WCC reporter He Wenzong

Yesterday, the reporter saw a post on a web forum Yibin "real shot: Gong County cattle" wedding band ", 100 yuan bills original can use! . " According to the description of the poster,, the poster went to Gong County in Yibin City of the road, encounters a wedding team, with the traditional wedding team is different, the team with one hundred yuan makes up a "?" Character, has been called friends 'strongest'? 'thing. "


Lu Yu cattle fleet users posting film

Reporters on the Yibin News Network Forum "Westward Yibin" section to see friends network called "Yibin manufacturing" post "real shot: Gong County cattle" wedding band ",scarpe hogan outlet, 100 yuan bills original can use! , "He lamented in the post:" It was enlightened, a look surprised !!! too shocking finally realized that the original bills 100 also can be used "!.

Reporters saw the posting of friends,woolrich prezzi, wedding team beaming, walking on a cement road,abercrombie france boutique, relatives and friends with similar bamboo tool carrying blankets,chaussures nike tn, you can clearly see the big "?" Word on the blanket.

Special is that this huge "?" Word seems to be spelled with one hundred yuan in cash,,woolrich sito ufficiale, can be described as very seductive, walking on the road, keep them coming back is quite high.

In addition to "?" Word, the wedding team there are still people carrying "one hundred",piumini peuterey, "year",peuterey outlet,, "good", "together" four characters, spell is using one hundred yuan in cash,piumino moncler outlet,, very impressive.


Very to the force, but may be illegal

Under the theme of this post, thread by very much. Some people think, "considered the most awesome wedding team," and "the most cattle." While some people think that "quite tacky", "money is not grin, be careful."

There are people directly pointed out that the initiative although very beautiful, but it has been suspected of breaking the law.

"Indeed scenery,, but can not violate yuan regulations." A netizen that,piumini moncler outlet, according to common sense, the RMB is not so used,hogan outlet, the yuan can only be used in circulation,peuterey prezzi, very sacred.


Escorting the team did not show off their wealth reprehensible illegal

Sichuan Rong Law Firm lawyer Zhou Tao believes RMB in accordance with existing regulations, any willful damage, acts of pollution renminbi are illegal. Preceding the yuan paste into a "?" Behavior word pattern, as long as the bills are not damaged, pollution,air max pas cher, in accordance with the principle of "no legal prohibition that is legitimate" to not illegal.

"They are used in the wedding, the relevant provisions of the law does not literally,, loophole should be used." Zhou lawyers believe that the renminbi is best just to use as currency,, which is its "own" function; If the perpetrator is hyun rich,, should be moral condemnation.