These days, Arab friends (a pseudonym) QQ signature has always been: "the pain of flesh who won the heart of how than pain."

This is because two weeks ago, he had just experienced a death.

The evening of May 4, A friend and his best friend is one of only two, the same is "90", the same workers to follow in Taizhou, Zhejiang Chen's parents live and stars (a pseudonym) to commit suicide, place in Taizhou Jiaojiang Jia Zhi lawn garden center on the Big Wheel.

A friend was rescued over,peuterey, while Chen and the stars are forever buried. A Friends of the family asked why the fudge, his answer is simple:. "Tired, boring lives, want to live."

Taizhou City District Jia Zhi Big Wheel center garden is frequented by residents of nearby leisure facilities. In good weather at night, usually there will be hundreds of people dancing in the Big Wheel, walk the dog, take a walk.

Before the accident, A friend, Chen and the stars also like to sit here and chat, but are generally in the middle of the night.

May 4 in the afternoon, A friend in the cafe across the stars, the caller said the Internet to see Chen, wanted the agreement to commit suicide together. "A person does not have the courage,scarpe hogan, the courage of three people on the big."

"First Chen, the latter is the stars, and then I." A friend said, adding that his death was a voluntary agreement.

Day 17:22, A friend updates from the Internet out of the QQ signature: "Suicide end ......"

Internet out of three people who find there are dozens of dollars did not run out that money is not spent dead wasted on cafe outside the stalls to buy five bottles of beer, a bottle of Double pot. "Chen says drunk to embolden, I did not drink wine, they drank a little child."

They agreed to start jumping, it is best "building, to die vigorous", also intends to buy a rope tied to each other's legs,Hogan outlet, so afraid someone dare jump.

But that night they did not find the stairs on the roof, climb the 4th floor, not on the 5th floor, is planning to give up when the stars say that they have a drug house, three provisional decision medication suicide.

22:00 more, A Friends of the three came to the Big Wheel. Planetesimals from home can bring a bag of lethal chemical preservatives - sodium nitrite, with the alcohol of three individuals connected with the nearby public toilets to serve tap water orderly poison, "with no hesitation."

Three people lying quietly waiting for death on the lawn, the lawn outside the open space at this time, there are a lot of people dancing or Liu Waner, turntable outside lane traffic rolling.

Soon, the onset of toxicity, pain began to spread within the body, consciousness fairly sober A friend called the 120 emergency number.

Ambulance soon open to the turntable. Rushed to the scene of a house call doctors found that Chen pupil has been enlarged, cardiac arrest, stars and A friend was sent to hospital for treatment, but ultimately survived only A friend of a person.

"Brother, planetesimals, you come back, do not leave me alone in this world, who accompany me to the Big Wheel night talk!" This is A friend was saved after the first update QQ signature. A friend is now reluctant to go home, staying with relatives, the Internet bubble a day, rarely spoke to anyone, including his mother.

A friend in view, Chen and his world only stars can understand that due to the three of them came and similar experiences: living with their parents in Taizhou, youth drop out of school, I hope to live that kind of life, like city people but in reality repeatedly rebuffed, the lack of support and care from the family.

Parents busy working, no time to communicate with their children

Taizhou is located in coastal areas, a number of processing trade enterprises, where there was a lot of rich people. A taxi driver proudly told reporters: "In Taizhou drive a BMW, Mercedes-Benz people are more open than Santana."

Correspondingly, a much larger migrant workers. Data show that in recent years, migrants Taizhou annual rate of about 20% of the increase, the total number of migrants in 2007 the city's registration and certification of nearly 110 million people, plus not yet registered, the actual amount of the floating population more than 150 million people, accounting for The city's resident population of more than a quarter.

BMW and Mercedes-Benz A bustling city with friends regardless of their rented land from a place very close to the street is named Jia Zhi their activities. Before the accident, Chen, stars and Arab friends had long hair, close tattoos, frequently travel on this street.

This less than two kilometers of streets surrounded by low dilapidated buildings, streets everywhere selling vegetables, fruits and seafood stall,http://sofunz.com/forum/profile.php?id=788, stall holders were used with a strong Sichuan, Anhui, Hunan, Henan and other places selling Mandarin accent forward.

A street in Jia Zhi barber shop for four years shampoo small group of child workers in Anhui, said people live and make a living in the vicinity of the street than Bacheng are in the field, "the locals no one would come to this poor place. "

As night fell, Jia Zhi Street on Luanche with low lights illuminate every few steps, have to sell the disc, close the booth filled with pornographic CD cover, dress fashionable young people began to gather in small groups outside enjoy their nightlife in shampoo shops, Internet cafes, game room and billiards hall.

A friend of my father a few years ago has not been working, often outside playing cards drinking, recently began doing odd jobs, for a long time, the family living alone mom sewing machine; Chen's father in a small shipyard contractors, Mom Dengsanlun car ; The stars of the parents in the street and sell ZhuTouRou Jiazhi.

Forced by the pressure of life, three parents are in lianzhouzhuan to make money, although living together, but relatively indifferent affection, communication between them and the children are very small.

Adjacent rental home with planetesimals A neighbor said: "Sometimes his father would lock him in the house, a few days off is good, but while no one at home when his friend came over to pry open the door He let out to continue to play. "

When suicide, stars in the hands of sodium nitrite is brought in from home. More than 10 points that night, the stars suddenly return home to his mother to ask for the keys meat store room, which did not cause his parents' vigilance.

A friend said the father is now stars stepfather, had often beaten planetesimals. Planetesimals home neighbor also said the death of their house on the stars do not feel sad, until now, the stars also emit rental casket corner, "they say when the casket and then bring back home."

A friend's mother Luo admitted that she and the father of Arab friends are working out every day from morning to evening, almost no time to communicate with the child, the child has any idea never tell them.

In the bottom of the wage

A friend started working in 2007, when his family was forced in 2009 to work in Shandong, but he was very inconsistent,http://www.imc-e.net/thread-2713471-1-1.html,tn pas chere, not long before it went back to Taizhou.

Later, A friend of a KTV in Taizhou as a waiter,nike tn pas cher, the job is his family spent 1,000 yuan of money entrusted to him to find a relationship. A friend may say he does not like the job, just to "respect my father's decision was to go." A friend's father had confessed Arab friends to "open up a bit, the mouth can speak a little," but these things clearly not smooth character "honest and humble" Ah Friends can do, only two months, Arab friends to quit the KTV work.

A friend has to learn the barber shop to barber shampoo work to do. Initially, A friend also excited to invite a friend to the store QQ shampoo, but then often "shampoo wash to numb," barber shop where he least 500 head to wash every day, but the store only three shampoo work, A Friends of a man at least a day to wash 100 head.

Less than two weeks, his hands would rip up, QQ signature has changed: "one head, two big."

"Hairdressing school in the end is right or wrong, good to worry about wasting their time and did not learn." Ah Friends often choose to make their own distress alone.

And this time, to understand and to comfort him only Chen and stars. Planetesimals once a wish to encourage Arab friends: You must learn hairdressing, later returned to Sichuan, brother to open a small restaurant, you open a salon, you are hungry and went to Costa Rica to eat here for free, you can also go to Costa Rica where free shampoo. Available only over a month, A friend left the barber shop.

Chen and the stars of the situation was not much better, similar to before the suicide, Chen is studying cooking, stars in the food delivery.

Go back to rural areas not fit into the city

A Friends of the QQ space to save the trio's photo album. Three are pale skin,moncler uomo outlet, slightly immature face, and both keep the explosion fluffy hair, bangs hanging cover to the side cheek.

Like everyone else in town, A friend is a special attention to the external image of the very beauty of the boy.

A friend had a little fat, but in order to maintain a good body, he ate an apple a day, a bread, and keep running, two months down the weight loss of 22 kg, the cost of living fainted was taken to the hospital 16 days.

KTV work when the boss let A Friends of the long hair cut, retained flat head, this requirement let A friend was very painful, he wrote in his QQ space: "at 11:00 on August 21 before, I would have to cut hair loss, do not know to express what I'm feeling words. pain, heart really hurts, the hair is gone, so I was without a soul man, I care about my hair, then do not tell anyone Video of the opening. "

A Friends of the QQ open space, almost all of the photos album are his and Chen,hogan saldi outlet, the stars of the video shots. Internet chat is their main leisure activities, they will look for emotional solace through the network to fill the emptiness and disappointments of real life.

A friend has had the experience of online dating and romance again,http://www.913x.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=249978, feeling frustrated Arab friends on QQ space wrote:. "Day of love who want to feel the pain, people will think hard bread, do not want people will have nothing."

Chen, too, and after a girl he dated for some time revealed that the girl is a Fa Langnv, and this is also the name of the girl's sister "of the mix."

A friend said: "In fact, fooling, are forced out, the woman is not important for me, in my eyes only brother."

Three desire "mixed" city people like chic image. A Friends of the barber shop's colleagues say, Amen Friends intelligent, strong self-esteem, do not like to be dictated to, like smoking the Internet, each went out to play, pretty hair will blow occasionally taxi.

But chic is the need to support money. Because he did a good job earn any money, A Friends of the tube home they want, but the parents will not want to work hard earned money so that they take the consumer, hoping to save money for them to build a house,http://www.t9pingtai.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1338322, a wife. "Often because of money and family disgruntled." A friend said.

A friend has tried to live back home in Sichuan, but only live for two months, my grandmother let him back in Taizhou, "I'm afraid I'm out of trouble at home, not with my parents accountable."

Nine years living in Taizhou, Taizhou, although A friend can not be like the locals do in life, but the city has left a deep imprint on his mind. A Friends of the last to leave Taizhou work had so passionately Shandong wrote:

"Standing on the roadside, looking around the streets on both sides of the last buildings, heart sour, see the streets everyone feel like family and I know this time do not know there is no possibility to leave once again set foot on this spent several years in the city. call a friend goodbye, say good cry, the tears still fall a .9 years I have too many thoughts in that city types, regardless of people or things are firmly in the heart of India , and now I went to another city ...... always kept replace survival locations, constantly meeting new people, constantly giving up some friends even if I'm not too happy, but it also had to be so. "

Similar tragedy occurred a month ago

May 18,http://yunsouso.com/zhidao/question.php?qid=97582,hogan 2014, on the second floor Taizhou City District Jia Zhi Street, a cafe, a night on the network's Li Qiang (a pseudonym) on top of a man smoking a cigarette against the seat, while listening to MP3 songs played in dynamic networks.

Li Qiang, 19-year-old, his hometown in Jiangxi, because "it does not go on to read," junior high school did not graduate with his parents to the country to work, from work after the Spring Festival this year began in Huangyan District of Taizhou an electronics factory, "overnight Internet, billiards, drinking "almost all of his life outside of work.

More than a month ago, he lost in the factory in Hunan to know two of "Baiba" brother. "We have sworn when it put a banquet table, Wang Xiaogang (sound) and Wang Lu (sound) than I was, still holding the wine said to me, 'I recognize you this brother, we are away from home, after what Although things look for our brothers', but now two people are not in the. "Qiang said.

One day in April of this year, Li Qiang, commuting back to the dorm and found Wang Xiaogang and Wang Road has poisoned dead in a dormitory bed.

The night before the accident, Wang Xiaogang please Jia Zhi Qiang to a street cafe pack the night, "I'm playing a game, the two of them a girl all night and chat QQ." Qiang said.

The next morning at 7 o'clock, three back to the dorm, "I urge them both to go to work, can Wang Xiaogang said, 'You go, I do not, work boring'."

Li Qiang Wang Xiaogang asked what had happened, but he was there from the blood brother is very impatient sentence:. "You control me why, I do not thing you tube"

Intermittent eat lunch, and when Li Qiang dormitory Huanxie find two people are not in the dormitory, to call them, were shut down.

Li Qiang night and then back to the dorm, I saw lying in bed, Wang Xiaogang and Wang Lu has to die, "Later I learned that they fail because online dating only spur poisoned himself."

Li Qiang Wang Xiaogang want to read the card folder on the phone call to Wang, but Wang Xiaogang found even the family's mobile phone numbers are not stored, only keep a lot of girls number.

"His introverted personality, what do you hold in my heart, and family relationship is not very good, very rarely see him and family on the phone, usually only a few heterosexual friends to call." Qiang said.

Later, Wang Qiang found a phone on a card inside luggage Wang Xiaogang, after what he called the telephone to inform the king's parents happened, "his parents thought I was a practical joke, and said more than two months to go before my son when it comes to good, how would suddenly commit suicide? "

Li Qiang, the electronics factory where there are many like him, "90" young migrant workers, working 12 hours a day, in addition to sleep time outside of work is the Internet and play billiards, communication range is very narrow, confined to a few fellow and co- dormitory able to talk to workers.

Rise to poor children and create more channels

From Henan Zhumadian, in Taizhou workers seven years Jiang Peng (a pseudonym) recently every few days to Taizhou China stand to receive psychological counseling physician counseling. The young man just 30 years old, looks seem much larger than their actual age, and when reporters talk eyes blurred slow, intermittent discourse, logical confusion.

Working frustrated, his recent failed marriage always wanted to commit suicide the way to seek relief, "pesticides are bought, but for no one to take care of his son thought, I might have gone." Jiang Peng said.

Jiang Peng never graduated from junior high school to work in Guangdong,nike air max one, a performance group, back home after a cooking school cook to Beijing. In Beijing, he and a job in the restaurant Hebei Chengde girl fell in love, and quickly married.

Seven years ago, he was working with his parents in Taizhou, require continuous standing work more than ten hours a day. Last year, Jiang Peng is suffering from lumbar disc herniation, and therefore unemployment, his wife left him.

Now Jiang Peng Shi Polan family life can only be maintained by their parents, but nevertheless, Jiang Peng family is not willing to back home, "ground did not, go back and lower revenue than it is now."

Jiang Peng said: "I have a sister, before the same work in Taizhou, committed suicide in the year, I do not know what my future."

Taizhou China counseling station greatest exposure to the crowd that workers in Taizhou, which is more to the "80", "90" of the younger generation of migrant workers based.

MD, director of the Central Hospital of Taizhou Mental Health Division, said: "A lot of young migrant workers have psychological problems, common symptoms are: depression,http://www.bjtsdhh.com/bbs/read.php?tid-2073843.html, anxiety and social communication disorders, mainly home-made mechanism for social problems, we This group is too lacking attention. "

"These young people eager to find a good job, and the city people live the same life, but because of less educated, less mastered technology, in reality, had experienced many setbacks and frustrations, once the period of time it is easy to walk continuously frustrated extreme. mental health of young migrant workers urgent need of attention. " said.

"Rural go back, but not very well integrated into the city, there is no virtuous circle of communication, lack of emotional talk channel, which is the majority of parents living with migrant workers 'second-generation farmers' situation." Yangbo Quan said.

Yang Boquan think a lot of young migrant workers, especially the second generation of migrant workers was the result of psychological problems, a widening wealth gap, the children of poor families increased by way of a narrow origin and other social factors are the main reason. "We should give full attention to this population, and its capacity to improve the social homemade system,tn pas cher, to create more poor children rose channels and sound psychological crisis intervention system." This reporter Tian Lei country, "Xinhua Daily Telegraph" reporter Ji Ling

Let "agricultural II" to become a true corporate citizen

"If you do not change the social structures, relying solely on psychological counseling is difficult to change the current generation of migrant workers living conditions and negative psychology." Lu Hui Pro Peking University associate professor of social thought, "90" Suicide is not just migrant workers personal psychological problems.

May 18, 9 sociologists universities, Tsinghua University, Peking University sent a joint letter calling for the parties to work together to solve the problem as soon as possible the new generation of migrant workers. 9 scholars wrote in a joint letter, hoping migrant workers to become real corporate citizen, community citizens.

"In the past 30 years, hundreds of millions of Chinese rely on cheap labor, mainly from rural areas to create a export-oriented 'world factory', to achieve a sustained and rapid growth of China's economy, but at the same time, the basic rights of workers to survive long been ignored . "nine scholars mentioned in the written proposal:" We note with GDP growth of the phenomenon of coexistence of a widening wealth gap, and labor costs are down with the pressure on employment, workers are continuing to ignore the voice of social facts ...... for freshmen generation of migrant workers in many people,abercrombie donna, since the moment they leave their homes ...... they are migrant workers embarked on a road of no return. "

"Some of these young people will be suicidal behaviors attributed to their young and the going gets tough, I strongly disagree." Guo sociology professor at Tsinghua University in China on the popular challenge this view. Guo Yu Hua believes that the root cause of migrant workers in the "agricultural II" took to the road to commit suicide, is unreasonable institutional arrangements.

"They are rootless generation," Guo in China described the new generation of migrant workers. Compared to the first generation of migrant workers hard to leave their homeland,http://www.certificationpoint.org/discussionforum2/viewtopic.php?pid=36457#p36457, she thinks the second generation of migrant workers more eager to city life. "They are eager to take off 'migrant workers' hats, their due rights and dignity in the city." Lu Hui Pro said.

"When you do not see the possibility of working towards settled life in the city, when the significance of working sudden collapse, the way forward has been blocked, way back already closed, caught in such a situation the new generation of migrant workers in identity aspects of a serious crisis. "This is a written proposal for the new generation of migrant workers in the analysis of psychological crisis.

In the Proposal, the scholars will present Chinese enterprise development model is called "low human rights advantage" to maintain growth.

They mentioned, should immediately stop at the expense of basic human dignity at the expense of the development model, called on companies to make concrete efforts to improve the treatment and rights of migrant workers, the local government to provide policy support for migrant workers housing, education and health care and other social needs .

"Now the national minimum wage is to develop the highest wages of many factories, how more than 1,000 yuan a month enough to survive?" Talking about how to improve the living conditions of the new generation of migrant workers,piumini woolrich, Lu Hui Pro believe we must give them to settle the matter in the city security and hope, to give them dignity.

"These new generation of migrant workers should be allowed to help the community feel." Guo Yu Hua believes that migrant workers "agricultural II" divided the missing individual, a sense of community will make them feel lonely,http://www.kuts.cn/dz2/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=287176, vulnerable, potentially increasing the chance of suicidal events. "Trade unions and social organizations should actively help them, let the new generation of migrant workers feel the warmth of the community." (Intern saver)