8 o'clock yesterday morning, the Xi'an High-tech Zone will be a joint venture company just opened shortly morning, covered with wet clothes Yin came in,, it smelled gasoline. Yin went to the foreign desk manager, said: "Your punishment wrong ...... I want to support her family ......" 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon,woolrich sito ufficiale, he worked in the corporate headquarters of General Wang recalled that when Mr. Yin hands holding a lighter.

Pull the coat on fire

Seeing this,abercrombie, Mr. Xiang Yin Wang walked, advised him to have something good to say, "You can find a chief minister,peuterey outlet milano, ministers and the General talk about, not so impulsive." Meanwhile, Mr. Yin was called the head of department long.

Wang and his colleagues received the results of persuasion, probably within 10 minutes, Mr. Yin has no points lighter mood gradually calm down. Suddenly,, he burst into the conference room chief executive, rob Yin lighter hand. Pull in, Mr. Yin's coat on fire, and soon Mr. Yin fell to the ground. Colleagues quickly brought the fire extinguisher put out, and the Yin to the hospital.

Out of danger after emergency treatment

"Charred body when he sent." Jujube Orchard Road in Xi'an metallurgy hospital,scarpe hogan interactive,, Yin Zhuzhidafu said: "When I first came, we take a check, give his family and unit issued a notice in critical condition . "After more than one hour of the rescue, Mr. Yin out of danger, but the body burns up to 65%, upper limbs three burns,moncler uomo outlet, inhalation injury.

42-year-old Mr. Yin is Xi'an,hogan saldi outlet, after the accident, his brother came to the hospital. See my brother lives without problems,, his brother temporarily leave the hospital,hogan, said he would come back in the afternoon after work.

"He usually more introverted, I heard a divorce for some time." One colleague said, the child with the woman,, he and his parents were living at present, it is estimated the pressure of his life getting bigger. Although worked for many years, but we can hardly understand Yin move.

On the bed, his arms wrapped around Mr. Yin's gauze,woolrich sito ufficiale, a black chest piece red skin. When asked why there is the impulse to move, Mr. Yin said only five words: "There are relationships and money", and then close my eyes.

Colleague: This should not have happened

"He has worked in the pipeline,, sweeping and cleaning department group had the accident, former safety instructors." Mr. Wang,hogan rebel, the company's punishment has three levels, namely,, warning, suspension and pay cuts. Until this year,mulberry sale, Mr. Yin has received three warning or suspension of penalties, some of the recent performance of the enterprise and violate labor discipline, so the company began to discuss whether to take a pay cut them punished. "Pay cut to make the punishment has not happened before this, he did not pass his chief executives or union reflects their dissatisfaction.." Wang sigh,, said: "the way to the hospital,moncler outlet, he said he did not want to point lighter. these things should not happen. "

Xi'an Branch of complaints of labor security supervision brigade said a staff member, such as a laborer on the employer penalties objection, we should first take the form of documents and written proof penalties labor relations and seek solutions through unions or labor arbitration institution,chaussure tn pas cher, not to take extreme measures. . "This unfortunate occurrence, and we deeply regret" Wang said: "The business must be to treat Mr. Yin."

Intern reporter Wu Dunhuang

Newspaper reporter Du Junling