Wenchuan earthquake that moment, the teacher before the student ran out of the classroom Fan Meizhong. Faced with accusations, he said: "This life and death decisions in an instant, only for my daughter,abercrombie outlet, I might consider sacrificing self,, other people,, even if it was my mother,, in this case I do not care." One stone ripple, so he called the "Running Fan."

Since the earthquake, Fan Meizhong with a "loner" identity "coming out" over and over again representations own values ​​and ethics.

In the recent heavy rain in Chongqing, Chongqing taxi driver abandoned passengers regardless of the master text,scarpe hogan outlet, self-escape, is called "Running Man." "Running Fan",, "Running Man", in essence, whether the association? Meizhong on the "Running Man" support or oppose?

August 29, Meizhong invited to participate in the economic Qilu TV "lecturing the world" column, about his "Running Man" event view. 14:30 the same day, he was interviewed by newspaper reporters.

About myself I was a hermit bones

Reporter: Are you a graduate of Beijing University, do you feel the alternative?

Meizhong: Peking University is one of the best schools in China, but there are worse places. In China, there is no particular cow school. North winds have free and open, I do not prominent in the North, because we are strange, very independent, have their own ideas. My students do not feel I have more to blame.

Reporter: You bones are a kind of person,woolrich outlet?

Meizhong: my soul is a hermit, like Tao Yuanming. But it can not say that I am the person for their own interests. I used to live aloof, unaffected life,woolrich outlet, but now under a lot of attack. I have not pursued in the name of the public, but the academic name. I do not ride with the public sector, there is no intersection.

Reporter: "Because speech crimes", your life has changed a lot, how do you afford?

Meizhong: I do not use seismic hype themselves, not hype themselves using their own absurd argument. After I was attacked, but there are more people listening to talk. I was a nobody, although strong,, but nobody listens to me, and now I have been many articles in the past turned out. I am confident that I have established position, but no institutional status.

In addition, I am now living easier. Many people wrongly estimate the survival now I have a problem, in fact, wrong. Now, there are a lot of units requested me to go to work. On the Internet, people who support me more than 50%.

When I can not afford to eat rice,Scarpe hogan outlet, perhaps will bow. But now, I will not compromise.

Reporter: You and students often contact you?

Fan Meizhong: traveling much, but there are a few people relationship better. I seek is the spirit of communication and interaction qualities. I am a simple man, I do not like some of the Chinese culture, lunar, there is no true self. I like kindness, integrity,piumini donna outlet, honesty, simple people.

 About the status quo, I never left Guangya School

Reporter: Are you from Beijing to Jinan it? Some media said that you were dismissed after Dujiangyan Guangya school last year went to Beijing ......

Meizhong: I come from Chengdu. I have never left Guangya school!

Reporter: So, you've been Guangya schools teach?

Fan Meizhong: Yes, I am still a teacher there. Last year, I went to Beijing to open the media that China's education as a teacher. In fact, the company would like to invite me to go when the time honorary president, and lectures. Later, do not know is that the company pressured education authorities, or the Central University for Nationalities under pressure (lecture held at the school), lectures canceled.

Said at the time to hire a good year, but I did not speak a lesson. Later, they gave me sink to six months salary, I accept it, I suppose I have to advertise to get his advertising costs.

About his family no matter how people say that I love her mother

Reporter: You said that after the earthquake, even if it is your mother, you will not pipe. This sentence makes you very passive.

Meizhong: This is an extreme example, I want to make two points: first, when the situation is extremely critical to my ability, I could only save one child, that is my daughter; Second, life is equal My life is more important than others.

Reporter: In fact, your mother would not agree with you with your life in exchange for her life, because she loves you. But her heart will not be hard to accept?

Fan Meizhong: Actually,peuterey outlet, no matter how people say, mother knows I love her. Love in the usual action, not the two sentences. It has been on me these "outrageous", then asked my mother, she said nothing. She knew my people speak very straight, and I usually love her.

Reporter: Do you often go home? The family has no involvement in your words and deeds?

Meizhong: I go home twice a year, mainly to visit his mother and siblings, to his mother to buy something. Home for me, no charm at all, walking in the village, no one can understand my thoughts, and I have nothing to say to them, saying they did not understand.

Reporter: Your words and actions will have a bad influence on children? As she grew up, you know you will not be unhappy after things?

Meizhong: My daughter is two years old, I do not quite understand. But over time, I believe things about me will fade. I believe I daughter's educational capacity, which allows children to understand the truth, I was able to understand what kind of a person.

And I know that this community is always in progress, they will not because of my words and deeds and hurt my daughter, my mother and my wife. My blog, there are a lot of people call me, I flatly do not delete. Some people dressed in the cloak of morality, but in fact have very dirty.

Yi Zhongtian writing about literature is not very good

Reporter: August 29 the "Guangzhou Daily" interview with North butcher Lubu Xuan, he says you are a real person, but also honest than he. He said you like to think, as written, it has become common knowledge.

Meizhong: I know him, but do not know much, he is also very thought.

Reporter: I heard that you have been using too?

Meizhong: someone to engage in a avant-garde art, inviting me to participate, just give me a ticket to go, then no matter what, and travel expenses are not to me. I think a man should have the basic integrity. I am interested in literature and art,abercrombie outlet online,, for avant-garde art have identity, that they very small minority, very difficult, so agreed to go, I did not expect the other side a little honesty at all. I am angry.

Reporter: "Lecture Room" where there are a lot of people talk about history, they are out of the book. You also learn the history, but also interested in literature, you thought about the book?

Meizhong: I'm on the "Lecture Room" is not interested in a lot of people I did not read the book. Before easy in heaven "Lecture Room", I read one of his books, writing much. As for the "Three Kingdoms", from the traditional point of view, okay, but I do not like it,moncler sito ufficiale outlet, because this book is the lack of criticism.

I now have two manuscript. This is an anthology, mostly my essays, papers, and literary criticism class education articles; another this is Lu Xun's "Weeds" research, absolutely cattle, I dare say, I research on Lu Xun is very powerful. Unfortunately, for some reason, no publishers willing to give me published.

About "apprentice" I stood opposite "Running Man" position

Reporter: Some people say, "Running Man" is your apprentice, how do you see?

Fan Meizhong: First, I think people have any dignity and rights, even if he is a criminal. Just giving up a humiliating nickname, which is disrespectful. Secondly, I do not think that my master text effects. He explained it to my previous point,air max junior pas cher, he is out of survival instinct. Many people in the name of life, deprived of life,,nike tn pas cher, in the name of morality against morality. Always thinking a question of moral starting point, it is easy to go wrong. I think that morality should be lower, not higher, on the contrary, we should pay attention to the institutional, technical and norms.

Reporter: You are standing on "Running Man" position?

Meizhong: I was standing opposite his position. Taxi driver just drove it, he can not impose a more ethical. He has a responsibility to protect the passengers, but only in the best of its ability within the range. I think the road design department, traffic department and municipal authorities should be responsible for this matter.

In fact, some provisions are nonsense, you should add more details. For example, a teacher aged 60, and his 18-year-old student,chaussure tn pas cher, when criminals broke into the classroom, teachers protect students, teachers or students to protect? (Reporter Huang Zhiyi intern Li Xuemei)

■ Postscript

Two hours of interviews passed unconsciously. In an interview, Fan Meizhong clear, fluent. He always emphasized that he was a simple man,, thoughtful people, who have the basic integrity.