Longhu Jinling Evening News correspondent reported that the mother and stepmother, children prefer this in the sense in which the answer to the question set, an 8-year-old girl was overturned. Jiangning Area with elementary school girls in a small music because in the essay writing, preferring stepmother, not like real mother was her real mother Sharon punishment meal. The teacher invited children's counselors to communicate with a small music after he and their mother were exchanged. Experts pointed out that the family structure of modern society, more and more children of divorced families growing environment from the past "single parent family" to "multi-parent families," care of the children how to grow, but also for the parents who made more Claim.

Not as good as real mother stepmother essay says, his face was swollen real mother

Last weekend,, Jiangning Area with elementary school language teacher Yang arranged for the children in the class writing exercises, asked to write their own mother. Monday close up writing a look, eight-year-old girl wrote a small music is often criticized her mother, nor buy her stuff. She does not like her mother, like Aunt Lee. Do not criticize her because Aunt Lee, Sunday would play with her.

Young teacher this essay with a small music's mother Sharon when communication know, the original small music parents had divorced, usually by the mother band, weekend, away on business father would return to Nanjing, then his daughter to his home. The child said Aunt Lee, is current wife, the child's stepmother father.

In the teachers' office, the small music mother is very painful. She did not expect a hard man with children, the child does not even like her,tn pas cher homme, says stepmother is better than the real mother. Young enlighten the small music teacher mother about it, and please do not take her child, then it personally,, it is recommended to treat her future daughter a little more respect. "Before leaving, she promised to be good, that it would reflect ∩ did not expect to go to school the next day, somewhat swollen face little music, the mood is very good. Then asked, saying it was because of the composition of matter, the night before was Mom playing. "

This scene so Young teacher is very sad, but also regret that they did not really help the mother and daughter. To help your child as much as possible to reduce the psychological shadow, the day recess, Young teacher for help Jinling Evening News, and asked reporters not far from the school contacted Tongren Hospital, please hospital outpatient children forced child VIP director, senior mental health division for the small Southern Miss Le promptly made a mental communication counseling.

Girls want Dad too, reality does not allow

Under the guidance of the South,woolrich outlet, a small music gradually open their hearts, while crying after telling the South aunt, mom and dad separated two years ago, a year after my father and Aunt Lee married. From the elementary school, she and her mother every Monday to Friday live together, weekend father to receive him over there. Mom busy work, more effort is to bring her. "Take home every day after school, my mother looked at me homework. Never finish the job not to eat also never take me out to play, where wrong to criticize me, and sometimes spanking I guess she did not like me ...... "and Aunt Lee who, when his father took her over the weekend, three people will go out and play together, or watching movies. In memory of the children, aunts never criticized her, but also often buy toys and gifts for her ∩ yes, she did not dare to put things back home, because my mother would throw that affect her learning.

To the end, the girl with the consultant to make a request: "Since so mom does not like me,, why do I wish I took my dad to take me ah so your mom will not be happier!"

The school informed of this information, onward connection to Le's father, that his father does not have a fixed accompany the child's condition. The nature of his job is to travel everywhere in the province, and now live far away from the child's school,air jordan pas cher, and therefore, he will put the child received each day weekend to go around. The voice of his daughter, so he is also very painful ∩ He also said that the current state, only to bring his daughter to his ex-wife.

After psychological counseling, child temporarily forgive real mother

Then the mother's side to understand the views of a small music, she also did not want to put her daughter to her ex-husband: "He does not give it equal to the stepmother of it that the child will be spoiled!"

Prudent counselor did not tell her it was her wish, at the same time, they continue to do the work of a child's psychological response to this situation, and guide her to see her mother for her strict requirements, and the aunt's favorite,woolrich sito ufficiale, are in love She, just in different ways. Mom sometimes angry moving his hand, she is very sorry painful. "Mom and Dad and Aunt all love you, but because they are different people, so love you in different ways. Also sometimes imperfect they will hurt you and you can try to go see them Love, then you forgive them harm. "

Sentence to let the girl began to cry, and say a lot of the details of her mother love, and then said that she will not blame the mother ∩ She also very much hope that,hogan 2014, after her mother could be better.

Repair family,, mother and daughter apologized to each other

When a small music school to try to contact his mother Sharon again, she also regret their impulses. That the child has received psychological counseling, and for our children, consultants also want to communicate with her alone, she did not refuse. Consulting sit in front of a teacher, her trembling shoulders and cried for a long long time.

She admitted that her ex-husband remarried concerned,scarpe hogan outlet, she had a bit peeved that he worked so hard to bring her daughter, Monday to Friday are days of intense study, she did not have time to accompany the children to play. To the weekend, the child was picked up delightful. These, for children,Hogan outlet, she did not think she could accept everything ∩ pay, hit daughter completely denied. "Is it customary for her by her do like that they are accustomed to, and I would loose a little, but also how got."

Liu and other tell completed, the South help her do the "empty chair France." This process suddenly found themselves in Sharon, her jealous ex-husband's dissatisfaction with her ex-husband for a happy life,moncler giubbotti uomo, and sometimes migrate to her daughter, and turned to her daughter's injuries. The children have seen from our own perspective, "real mother stepmother better than good",tn nike requin pas cher,, but she really does not have to take it seriously, because at this age children can not fully understand the mother's efforts, but also normal.

After that, the consultant also arranged for the mother and daughter together to do the communication. Mother to daughter apologized for his daughter and her mother did not understand, said sorry. After the cry, the mother and daughter conflict to reconciliation.

Child's psychological scars of repair, and adjustment of status of the mother and daughter interaction is a long process. Liu also about the South continued late consulting services. "I like kids, need understanding and support." (Protection of minors, the text and her daughter as a pseudonym)

Experts offer advice:

"Multi-parent families' children also need to respect and sunshine

Jinling Evening News interview with reporters, Ms. Southern noted that a similar situation in the past consultation also encountered. "Also had a child, her parents divorced after her father and stepmother live, she would always say stepmother as good as mother, stepmother very upset can not go into the child's mind,, he took the child to come to me for advice." In her view, regardless of Which children come to the conclusion that all parents need to do to fully understand and properly treated. "Now divorced families increased, the only child living environment from the previous single-parent family structure, gradually transformed into a multi-parent family oriented, a child is often the divorced parents take turns living on both sides of this case,peuterey outlet, whether the parents or stepparents pro, There are four suggestions as to comply with the principle of first, do not put scores between adults who brought children to adults and children has nothing to do things, to allow the children free to accept all the family love, you can love all relatives ; Second, no matter which side of life with a child, should respect the child's thoughts and feelings, really care about their children, according to the child's age characteristics to care; Third, parents should be concerned about not only the child's life and learning, and more pay attention to the child's feelings and physical and mental health; Finally, the child has nearly eight hours a day in school life, such as parental separation,, best to let the teacher know that in order to home-school cooperation, have to care for the child for the South once had. , a couple divorced for many years, the teacher did not know,woolrich milano, the usual activities will allow children to call their parents to join the class,woolrich outlet, the children can not live in the sun, it is easy to repressed psychological twist. "whether parents live together or separately,, they give the child, should love and care, respect of companionship. Parents divorced due to "many pro-family" structure more and more, this structure should be how to give their children a good environment for the growth needs of common concern families, schools and society.

(PS: small music composition) my mom

My mom tall, long hair, eyes sort. Every morning my mother to cook for me, send me to school, take me home from school every day. Mom always criticize me, I like things to be afraid to find her mother, my mother said it had no money to buy toys for dinner, she and I would starve to death. Mom does not play with, but also scolded me. I do not like my mother, I love Aunt Lee (Editor's note: refers stepmother), Aunt Lee did not criticize me every day, she was very happy Sunday to play with.

I hope her mother happy, I like to see my mother laugh. Mom one criticism I would very happy, too happy. Jinling Evening News reporter Wu Tsung Ling

(Original title: "No real mother stepmother good" 8-year-old girl writing provoke real mother beating)