Daily News (Reporter Hu Juyang) father had an affair,nike tn, and her mother divorced. The little girl angrily to car theft, the purpose is "to let parents shame."

6 o'clock yesterday morning,abercrombie outlet, the provincial capital Shibalihe community police station Cheng Daohui, Zhang Xun, who on patrol found a little girl in a moving bicycle. Police believe the little girl lost car keys and tried to help, but,moncler donna, the little girl said: "!! I stole this car,,peuterey outlet milano, and you take me for no other vehicle theft ...... I just want parents to shame."

The little girl surnamed Song,nike tn pas cher, 14 years old,,peuterey outlet italia,, Zhoukou people. Parents do in Zhengzhou health care business,, three homes in Zhengzhou,piumino woolrich, there is room, as well as a van. Xiao Song read the first two days in the city,,air jordan 6, academic performance is also good. Over the last month,abercrombie, my father had an affair,,giubbotto woolrich, and her mother divorced. Quarrel occurred two times.

6:00 in the morning, my mother get up early to go to purchase. Xiao Song after getting up,spaccio woolrich,, see the family does not eat,louboutin,, wandering on the street, he saw the police patrol, she stole a family member courtyard near a bike, but also deliberately let the police found.

Currently, the matter is being further processed.