Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Liu Ying) two days before yesterday,abbigliamento peuterey uomo, King of 56 children in a kindergarten from Zhuhai Hi-tech Zone because of abdominal pain,http://www.idyllarbor.com/research/search.cgi, vomiting and other symptoms gradually went to King's Hospital for treatment,http://momoinu.net/obbs/minbbso.cgi, where some of the children with a fever and so on. It is understood that this is not the kindergarten children of collective food poisoning caused by illness,http://www.bjleyuantang.com/news/html/?23549.html, but infection "Norovirus" virus due. Currently,abercrombie online outlet, the vast majority of child symptoms improved home,http://bizguide.businessownersideacafe.com/cgi-bin/glinks/search.cgi,peuterey outlet, only three remain in hospital for observation and found no cases of severe disease. The kindergarten class has been part of the holiday, and classrooms disinfected.

Yesterday morning,woolrich sito ufficiale, in front of the King's Hospital pediatric lined kids come to see the doctor, most of them between four and five years old. Upon inquiry,http://chaos-file.jp/bbs2/bbs.cgi,boutique louboutin paris, the majority of these children have come from the doctor with a kindergarten,http://bbs.szqltc.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2859, its symptoms are abdominal pain,abercrombie & fitch outlet, vomiting, and some of the children with a fever and so on.

After the above incident,mulberry outlet, Zhuhai levels attach great importance to the health sector,scarpe hogan interactive,http://www.uilpensionatiabruzzo.it/kunena/suggestion-box/65005-1lxbxnk7u0#65007, the Municipal Health Bureau sent City CDC and City Health Authority's emergency team arrived kindergarten, to carry out epidemiological investigations to guide site disinfection and health promotion and education, etc.,http://www.knownicing.com/forum/profile.php?id=18394,nike air max pas cher, prevent disease expand. After epidemiological investigation and sampling inspection,air max, a preliminary judge for intestinal infections Caused by Norovirus.

According to medical experts, "norovirus" virus belongs to a group of calicivirus virus, previously called "Norwalk-like virus",moncler, the digestive tract is highly infectious, with acute onset, spread fast and wide-ranging features ,scarpe hogan outlet, a non-bacterial diarrhea outbreaks main cause.