BEIJING, Changsha, June 12 (Reporter correspondent Zhu Hongmei Lu Yi Zhang Xiaojuan) won a 50,000 yuan more than 1.3 million of the Macau gambling, so "80" deep to deduct Ryu man's dream. Ryu then repeatedly went to Macau for gambling, not just spit back to win more than 1.3 million,http://bbs.10333.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=995084379, still desperate five times embezzlement 16 million, fled in panic after the final lost everything. Ryu in Yueyang arrested on the 11th,abercrombie pas cher en ligne, the 12th has been transferred to the unit is located in Hubei Huanggang City Public Security Bureau.

When, according to long iron to the police, on June 11,http://vote.qdxiaoluohao.com/dzx/home.php?mod=space&uid=1721466&do=blog&quickforward=1&id=10710009, 11 am, Changsha Railway Police Department Yueyang Railway Station police station in the inventory of the surrounding hotels and found the ID card of a man inconsistent with its use suspiciously. Upon further questioning, the police in its carrying a black bag found an identity of its own. After investigation,http://www.pingle.cc/thread-29268-1-1.html, the man Liu, 30 years old,nike tn pas cher, Hubei Huanggang people. May 27,http://www.wohade77.com/news/html/?826708.html, Liu was arrested positions occupied case Hubei Huanggang City Public Security Bureau Internet wanted.

Originally, Ryu smoothly after graduating from college, Hubei Huanggang City,chaussures nike tn, a test to any investment company accounting, higher income. Last winter, invitation of a friend,woolrich outlet milano, he came to the Macau casino "play." For the first time,peuterey 2014, Liu lost thousands of dollars. Because his family was well off, and he did not think this little money in mind,chaussure tn pas cher,http://e.wz.cz/403.html, only to find gambling in Macau is quite interesting and fun. This year in February, Ryu a person carrying 50,000 yuan of money again to Macau to gamble. This time, I'm feeling pretty good Ryu,hogan outlet, once won more than 130 million.

Effortlessly win a lot of money, Liu thrilled, since that Du Shu-class, back to Hubei after planning the next "battles" in Macao. April,abercrombie outlet, Ryu to leave the unit,http://learningnetwork.childrensfoodtrust.org.uk/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, once again came to the Macau casino. This time, he will win after coming all the money gambled away more than 130 million. Deep to deduct winning the game Ryu, May exploit his position and corporate finance on three occasions were misappropriated from Unit 2 million yuan to Macau for gambling, give gambled.

Originally thought to manage the financial unit,giubbotto woolrich, as long as they do not say no one knew he misappropriated 6 million yuan thing. Unexpectedly, the end of May, the unit began to engage in auditing, Liu worried something misappropriated 6 million yuan exposure, so once again moved to Macau to gamble embezzlement idea. May 27, Liu took in units of 10 million yuan to Macau one last shot, and make full preparations: If the winning unit 6 million yuan will be appropriated on the cave hole fill, if you lost money abandon work on foot. Unexpectedly, this trip has not only winning,http://www.lzhsjf.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=24027, as usual will be 10 million yuan once again lost his shirt.

May 27, unit financial audit found 600 million loophole,moncler online outlet, and immediately reported to the police. On the same day, Liu suspicion of positions occupied case was wanted by the public security organs online. Ryu returned the money gambled away from Macau,http://bestracingclub.com.ua/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=33908, Zhuhai,peuterey outlet, self catastrophe, then use another person's identity card flee,woolrich donna, began to avoid public security organs wanted to hunt career. When the 11th, a long iron police to arrest its body remaining more than 200 yuan. (End)

(Original title: "80" man move public funds to gamble in Macao miserable lose 16 million)