sediment blocking the trachea, accompanied by strong foreign body airway spasm stimulation contraction caused by suffocation.

The local public security organs immediately investigate the case, September 10, 1995 afternoon, Lee alone thumbed shuanghezhen Blackstone Village, wants to play a motorcycle back shuanghezhen, someone had seen Lee Jin Zhe on the motorcycle car. At that time,http://www.blianw.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=159811, 27-year-old Jin Zhe leave without pay from the Jilin cotton textile mill in the village of Blackstone opened a small restaurant.

Ultimately,http://bbs.832200.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=42800, the public security organ finds: September 10, 1995 17 am,http://gzbjz.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=624627, Kim Chul Lee to ride a motorcycle carrier shuanghezhen, en route from the malicious Kim Lee, with the desire Fasheng gender relations, after the Lee Jin Zhe band to shuanghezhen Xinlitun Northern Railway Shen Ji took place near its gender relations,moncler milano outlet, was money when Lee refused to Kim Sok Lee to denounce blackmail, Kim fear of getting caught, they put a pinch faint Lee buried, after fleeing the scene.

October 11, 1995, on suspicion of murder Jin Zhe is housed review, February 5, 1996, was arrested. November 1996, Jilin City Intermediate People's Court sentenced Kim Chol to death, suspended for two years.

Ginger with "facts" appeal. December 1, 1997, the Supreme Court made a criminal Jilin Province ruled that "the fact that the trial verdict is unclear,http://cn.4000588103.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=492722, cassation, remand," incidental "Kim Chol accused of murder on a case back for retrial letter "propose" a new trial should be to identify the motive of crime, the crime of the first scene, the victim died specific time, further to determine whether the defendant committed crimes accounted for, "and so on.

August 1998, Jilin City Intermediate People's Court verdict: intentional murder and sentenced to death, suspended for two years deprivation of political rights for life.

Jin Zhe again appeal. October of that year, the Supreme Court held that Jilin Province,chaussures nike tn pas cher, "the original verdict Ginger unclear facts of the crime of intentional homicide," again "revocation of the original decision, remand."

The investigating authorities conducted a supplementary investigation,giubbotti woolrich, in May 2000 in Jilin City Intermediate People's Court to prosecute and submit "Kim Chul in custody had to take along a note out to the family confirmed that it does not account for collusion crime family time," the documentary evidence. In the same year on May 29, Jilin City Intermediate People's Court sentenced to death for the third time, two-year reprieve.

Jin Zhe third appeal, the Supreme Court of Jilin Province to make a final decision after the hearing,http://www.sapalata.ru/forum/profile/18470, the grounds of appeal is not true,http://www.danengyili.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=831164, for after refute, Jilin City Intermediate People's Court approved the decision made.