Newspaper Juan City,, December 6 (Reporter correspondent Tian Jia Jing Liu Jia memory effect) dissatisfaction with her boyfriend broke up, Juan Dam Township, a large young woman,peuterey outlet milano, jumped into two meters deep in the pond, just the local police station long since been After Getting people for help,, emergency man jumped into the ice will be rescued. Due to the rescue in time, the woman out of danger.

According to witnesses, Ms. Wang recalled, the 5th, 8 pm, when she was eating breakfast Shimoji,chaussures louboutin pas cher, passes outside the village pond area, saw a woman in yellow pond wandering. Suddenly, the woman jumped into the pond, she was scared to scream. "Oh, it was diving, come to the end!" Pond scene happened quickly alerted the people in the vicinity. Getting cries several villagers, have came to see. At this point it was also quickly took out his mobile ready alarm,woolrich online,, while drowning woman struggling in the pond and downs,http://haven-group/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=650050#p650050, obviously unreasonable waterborne.

In this case,, the Public Security Bureau Juancheng large Dam station just came by long Liu Qingguo,giubbotti woolrich, after hearing the cries of the crowd,woolrich outlet, he did not even uniforms have not had time off,, he threw himself wholeheartedly into ice water rescue. And people live in the shore for him to think of ways to make guidelines.

Liu Qingguo twists and turns to the woman diving onto the shore,nike tn, onlookers have shot the woman carried 120 ambulance. Then the woman was sent to a nearby hospital. Due to the rescue in time, the woman out of danger.

Family later told Liu Qingguo drowning woman, her longtime boyfriend, a contradiction. Her boyfriend broke up,woolrich prezzi, she refused, attempted suicide spur of the moment. Woman rescued after waking up lying on the bed, sighing again and again. Liu Qingguo and her family rushed quickly to appease her emotions. The same day, Liu Qingguo before leaving the hospital,, rescued the woman said that the future will never again have a suicide.

Liu Qingguo recall details save water: nothing, is supposed to do

At that time it was raining, Liu Qingguo sight disturbed. After entering the water, he is difficult to determine the location of the drowning woman. "Swam ...... left ......" "Soon! Coupled with the hammer!" Mass anxiety in the shore shouting. Liu Qingguo said,woolrich outlet roma, after several efforts close to the woman,piumini peuterey, he dragged himself around trying to each other,basket nike tn requin, but because women are too tight, his hands kept poking.

Over time, the woman's physical serious overdraft, gradually sinking. Liu Qingguo uniforms after a heavy penetration is unbearable, with low temperatures accelerate the calories consumed, he tired of the same situation occurs. Then the masses shore to see his condition, he heard someone shouting:. "He quickly out of strength."

He wanted to attend more than rely on the go,woolrich outlet italia,, struggling to drag the woman on the shore. The entire rescue process took more than ten minutes. After the woman was on stage ambulance,woolrich italia, this time Liu Qingguo was shivering with cold. "Nothing, are supposed to do." Liu Qingguo said.

(Reporter Jing Jia)