Accused of "solo" after the name of the band in the name of publicity zero in Handan business performance without singing "zero" oldies,http://vacations.galatravels.com/nexres/search/power_search.cgi,nike air max pas cher, former lead singer Zhou Xiaoou zero is zero ovo guitarist,chaussures louboutin pas cher, drummer and keyboard player Ermao prosecution towards Luomeng .

The band members requested Zhou Xiaoou issued an apology, eliminate the impact may not be to "zero band" in the name of the organization, to participate in various performances and production and distribution records, and compensation for economic losses and mental anguish 5 million yuan.

Recently, the Handan City Intermediate People's Court has accepted the case. In this connection,moncler sito ufficiale, people ovo in Beijing, Ermao toward Luomeng and accepted an exclusive interview with Zhou Xiaoou newspaper.

Musicians complain

Zhou Xiaoou fraudulent use of the band name to sing classic songs

Ovo said they often heard the name of 0:00 Zhou Xiaoou the past few years the band around the country under the banner of commercial performances, the band's classic songs sung 0:00.

Day in early July this year, someone told ovo,http://champion-fukuoka.com/bbs/bbs.cgi, Handan many streets are posted "at 0:00 on August 13 the band Handan super fan club,http://www.1luxiangbei.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=5008099&extra=," the poster, but still at 0:00 on 2003 with a band concert posters Worker .

August 13th day of the show, ovo, who arrived in Handan, discovered the case. Night 11:00, Handan "The Banquet" nightclub full of people,http://www.es-project.net/maruyu/joyful2009121/joyful.cgi,chaussures nike tn pas cher, a lot of fans are directed at the organizers publicized "zero band" to go.

Coming out of the "zero" Only Zhou Xiaoou a person behind accompaniment is unknown musicians. Zhou Xiaoou zero band sang "love me" and other classic songs the band Zero 7. During which he rushed fans shouted: "You want me to sing,moncler uomo, or to act?" Fans shouted in unison, "sing." But Zhou Xiaoou not know, former teammates in the audience.

Musicians are very angry. North Korea Luomeng said: "If it personally seen, I can not believe he would do you put our songs are sung, let's go do.?"

Zero had promised not to separate concert band songs

Ovo said Zhou Xiaoou is by his own description, adding zero in 1994. Previously, the two men met eight years of friends.

Oge said that after 2004 "Qingdao drug-related incident" occurred, Zhou Xiaoou raised either by the media alleged drug ovo and towards Luomeng quit, or their exit, leaving him and the overall development towards Luomeng band was forced to withdraw.

17 months later, the band unable to find better musicians please ovo and toward Luomeng rejoin, after zero popularity rebounded. Ovo say, when we are full momentum, to take the opportunity to return to the pinnacle, but Zhou Xiaoou want to leave.

Ermao said that although we retain Zhou Xiaoou did not go through, but then he rarely attend rehearsals started out dry other "live." Every band in the meeting of the company, he either late or do not come.

Towards Luomeng also said that some performances directly contacted Zhou Xiaoou, asking zero willing to participate in the concert, Zhou Xiaoou was filming, directly pushed. Later,tn pas cher, we did not know anything about it, very sorry.

At that time we had a performance fee, five members of the band are all equally. Musicians believe that zero is a group, no one who is light weight. Ovo speculated that Zhou Xiaoou may feel that they have become Waner, take less money too. If he is alone on the outside, certainly take more than that after the split of the band.

December 31, 2007, after zero Sanya performances, Zhou Xiaoou propose to leave again.

Ovo said, when Zhou Xiaoou initiative to admit that he and Zhao Baogang company has signed a five-year television contract, to stay zero "delay the work." Faced retain, Zhou Xiaoou said today's music market downturn, but soon had to take care of my wife, I hope the band waiting for him for three years. Zhou Xiaoou was also guaranteed zero after singing the song never alone.

February 26, 2008, Zhou Xiaoou posting on the blog officially announced its withdrawal.

Wait three years to sell the house musicians livelihoods

Three years later, the band have been waiting for Zhou Xiaoou return, and believe he will return, and therefore did not make a new lead singer,http://tbcc.todo.ne.jp/petit/petit.cgi,scarpe hogan outlet, nor any performances.

During that time, an emotional musicians. Recall, ovo suddenly burst into tears. "We used the time to pursue music for years,abercrombie italia online, suddenly stopped, is intolerable. Kind of anguish, unimaginable!"

Although the band Zero visibility is high, but the income is not as high as people think. Waited in vain for three years spent all their savings, for the life force, ovo, Ermao and towards their living Luomeng will sell the house for many years,http://www.chrisadamsperfumes.com/index.php?item/create_form/1, began to renters.

2010 ovo arrested for drug use,http://rockclimbing.com.nmsrv.com/cgi-bin/videos/search.cgi, shelter or other drug Ermao jailed for six months. They said, "mistakes" and then all kinds of great pressure.

Today, the band members have been impossible to return Zhou Xiaoou exact message. Ovo to Zhou Xiaoou sent an SMS only four words: "bad faith."

"Rengeyouzhi, he did not want to come back Well, we are now actively rehearsing and writing, and to find a new lead singer,abercrombie outlet, ready to come back before the end of the year." Oge said.

Zero Band: 1989 Founded in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, the band members all received formal professional music training. Representative works include "Do not misunderstand," "Eternal starting point", "Every night every day," "love me" and so on. February 2008, Zhou Xiaoou published an article in the blog, Xuan

Exit Zero cloth band. But not zero band disbanded.

Former lead singer responded

Faced with accusations made by five big respond Zhou Xiaoou

Recently, the reporter linked to Zhou Xiaoou. He was once the "good brothers" litigation and accusations against him responded.

"Can only hire a lawyer."

For the respondent concerned, Zhou Xiaoou still unaware. He said that if indicted, and that there is no recourse but to hire a lawyer.

"I can not control."

For the "zero band banner banner publicity," one, he said propaganda is "The Banquet" nightclub engage in, and he could not control.

"It belongs to remake"

For the "zero trespassing sing the song" one, which is a remake Zhou Xiaoou said. "And the audience on stage and I said, I leave now zero, and zero does not belong to the band." He said.

At the same time, he believes that these songs are the creation of the band members together, and he is entitled to copyright.

"Left because liked filming"

Prior to leaving the team for repeatedly raised, Zhou Xiaoou said he wanted to leave not feel like fame, and too little in the band earned. Five members of the band to get as much at the time, he did not think that should not be.

He explained that he wanted to leave is that "all the dreams and honors are achieved, and then again just like on the filming," but insisted that did not work because the band had to delay filming.

"In fact, I've been 'doing everything humanly possible.'"

He admitted that he had received ovo blamed themselves "bad faith,abercrombie & fitch outlet," the message,woolrich milano, but stressed that he is already "doing everything humanly possible" because encounter opportunities to perform, he also recommended to the organizers had zero band.

For others wait during hardship, he said he did not approach. "I go back to what is the use ah, after all, a brilliant all gone and I have been busy filming all these years, there is no chance to help them and I thought, wait 50 years old back then open a concert Ge Jige what , but that is what happened after. "he said.

Lawyers say

"Zero band" is a trademark belonging to members of the Total

Recently, ovo, who commissioned Hebei Wanqiang lawyer submitted a petition to the court WangGuiJiang.

Lawyer said, "zero band" is a registered trademark. Although the trademark application is written Li Ying (ovo) name, but he is Ermao toward Luomeng, Wang Xiaodong commissioned three band members (then Zhou Xiaoou has withdrawn), on behalf of the band to register by zero.

"Zero band" are the band members in the law there are not a person. Zhou Xiaoou long retreat team blatant theft of trademark self-serving behavior, violation of the plaintiff on the "zero band" registered trademark.

The complaint also said that Zhou Xiaoou contaminate other staff team performance, poor quality of the performances, ruining the "zero band" image in the minds of fans, against the reputation of the plaintiff.

Oge,http://www.klonopinbuy.fora.pl/index.php?item/create_form/1, who as a well-known musician, individual portrait has commercial value,piumini moncler outlet, Zhou Xiaoou conduct unauthorized use of a violation of its right of portrait.

Ovo, Ermao and towards Luomeng have said 72 songs the band of zero, 11 music albums are the creators of this collective zero band, not a person. Classic song "love me" last March has been "zero band" to the State Copyright Bureau registration, band members enjoy its collective copyright, any unauthorized individuals can not be used for commercial performances.

Lawyers believe that Zhou Xiaoou singing these songs zero acts violated the plaintiffs, who collectively copyrights.

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