Sister just finished late last year thyroid cancer surgery, 32-year-old Yang recently went so far as to detect this disease. March 14, reporters learned from the Castle many hospitals, hereditary thyroid cancer in recent years,scarpe hogan, due to environmental pollution, life stress and other reasons, resulting in an increase in patients with thyroid disease.

Ms. Yang said the public, in the second half of last year,moncler uomo outlet, when my sister physical examination to detect thyroid bad, the doctor advised her to go to the review, I did not expect diagnosed with cancer, but fortunately found earlier, and now my sister after surgery recovery is also good.

"When I accompany my sister in hospital over bed,air max pour femme, listening to the doctors say that with a lot of people have this disease, but no symptoms of the disease." Ms. Yang said, after listening to the doctors, she felt pretty terrible,basket air jordan pas cher, so he can go investigation of the investigation. As a result, Ms. Yang himself had thyroid cancer. "I usually have good body, nor any symptoms, I really did not expect this." Ms. Yang said, the doctor said her illness was found relatively early,woolrich outlet online italia, it should be no problem after surgery.

"Thyroid cancer familial genetic trait." Tsing Yi Fuyuan, deputy director of the Alvin thyroid surgery, said that the incidence of several people in a situation often encountered. "Now thyroid disease has become a worldwide problem, the global incidence is rising." Alvin said, now on outpatient admissions can be six or seven to ten patients a day,,nike tn pas cher, significantly increased than before.

"Thyroid diseases are also a lot of our admissions." Director of the Central Hospital of Endocrinology, Yao Min Soo said from their clinic situation, thyroid disease patients compared with five or six years ago,air max pas cher, an increase of two or three times. "Before patients are more middle-aged now, regardless of age of." Yao Min Soo said, now has a small old.

"To our examination, basically check the thyroid." Director of Qingdao Fu Wai Hospital Medical Center said, from the examination point of view,nike tn pas cher, there are 55% of people suffer from varying degrees of thyroid disease. Staff Haici Hospital Medical Center, told reporters,moncler outlet milano, in their examination of the people there,, half detect thyroid problems.

"There are many reasons why the incidence of thyroid, such as environmental pollution." Alvin said radiation in the environment can lead to thyroid disease, such as mobile phones, computers and other electronic products.

Yao Min Soo told reporters, emotional factors are also important reasons induced thyroid disease. According to reports, the thyroid gland is the body's largest and most important endocrine organ, the thyroid secretion of thyroid hormone, can promote metabolism, promote growth, increase the excitability of the central nervous system, if the mood is not good, it will affect the body's internal environment. Angry person likes best to change that, if a long period of depressed mood state, thyroid obviously, but also bad for the body to produce negative emotional stimuli,, the longer the duration, the more so that the autonomic nervous system dysfunction,woolrich,, cell growth out of control, mutations cause cancer.

"Although the incidence of thyroid improve, but early detection can be cured." Alvin said. Do not worry too much about the people,,moncler outlet online,, the early detection of thyroid cancer cure rate of more than 90%.

Alvin says, thyroid cancer,, unlike other cancers, there is no pain when the disease, there is no other symptoms are often feeling when late, so people usually have to regularly check the body,woolrich,, especially those with a family history of thyroid cancer. In addition, the public usually can touch this place on both sides of the chest above the organ, although no early symptoms, but the larger nodules can touch.

Reporter Wei Lili

(Original title: sisters suffered from thyroid cancer)