WASHINGTON "I'm really grateful to him, he will not give him money, wanted to borrow your newspaper to thank him." Yesterday morning, Hebei People's Congress Liu hotline phone call to the newspaper.

Large Liu Xiaoshan is ready to invest, this is mainly to study the investment environment.

The day before yesterday 23:00,http://www.footjunior.com/forum/profile.php?id=1053, large Liu driving his BMW car,moncler piumini, and his wife together through Riverside Park in Xiaoshan,nike tn pas cher france, to examine the investment environment. Unexpectedly, from the car to a Hainan Mazda car,abercrombie france, parked in front of his BMW car.

Three big man got out of a man, with a northeast accent he would yell: "You put our car plan to lose money!!" An opening should he pay a thousand dollars.

Big Lau baffled: his car in front of the open properly,woolrich parka donna, how could draw to their car? Must be met legendary "Pengci" people, took out the phone ready to alarm.

Unexpectedly, these people grabbed up a cell phone in his hand,http://www.okadds.com/Main_Page, and began pushing and shoving on him, as if to "teach" him. Big car, Liu wife also scared.

At that very moment, a taxi through, down to a height of about one meter seven boys from the car,basket nike tn pas cher, shouted: "! Do not fight,http://tbcc.todo.ne.jp/petit/petit.cgi," these people then go hit him.

Though not tall lad, but agile, martial artists. Him to an enemy three, after a quarter of an exchange of punches, the trio fled.

Young man's lips in this fight bloodied up.

Shaken then pulled out a large Liu million,abercrombie italia,http://starz.site40.net/index.php?site=forum_topic&topic=3268, wants to reward this young man, did not think he refused; asked his name,vetement abercrombie pas cher,http://www.ruemorguepress.com/cgi-bin/catsearch.cgi, said the sentence: "Call me veterans on the line."

In large Liu repeated requests, the young man was leaving the phone.

"I hope when Xiaoshan investment,http://cakaraoke.com/comments/82943.html, but also to know what he." Big Liu said.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the "veterans."

He surnamed Jiang,nike tn pas cher, is a five-year military career with veterans, 35-year-old, supposedly not very young, but he insisted perennial exercise,Chaussure Louboutin, so keep physical than better.

"In the army, I was fighting and grappling Sanda are good. Although I was not tall, but the speed and strength better,abercrombie & fitch outlet,, most people can not beat me."

Small river before driving to a private owner in Jinan, shortly before his family emigrated to Canada, his boss, a small river unemployed. A comrade in Xiaoshan called him to come to work, said the work to help him,moncler outlet, so he came to the Xiaoshan.

"I took a taxi through there, he saw a man being pushed to the ground, a woman sitting in the car shouting, three personal bully a person,http://bf-farm.com.web63.cnidcn.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=715552, I would get off to see."

This look,woolrich parka, a small river on the shot. "He gave me money when I told him, if for the money, I would not save you." Small river always felt that this is not a big thing, "just little things."

Our reporter Huang Min