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He came from a poor family,piumino moncler outlet,http://www.chrisadamsperfumes.com/index.php?item/create_form/1, for nine dollars saved each car, he insisted running 30 kilometers to school and back home, more than two years to run over 2000 km.

He declined to students and teachers of funding, the use of vacation time to earn tuition and support their family. Turned down a classmate has been insisting for help, he dropped out of school and even thoughts.

He was on the road running to school, whatever to help others,moncler sito ufficiale, but also felt a deep sense of love of many strangers ......

He called Yan Ming strong western mountain home in Yuzhou dove Shan Yan Village. The 19-year-old high Yuzhou two students in a tough school and life on the road, fearless, courage ......

To save nine yuan fare, he ran home

Yesterday morning, Yuzhou two college park, in front of Yan Ming strong head is not high, dark, bright eyes,http://www.ibizstore.com/item/create_form/1, covered with a trace deft fresh.

Middle School (11) homeroom teacher Yin turn Xia commented Yan Ming Qiang: "He particularly sensible,scarpe hogan, eat the cheapest food,http://www.slotorsre.fora.pl/index.php?item/create_form/1, wear the most expensive clothes, he was very strong, very hard, good karma his unyielding spirit moved a lot of division. Health. "

Yan Ming Qiang said the school has 30 kilometers from his home, from the high-together, he would insist on running round, just like the memory of sitting on a car. "Sit a car was nine dollars, you can make a day of living." He said with a smile.

Reporters simply forget about his home once every two weeks, twice a month, demand is 120 km. Remove holidays annually nine months count, he ran 1,080 kilometers. More than two years, school and home, he ran more than 2000 km.

Since summer job to earn tuition

Yan Ming Qiang said, running to school mainly because the family was poor. His total of four sisters, two sisters married, he and his parents and brother live together. At the poor mountain home, nothing income. Unfortunately, more than 60-year-old father and mother have been sick. Father could walk, his mother because exertion cause lumbar sciatic nerve compression, perennial bedridden.

In order to reduce the pressure of life at home, the annual summer vacation, winter vacation, he work outside the home, car washing, digging, cutting up the mountain shoot sub (a kind of Vitex, you can sell coal mines to protect the roadway), restaurants odd jobs ...... "Last summer, I to Zhengzhou to work, people go on the road with a cleaning agent to sell cars, not only did not make money, but also cheated once. "about vacation time, he feeling a lot.

Use to work, he'd try to solve the annual tuition and living expenses. Lack of parts, it resolved by the house. Fortunately, his wife of his brother are good, two sisters also gave him a lot of financial aid.

"Road of life there are ups and downs, there is also uphill downhill. Difficult past is bright,http://www.xinhelan.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, ran all the way before it must have direction!" For the immediate difficulties, Yan Ming Qiang said confidently.

Funding declined to drop out of school grounds

At school, Yan Ming Qiang quiet, but good karma. Because sports are strengths, he served as a member of the class of sports. Many students want to help him, but every time he declined.

There was a time, in the class a family conditions better student leaders to mobilize their parents, often funded Yan Ming Qiang, Yan Ming strong week for 50 yuan for living expenses. Stronger Yan Ming strong for such funding,woolrich outlet, although moving, always feel not deserve, fear of negative too much debt of gratitude, unable to repay. Finally,abercrombie outlet online, he determined no longer to accept this help, even once had the idea of ​​dropping out of school after the holidays,piumini donna outlet, has not reached to the newspaper. At his insistence, the students who kindly gave up funding.

"In fact, during the middle and high school dropout idea has been with me." Yan Ming Qiang said, "there was no money, is the future admitted to the university, I am afraid not afford to go, might as well go home to help their parents."

However, you can see during the work scene, so his firm belief in the school. He recalls one night back to the shed and found the side of the workers who are thirty or forty years, several people have stood bedside book, late at night and then have to go back regardless of Kanji Yan, there are two people insist on self- examination.

One worker told him: "There is no knowledge, never work alone can not change the destiny forever earn is hardly worth the effort.." Since then, he gradually strengthened the determination to continue to complete their education. "No matter how many difficulties,hogan outlet sito ufficiale,http://www.yqtxt.net/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, I have to be strong to go."

Yan Ming Qiang said: "Everything on their own, victories that's my motto!."

Running become loving experience

One started running to school, is indeed to save money. Yan Ming Qiang said, but stick with it more than two years, more and more like the movement. Each home and to school, are a concentrate of marathon training. Along rural roads, county roads and provincial roads, totaling 30 kilometers away, he ran with three hours or so.

For such a "marathon", he accumulated a few experiences: jogging, but you can not stop, can not sit down and rest, insisted breath finish the course. In addition, to drink less, he even often fasting, and then ran home for dinner. Prolonged exercise, so his sports scores well. Distance running in the school's sports game,http://www.galawo.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1815527, he confide first. Last year, he participated in sports competitions Xuchang City, in the long-distance project narrowly 0.02 seconds, placing him second. The teacher said, in sports, he should have good prospects.

His self-reliance,http://www.slotorsre.fora.pl/index.php?item/create_form/1, affecting around classmates and friends. Friends than ostentation, but rather than learning, more than frugal than motivated.

His helpfulness, of course, there are some people who want to help him. "Probably it was last winter, it began to snow, while the road is white." Yan Ming Qiang said, "a van from Monju town began with me a few kilometers, drivers have to pull me a ride, I smiled and said: Thank you without the ...... "Everywhere there is love,http://bbs.anjian.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, let Yan Ming strong pleased endless.

Praying parents recovered as soon as possible

The same day, reporters car and send him home. Just ride,piumini woolrich, he said: "This is my second go by car." Asked him for the first time in what he said when working in Zhengzhou,nike tn pas cher france, the owner of the car ride. Then, he said, the car really is a little uncomfortable, yet walked handy on the road!

Dove came Shan Yan Village, Yan Ming strong into the house, his father was not at home,mulberry outlet, the mother curled up in bed and asked with concern: "? They walked back."

Said the old man, Ming-running school thing, I initially did not know. Later know, distressed children suffer, his mother advised him to ride. But the child insisted that parents have no way to make them happy is, Yan Ming Qiang no exhaustion,abercrombie outlet, actually more stronger.

Then,woolrich donna, Yan Ming Qiang took the mother's arms and legs began to massage. "I hope the parents get better soon." Yan Ming Qiang said it was his greatest wish.