A full 10 days, Young Volunteers Association, Central South University, "empty nesters Service Team" volunteers,, still in the bell rang, they habitually went to school Xiyuan 19, 2nd Floor, Zou grandmother's home, but , empty room never see the smiling faces of Zou grandmother.

November 16, volunteers received a letter of thanks, which is Zou grandmother living in heaven in dying a neighbor wrote. When you see that a "Children, you are not loved, but owning family,abercrombie soldes, thank you for years of care," the kids could not help but burst into tears.

Companionship is the best care

Zou grandmother had no children, his wife died after living alone for many years. Three years ago, Yunlu Park community will Zou grandmother as "empty nesters" clients, since then, the emergence of student volunteers to Zou grandmother adds a lot of laughter.

Shuai senior volunteers from freshman to start to take care of Zou grandmother, is one of the longest service time, his ideas are: service "empty nesters" is not only the responsibility of family, but to accompany the elderly to speak.

The first to go when Shuai Zou grandmother,woolrich outlet, pretty scary, because he would not do housework, help the elderly what to do? After the door, Zou grandmother's smile made him relax: "Zou grandmother always said, you come to see me is the best care."

In accordance with the service agreement, volunteers weekly on-site service just once, but Zou grandmother's enthusiasm and expectations so that we decide, as long as no class they all take turns to accompany the elderly. Over time, we regard the grandmother as a family, learning difficulties,, life troubles, will immediately talk to her grandmother,tn pas cher, and even found a male and female friends, will take a look at the past to her grandmother, hoping to get my grandmother's blessing.

Love Relay, volunteers as a "true filial"

Although to be out after graduating from the university campus volunteers,, but take care of tasks from Zou grandmother did not fall. Volunteers Association chairman Chen Bin introduction, annual freshman recruit new volunteers will be under the leadership of the old players, work, wait until the old players graduate, new volunteers is also very experienced. 3 years down, take care of my grandmother Zou volunteers from the beginning of the five development to more than 20.

By the end of October, Zou grandmother at home, careful not to fall, fall hard. Volunteers load Hung Wang heard the news, and immediately taken to hospital for the elderly and volunteers. The investigation, Zou grandmother broken backs, was immediately admitted to hospital for surgery, they immediately called all the volunteers together to discuss how to take care of.

Zou grandmother after surgery has been stuck in the oxygen tube, the body can not move. According volunteer their spare time, a list of a scheduling table,, each take turns in hospital care, Zou grandmother backs injured, urine is difficult to take care of themselves, the volunteers will help her pick feces pick urine. See volunteers Gezhong Lei roll up their sleeves to work,hogan outlet, look, Zou grandmother somewhat embarrassed, Gezhong Lei quickly comforted:. "Your grandmother is my pro, these are not all grandchildren should do thing."

Zou grandmother lying on the bed of the day, every day we give Grandma massage,abercrombie, laundry,abercrombie milano, Cuozao, then urine. She has said admiringly: "Grandma you really happy, grandchildren are so obedient!" Remarks to her grandmother moved to tears. Later, patients find that after all student volunteers on duty every day, it is the endless emotion: "! All of them are 'true dutiful son.'"

Come elderly neighbor wrote a letter of thanks

November 5, Zou grandmother's condition suddenly deteriorated,hogan outlet, died, relatives and elderly volunteers together arranged for her funeral. On the 16th, Xiyuan 19 of BAN long Hu Shengxiang teacher handed the letter of thanks volunteers hands.

"At that time she had no strength,louboutin chaussures femme, but still firmly grasp my hand, I will help her to complete this wish, she said,, so many years, too many children bring joy." So, Ms. Hu carefully pondering for a few days, and only then written the letter.

Hearing this, the volunteers cried. "In the end, my grandmother wanted to read or are we!" Pun told reporters in Yunlu Park community, there are still eight to take care of "empty nesters", they'll thank grandmother of other services for the elderly as power. "I hope everyone is 'empty nesters' helping hand, a smile,scarpe hogan outlet, a company, they will be moved to long, long time."

Those warm clips

Open air wearing a hat,, grandmother distressed children

Chen Bin,nike tn pas cher,, president of the Association in the hands of volunteers, there is the book a "care Zou grandmother Notes",scarpe hogan outlet, the above Incurred: "The bus went to the hospital to accompany my grandmother, my grandmother would be very uncomfortable, can accompany her to talk Or give her to find a comfortable position, "" Grandma's stomach is not good, do not let her eat too much food, drink too much drink "to the group. Every time there is a new volunteer to take over, they will first read it again.

Volunteers Xiedong Rong remember,, every summer to see Zou grandmother at home wearing a wool cap, felt very strange at first, and later learned that her grandmother because of poor health, not blowing fans and air conditioning in summer, but in order to keep volunteers heat, She put the air conditioning fan fully open, and then his own hat.

Once the holidays, we give Zou elderly grandmother bought a box of milk and honey, I did not expect Zou grandmother was very angry,giubbotto woolrich, "she put stuff into our arms to drive us away, and said sternly, next time you buy something, do not come a. "At this time, we came to understand, the original distressed grandmother for her children to spend.

Reporter Huang Jing